Dickman Farms

Dickman Farms. 

A former Auburn farmworker has been charged with visa fraud for allegedly faking her identity and submitting false paperwork that claimed she was in the country legally, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

The woman, whom officials believe was using a fictitious name, was arrested on a warrant April 2 in Scipio Center. Court documents refer to the woman as "First Name Unknown Last Name Unknown, aka Floriselda Aguilar."

The woman had been employed by Dickman Farms Greenhouses and Garden Center in Owasco from January until early March, when she left the farm. She was not employed by the farm at the time of her arrest, Dickman Farms owner Dave Dickman said Tuesday.

According to the ICE agent, an I-9 employment verification form that the woman gave the farm contained a valid Social Security number, but the number does not belong to a Floriselda Aguilar. The worker also provided an alien registration card to the farm for her eligibility to work. Like the Social Security number, the information on the card was valid, but it did not belong to her. The paperwork "all looked completely legit," Dickman said.

The farmworker's arrest took place after a complaint was submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York by a deportation officer with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on March 18.

In the complaint, the officer said his agency had been given information by a source who has "provided reliable and credible information on numerous occasions in the past."

The woman was still in federal custody Tuesday, a spokesperson for ICE said. According to the court case's stipulation, Aguilar and her attorney were granted time to "review the evidence in this case for both parties to potentially negotiate a pre-indictment resolution."

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