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AUBURN — This summer, Corey Papusha was sentenced to shock probation for breaking into a building and stealing a large jug of change. But now, the 24-year-old is heading to prison for violating his probation roughly two months after he was sentenced. 

Papusha, of 10 Grove St., pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary in May. At the time, he admitted to burglarizing a building on Rockefeller Road. Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann said Papusha and multiple co-defendants stole a water-cooler-sized jug of change last fall. It was worth nearly $5,000. 

On Thursday, Papusha reappeared in Cayuga County Court before Judge Thomas Leone and admitting to violating the terms and conditions of probation. Specifically, he said he had been arrested for drunk driving in Moravia; he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated there last month. 

"He didn't make it very long on probation," Papusha's defense attorney, Timothy Brennan, said. "That's actually kind of an understatement." 

However, Brennan asked the court to impose a "Willard sentence," which would allow Papusha to receive intensive substance abuse treatment while serving the majority of his sentence as parole. 

The district attorney opposed Willard, requesting shock camp instead. According to Budelmann, Willard incarcerates people for approximately three months before releasing them to a halfway house for treatment while shock camp keeps inmates for six months in a boot camp style setting. 

"He's had a very long history ... and he has a very severe substance abuse problem," Budelmann said, noting that Papusha was 14 years old when he was convicted of his first DWI. "I think he needs a longer, more structured program." 

But the judge disagreed. Leone ultimately sentenced Papusha to two to six years in prison to be served as parole supervision at Willard. He noted that the Cayuga County Probation Department also recommended Willard for intensive treatment for Papusha's addiction. 

Also in court: 

• A 40-year-old man will serve an additional two to four years in prison for possessing drugs and weapons at Auburn Correctional Facility. 

In September, Angel Umpierre pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree promoting prison contraband, a class D felony. During his plea, Umpierre said he possessed Suboxone and a cutting weapon while he was incarcerated at Auburn prison last year. 

Leone sentenced Umpierre to two to four years in prison to be served consecutively to any other time he owes to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Umpierre is currently being held at Elmira Correctional Facility. 

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