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Today’s story was submitted by Gary “Stretch” Wright. It’s about his sister, Louise Glenda Wright Grippaldi, and it’s a great story. Enjoy!

My sister, Louise Glenda Wright Grippaldi, was a great athlete and lettered in several different sports. She was born in Cumberland, Maryland, on Oct. 4, 1944. Her mother’s name was Evah Bennett Wright, and her father’s name was Lincoln Wright. They came to New York state and lived in Fosterville. Our dad worked at Columbian Rope Co, and our mom at General Products. Louise was a tomboy, and was always good at sports. She went to Cayuga Elementary School, then Union Springs High School. She played four years of girls field hockey, four years of softball, four years of volleyball, three years of basketball, four years of girls intramurals and four years as a cheerleader. Louise was captain of the cheerleading squad her senior year. Her coach was Flora "Tink" O’Connor, Jake O’Connor’s wife. Her best friend was Karen Hyland Ianari. Louise and Karen are close friends to this day.

In her senior year of 1962, Louise was selected the Best Female Athlete. She was also a great student, being on the honor roll. After graduation, Louise worked in the office at General Products. Then, she worked at General Products, and later at Red Star in Auburn. She also worked as a waitress at the Starlite Lanes. It was at that job, working for Joe Vittio, that she met the love of her life, Nick Grippaldi, from Newark, New Jersey.

Nick and Louise were married in September 1966. They have two daughters, Lisa and Christina. Lisa passed away on Aug. 8, 2013, of liver cancer. She was 50 years old and left three children: Brittany, Rebbeca and Kendall. Christine lives in New Jersey and is still single at the age of 50. Nick and Louise live in South Jersey, Lanka Harbor, both retired.

I am very proud of my sister for her accomplishments. Louise should go in the Union Springs Hall of Fame. I want to thank Ormie for putting this article in the paper. — Gary "Stretch" Wright

Thanks, Gary, and I agree, Louise should be inducted into the Union Springs High School Hall of Fame! — Ormie

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