Can you folks help provide these daughters with any stories or fond memories of their step-dad and dad? I received this nice letter with photos via email from a couple of gals looking for any memories/stories about their dad. I’m sure someone out there has stories/photos to share. They will be arriving in Auburn tomorrow, July 22, and staying until Aug. 30, and they’re anxious to hear from you! Please email any information to Connie Stephenson Murray at cmurray786@aol.com or mail to her at 11108 Elliot St., Riverview, FL 33578. Thanks!

Hi Ormie,

I try to never miss any of your articles, they are awesome!! I am trying to find information on my step-dad who raised me since I was 2 years old, Peter Daghita.

He was raised in Ithaca, part of a huge family of 16 kids, in a two-bedroom house. His parents owned a small store, and his mom would give food to anyone who was hungry during the depression. (They also sold moonshine at the store!) He went to Ithaca College for sports and accounting. He then moved to Auburn and stayed. He played college/semi-pro baseball - first for Ithaca College, then I don’t remember for who, but I know they traveled everywhere! He had a championship ring from somewhere.

He did taxes for many citizens of Auburn and he worked at Auburn Plastics.

In the later part of the 60s he was an umpire at the Y-Field. I remember being there almost daily/nightly.

In my next trip to New York this coming summer I plan to visit Cayuga Community College with my sister, who is his biological daughter, and spend a day or more looking through old photos in hopes of finding some with him in them!

My sister and I have severe heart issues, so this would be a grand dream to us!

If you or your readers could give us any information or memories you have, and could point us in the right direction at the college library to search — I hear there are thousands of photo — we would greatly appreciate the help!

Thank you so much,

Connie Stephenson Murray and Michelle Stephenson (Daghita)

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