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AUBURN — On a cold, December night in 2016, Timothy Oleyourryk was driving back to his Oswego home when, he said, he made a series of "bad decisions." 

At around 10 p.m. Dec. 10, Oleyourryk was driving down Old State Road in the town of Sterling, a plow attached to the front of his 2011 Chevy Silverado. He had just finished chaperoning a party for his daughter, and it was snowing hard. 

Still, Oleyourryk said, he kept driving — somewhat carelessly given the conditions — and he hit a pedestrian with his plow. 

The victim, a 19-year-old man, was walking in the road when he was struck by the plow blade and thrown, Cayuga County Assistant District Attorney Diane Adsit said Tuesday in Cayuga County Court. He suffered a fractured leg and back as well as an injury to his head. 

At first, Oleyourryk — who was 47 at the time — stopped and returned to the scene of the accident. However, Adsit said, he then arranged for a passing car to take the teen to the hospital and left. 

While the victim has no independent recollection of the accident, Adsit said he believes Oleyourryk "left him to die that night." She said Oleyourryk contacted police a week later to say he was being harassed on social media. He claimed his reputation was being damaged by Facebook posts that accused him of leaving the accident. 

In January 2017, Oleyourryk was charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident without reporting to police, a class A misdemeanor. He ultimately pleaded guilty to the crime and appeared in court Tuesday for sentencing. 

"This was no minor bump ... and he was selfishly more interested in himself and his assets," Adsit said. "He does not deserve a slap on the wrist." 

Oleyourryk's defense attorney, Rome Canzano, disagreed with Adsit's assessment, stating he did not believe his client required any supervision. He asked the court for a conditional discharge. 

"I've never represented a more genuine person in my career," Canzano said. 

In addition to praising his client's character and ultimate acceptance of responsibility, Canzano said it was important to note the victim's status — the teen was intoxicated at the time of the accident and is currently facing his own charges in Oswego County. But Judge Mark Fandrich said that was irrelevant to Oleyourryk's case. 

"We're not going to continue to victimize the victim," he said. 

In the end, Oleyourryk apologized to his family and the victim. Looking back, he said, he would have reported the accident to the police. 

"If I could do it over again, I would have called," he said. "I made some bad decisions that night." 

Oleyourryk was sentenced to three years probation, which he will serve in Oswego County. He was also ordered to pay $700 in fines and surcharges. 

Also in court

• An Auburn teen was sentenced to shock probation Tuesday for damaging thousands of dollars worth of property with a BB gun. 

In February, Nicholas Denardo, 17, of 1797 W. Genesee St. Road, pleaded guilty to six counts of third-degree criminal mischief, a class E felony. At the time, he said he shot a nitrogen-propelled pistol BB gun at several Cayuga County businesses last fall

Denardo admitted to shooting two vehicles at the Fox Toyota Subaru dealership on Grant Avenue in Auburn. He also said he shot store windows at A&M Graphics, Midas and Auburn Gold & Silver Exchange on Grant Avenue and Heads Up Hairstyling on John Walsh Boulevard. 

In addition, attorney Rome Canzano said Denardo had several separate charges pending in other courts. There were a total of 14 separate cases involving criminal mischief and petit larceny. 

"He went on a spree of wanton property damage in our community," Cayuga County Chief Assistant District Attorney Christopher Valdina said Tuesday. "I hope the taste of jail and probation straightens him out."

Denardo was arrested in October and remanded to Cayuga County Jail without bail. While he was 16 at the time, Canzano said it was not his first run-in with the law. However, he said some of Denardo's behavior was due to the recent passing of his mother and his struggle to cope with the loss. 

"This lashing out at people randomly is undoubtedly a result of that," Canzano said. 

Denardo apologized for the damage he did and said "it's not going to happen again." Fandrich said he would not grant Denardo youthful offender status, but agreed to sentence him to five years probation with time served. Denardo was also ordered to pay more than $3,500 in restitution. 

• A Weedsport man admitted possessing a stolen credit card. 

Robert Stryker, 47, of 2757 East St., pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of second-degree attempted burglary, a class D felony. During his plea, he said he was visiting a friend on Aspen Street last summer when the two decided to break into the home across the street. He said he and his co-defendant illegally entered the residence and stole a person's credit card. 

Stryker was initially charged with 10 felonies and four misdemeanors, including burglary, grand larceny and identity theft. However, the Cayuga County District Attorney's Office allowed him to plead to a reduced count of attempted burglary in full satisfaction of the indictment. 

A second felony offender, Stryker was previously convicted of fourth-degree grand larceny in August 2011. While he could face up to seven years in prison, he will likely receive four years in prison and five years post-release supervision. He will also have to pay around $900 in restitution. 

Stryker was remanded to Cayuga County Jail without bail. His sentencing was scheduled for July 31. 

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