OWASCO — Firetrucks, a cake wheel, chicken barbecue, music and plenty of patriotism are the cornerstones that make up the Owasco Fire Department Fourth of July Parade and Field Day.

And Tuesday wasn't any different — the annual event drew hundreds to the department's Owasco Road lawn to celebrate the birth of their country under a sunny summer sky.

"It just isn't Independence Day until I've sat with my loving bride, enjoyed some fine music and a taste of the best barbecue around sitting right here on this lawn," said attendee Pete Sawyer. "These are some of the best days of our lives for making some memories, and a fine beautiful day it is, too."

In addition to the traditional chicken barbecue and live music, a major highlight for many families is the parade. Fire departments, military veterans and local businesses and organizations marched and tossed candy to the children watching from the sidelines. Both parade participants and spectators were wearing patriotic colors and many were waving the American flag.

The event is the Owasco Fire Department's largest fundraiser of the year. The grilled chicken meals were hugely popular, with all dinners being sold out within three hours.

"Doesn't surprise me in the least," said Joe Spartane. "It sure is some darn good chicken barbecue."

For many in the crowd, the event brought back memories of good times in the past.

"It has this old-fashioned community feel," said Sonya Fairbanks. "That's just something you don't get much of anymore. It's a great way to spend some family time and celebrate the holiday without having another worry in the world."

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