Page Trucking in Brutus is planning to rebuild and expand after enduring a massive fire in December, which required the presence of 16 fire departments.

In a Cayuga County Department of Planning and Economic Development meeting July 19 Page Trucking's site plan for the 2758 Trombley Road property detailing the expansion, including a new service bay garage and a new office building was recommended for approval without change.

In December, Weedsport Fire Department Safety Officer John Clark told The Citizen the large garage — filled with oil, gasoline and other chemicals — that caught fire was a total loss. The garage was unoccupied at the time and there were no reported injuries. Cayuga County property records indicate the full-market value of the site is $776,500.

The application for the rebuild, submitted by Keith Titus Corp., affiliated with the Titus family-owned trucking business, described the scope of the project.

"To demolish a portion of the existing facility, and to redevelop the current site with a new repair / fabrication facility, along with a new office building," the application states. "The adjacent properties will be purchased to provide expansion of the existing parking area along with necessary utilities."

With the purchase of adjoining properties, the entire site will be about 12.75 acres.

Specifically mentioned improvements include "re-defined driveways, parking, site utility upgrades, storm water management."

Brian Bouchard, the project engineer with CHA Consulting, Inc., indicated in SEQR notes that the proposed plan is a 190 percent increase to building square footage at the trucking company. The proposed trucking facility service bay garage will be about 31,500 square feet and the office spaces about 8,500 square feet.

The project will disturb about 12.5 acres and create 9.4 acres of impervious surface, which is 8.5 acres more than the previous site's 1 acre of paved or otherwise impervious surface. A forested area, currently 1.05 acres, will be diminished to 0.05 acres and lawn space will also change from 4.8 acres to 3.3 acres by the project's completion.

Back in June, the county's planning committee determined, according to meeting minutes, that additional material on the project regarding storm water management, traffic concerns and waste water management was required before final action could be taken.

Bouchard addressed these concerns in a letter that stated a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, relative to storm water management will be acquired for the project. He also reported that the state's Department of Transportation had no traffic concerns and explained that a private on-site septic system will be installed for wastewater, so it will not exceed the town's district capacity.

With these concerns addressed, the county recommended the town of Brutus approve the project.

The Brutus Page Trucking location is the company's headquarters, although there are more than 10 additional U.S. locations which span from the Midwest to the East Coast.

The timeline and budget of the proposed redevelopment and expansion project is unknown. Page Trucking did not respond to requests for comment about the project.

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