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Auburn accident

A car hit a pedestrian at the intersection of North Street and Arterial East in Auburn Tuesday afternoon. 

An adult female was hit by a car Tuesday afternoon while crossing the street in the city of Auburn.

Assistant Fire Chief Ed Sherman said the woman's injuries were not life-threatening, and the impact at which she was hit appeared to be very low. There was no damage to the car, he added. 

The accident occurred at the intersection of North Street and Arterial East around 3:15 p.m. A white Mazda appeared to be traveling westbound on the Arterial, turning right in front of Little Caesars Pizza while the pedestrian was crossing North Street. 

The Auburn Police Department and Auburn Fire Department shut down the stretch of North Street between the two Arterial lanes while emergency responders attended the female. She was holding her head as EMTs propped her up onto a stretcher and brought her into an ambulance. She was transported to Auburn Community Hospital. 

No one in the car appeared to be injured. The road was back open before 4 p.m. 

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