Cayuga Lake sunset

A sunset over Cayuga Lake in the village of Cayuga in 2018. 

The sheriff's offices of Cayuga and Seneca counties will coordinate their patrols of Cayuga Lake for the first time during the busy boating season. The departments are working together to reduce overlap of their services, according to a statement released Monday by both departments.

The north end of Cayuga Lake is on the border of both counties. Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck said that sharing schedules with Seneca County and creating new schedules with them should ensure that there is a patrol boat from either county out every day on that lake. 

“This partnership will not only improve safety for those on the lake, it will be positive from a fiscal standpoint for both agencies as well, as we work to better utilize our resources together,” Schenck said in the press release.

Schenck said that sometimes in the past, boats from both counties would be out on one day but neither would be patrolling on a different day.

The counties will coordinate the patrol schedules of their navigation deputies throughout the boating season, which runs roughly from the end of May to September. Schneck also said they will put greater focus on their presence during the weekends and on Fridays.

“I believe this collaboration between the two Sheriff’s Offices will create a much safer and pleasurable experience for all who enjoy Cayuga Lake this year,” said Seneca County Sheriff Tim Luce in the release.

Deputies from both counties will be attending about three days of training, sponsored by Seneca County, focused on navigation laws and patrol coverage. Schenck said the experience of boating on Cayuga Lake shouldn’t be affected by the new scheduling.

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