Shooting Range

The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision plans to construct a shooting range at the Auburn Correctional Training Center on Franklin Street Road in Sennett.

SENNETT — Construction of a shooting range on state property in Sennett is set to start this summer at the Auburn Correctional Training Center.

Since the plans of constructing an open range were modified to build an enclosed one, a public information meeting has yet to happen, but at a meeting last week at state Assemblyman Gary Finch's office, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision provided construction information on the firing range to a number of local officials. Among the attendees were Sennett Town Supervisor Peter Adams, representatives of state Sen. Robert Antonacci and Cayuga County Legislator Aileen McNabb-Coleman.

Adams said Tuesday that each entity at the meeting was in favor of holding a public meeting to answer Sennett residents' questions. He said that holding a forum would be up to the commissioner of DOCCS, adding that "everything is on the table — it's just a matter of how things go forward now." 

Patty Sprague, a Sennett resident said Tuesday that having a public forum wasn't a huge concern of hers and that she's satisfied with DOCCS plans for an enclosed firing range. 

"I kind of feel like things were silent for a while," Sprague said. "If a public meeting was to happen, I'd probably attend, but I'm fine with things going forward at this point." 

In an email sent before last week's meeting by Stephen Brandow, the acting commissioner for Administrative Services with DOCCS, said the enclosed shooting range will cost about $7.8 million, more than double of what an open range would have cost. Brandow added that DOCCS also spent "considerable capital funds" on both range designs, amounting to an additional $2.5 million. The extra capital commitment to the project "demonstrates DOCCS's assurance we strive to be good neighbors," Brandow said.  

Construction for the project is set to begin this summer and be completed by late summer 2020. 

One of the concerns expressed at earlier public meetings — when the idea of an open range was still under consideration — was the noise the firing range would produce. Although Sennett doesn't have a noise ordinance, action to minimize noise from the firing range will be taken. 

According to Brandow's email, all of the firing range's interior surfaces will include ballistic bullet-proof sound attenuation materials. In an acoustical study prepared by LiRo Engineers, computers predicted the noise level of the firing range to be "well below" typical municipal ordinance thresholds.

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