Marijuana grows at a cultivation center in Albion, Ill.

In a unanimous vote, the Springport Town Board passed a resolution opposing the legalization of recreational cannabis.  

Comprised of five members, the board voted to oppose legalizing recreational marijuana at its meeting Monday. The resolution cited "increased safety issues" in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, and said that by joining these states, a "misguided message" would be sent to town residents, particularly the town's youth. 

The resolution echos a statement recently made by Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck in opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana in New York state — a plan proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and backed by many Democrats in the state Legislature. 

Cuomo's plan would also impose a 20-percent state tax and 2-percent local tax on any sale of the substance. Anyone under the age of 21 would be prohibited from making such purchases. 

David Schenck, the Springport town supervisor and an uncle of the sheriff, said Wednesday that the resolution has seen "nothing but positive response." He added that the board didn't think supporting recreational marijuana was the right message to give, and that the current opioid crisis is bad enough.  

The governor's plan includes a provision that would allow individual counties to prohibit marijuana sales. Cities with more than 100,000 residents could also opt out.

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