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Molloy: Another week of woe

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Private plows were busy keeping driveways clear during Winter Storm Stella.

“Winter is coming.”

— Ned Stark

Today I send out a belated happy St. Patrick's Day with the hopes that the day found you safe and warm, because we went from picking out spring jackets to being covered by a thick blanket of snow in a matter of hours.

Perhaps in the future we'll all look back upon the past five days as the storm of '17 with the same reverence as we do the blizzard of '93. This past one was called Stella which means we've already had blizzards named A- R and yet I don't recall any storms named Lydia or Nancy, though I'll admit that this was a spot-on moniker, because after a few hours of having the wind burn my face I at least got a chance to release some of my frustrations by holding up my outstretched arms and screaming “STELLA!” like a frozen Marlon Brando.

I noticed there were more than just a few complaints on social media regarding our snowy circumstance, and it struck me as odd that while we all dream of ditching work to lounge on the couch doing nothing, when the moment comes for us to do just that, we spend that luxury time complaining that we can't get to work. Strange how we all profess to love our families, but the thought of being stuck indoors with them for more than an evening drives us insane.

At least we never lost power in the city. Imagine how high the murder rate would have climbed if we had to actually talk to one another instead of staring at our phones or mindlessly watch Netflix. The only one I truly felt bad for in the Molloy household was Miss Maggie (the puppy.) While the drifts were up to my hip, for her it might as well have been the Ice Wall from "Game Of Thrones." She took two steps off the porch and rapidly descended the three feet to the ground below. But to prove that when nature calls you always pick up the phone, instead of being encased in her icy crevasse, she started tunneling like she was starring in a canine version of "The Shawshank Redemption."

Aside from her little pee adventures, the rest of her week was spent staring out the window. And if you think it's boring watching grass grow, imagine how thrilling it must have been for her to see the snow accumulate. I'm just thankful that people heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads as best they could. True, there were those that felt the need to push their luck, but they quickly learned that just because you have four-wheel drive doesn't mean you have four-wheel stop.

With any luck we've seen the last of winter's wrath. And as we toast St. Patrick we should mind how much Mother Nature imbibes, because we don't want her getting tipsy and have us go through that wintry week all over again.

Auburn native Bradley Molloy's column appears here each Sunday. He can be reached at


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