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Existence of God a much-proven fact
My view

Existence of God a much-proven fact


A recent letter complained about having to read letters about God. The letter writer even had the gall to say anyone that's not of the clergy shouldn't be writing about God. Talk about not knowing what you're writing about.

I'd like to inform this writer that as a practicing Christian, it is my duty (and every other practicing Christian) to go forth and spread the good news of God. Jesus needs as many disciples as possible (preferably everyone) to carry on his work and that of his apostles.  Quite frankly that's not easy work.

To have the mindset there is no God, there couldn't possibly be any God is quite frankly mind-boggling.

That mindset was prevalent back when Jesus walked the Earth; 2012 years later it shouldn't be.

The proof that Jesus truly was the Son of God has been proven 100 percent. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost comprise the Holy Trinity. Everyone, even those who don't believe in God, have guardian angels. They, too, have been proven 100 percent factual. Life after death has also been proven 100 percent factual.

It's also a fact that those who choose to deny God's existence cannot enter Heaven.

Thousands of people have told of out of body experiences where another world after death truly exists.

An atheist even experienced (after his heart stopped beating on the operating table) a frightening visit to Hell. The hellish demons started beating his severely right away. In his anguish, he cried out "God help me." That was the first time in his life (and out of desperation) he needed God. And God was there for him. On the operating table, the doctors had his heart beating again.

Miracles happen all the time. "Ya gotta believe in God for them to happen."

I can't comprehend the stubbornness and bull-headedness of anyone and everyone who refuses to acknowledge the existence of God.

Jesus Christ actually walked the earth. That's a fact. That's not an Aesop's Fable and that's not malarky.

Adam and Eve believed in God. God actually talked to them. That's another fact.

How many thousands of facts do non-believers have to have to believe there truly is a God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost?

Anyone who chooses to live in a "Twilight Zone," not believing in God and Heaven, needs to get real for soul's sake.


Murray Lynch



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