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Letter: Defending Bush can't be done truthfully

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Incredibly, Jeff Wolford, in his recent letter, continues to defend former president George W. Bush, who ranks as one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had the misfortune to "elect." Jeff's assertion that baby Bush was "a man of principle" is immediately discredited by the Downing Street Memo. That memo, which has never been refuted, clearly shows that President Bush was looking for any pretext to invade Iraq and he created a policy fixed around that goal. The intelligence and facts were modified to achieve that end ... an invasion that Bush desperately wanted well before 9/11. One wonders if the families of the nearly 4,500 Americans who died in Bush's bogus war believe that he is a man of "principle."

As far as Bush saying what he means I recall him saying, shortly after 9/11, that he would hunt bin Laden down and later remarked in March of 2012 (when he failed to do so) "I don't know where he is. I really just don't spend that much time on him, to be honest with you." At least Obama was able to keep Bush's promise. I find it fascinating that people like Wolford now criticize Obama for taking too long to capture a key Benghazi terrorist.

Regarding the growth of al-Qaeda, incoming President Bush ignored the warnings from the Clinton administration as it pertained to al-Qaeda much as Bush ignored the memo that explicitly stated "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike In The US". That memo to Bush from the CIA (36 days before the attack on 9/11) warned that al-Qaeda might hijack planes and fly them into buildings. Imagine the outrage from the right had that happened on Obama's watch. Concerning ISIS ... experts believe that had it not been for Bush's invasion there would likely be no ISIS today.

As far as troops remaining in Iraq ... Obama wanted to keep a small residual force there and reaffirmed that the day after the debate with Romney that Wolford referred to. The devil was in the details as Obama wanted to leave a much smaller force than Romney, who wanted to leave as many as 30,000 troops there.

I challenge Mr. Wolford to list Bush's accomplishments and I will gladly list Obama's. Bush did have one historic achievement ... no other president has ever passed onto his successor two unresolved wars and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Thomas Hanley



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