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Letter: Many Obama policies started with Bush

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Luckily this is the “Opinion” page and the letters submitted don’t require the use of actual facts, otherwise we wouldn’t have the pleasure of getting in our morning laugh while reading Thomas Hanley’s letters.

Tom states that I was only able to list one positive accomplishment for Bush’s time in office. Apparently four out of the five that I listed were easily dismissed by your ingenious arguments, you know, ones like this: “A simple fact check and he would have discovered that the old right-wing lie that Bush’s use of torture led to Bin Laden has been soundly debunked.”

Well where are the facts, Tom? Jose Rodriguez who ran the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center had this to say: “Information provided by KSM and Abu Faraj al-Libbi about Bin Laden’s courier was the lead information that eventually led to the location of Bin Laden’s compound and the operation that led to his death.” Both of these men underwent enhanced interrogation. Then there’s this doozy, “As far as No Child Left Behind goes, it has been widely criticized by both sides.” Oh boy, you really got me there, because no piece of legislation is ever criticized by both sides, good argument. Do you have any proof that NCLB hasn’t made a positive impact on the education system? Because I have statistical data that proves NCLB has worked. “The National Assessment of Educational Progress released results in July of 2005 that stated that 9-year-olds put up the best scores in reading since 1971 and math since 1973. Thirteen-year-olds received the highest math scores ever recorded. African-Americans and Hispanics also began thriving since NCLB was passed, reaching all-time highs in math and reading as well.”

Also apparently saving American lives and keeping us safe after 9/11 is some sort of joke to Mr. Hanley, even though his hero Barack Obama extended such legislation as the Patriot Act that would continue President Bush’s efforts in this matter. Seems there is a trend here that Tom must be missing, Obama extended the Patriot Act, kept Guantanamo Bay open, extended the Bush tax cuts, and oversaw TARP. Wow Tom, if you sit and think about it, you must really despise Obama’s policies, because half of them are President Bush’s. Please understand that you won’t get away with the “I’m right because I say so” argument with informed readers.

Jeff Wolford



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