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Sensible gun laws not socialism
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Sensible gun laws not socialism

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The Lonsky letter of Sunday, Aug. 26 strikes unnecessary fear into the reader. The writer implies that the current Washington administration intends to chastise all Americans by outlawing their constitutional right to bear arms. This is simply not the case.

The federal government in an attempt to bring the terms of the 2nd Amendment up to date originally left to the states the prerogative of enacting and administering gun legislation. New York has some of the most stringent provisions; however, states such as Texas and Colorado and much of the west do not. There, legislators have left executions in some of these states of innocent victims points out the lack of uniformity in gun laws on a national level. For lack of legislative specifics in m any western states, individuals are free to interpret what their lawmakers may have intended. Worse, they are loathe to study the legislation as it applies to them.

Concerning the recent murders out west, it is plain to see that there is little communication between educational institutions and governmental agencies: To illustrate, all of the killings dating back to Columbine are associated with perpetrators either attending school or having recently withdrawn. In all of these settings, governmental authorities did not take steps to complete an active dossier on the perpetrators of these murders by working in concert with corresponding educational officials. Otherwise, this form of "double-checking" may have prevented to strengthen the administration of gun law provisions in his state.

What is needed is uniformity across the board in the delivery of gun legislation. There already is ample federal legislation, yet the application of the legislation on the state level is sorely lacking. Given the failure of the several states to enact binding legislation, the task falls to the federal government to set not only the tone but the standard in gun control laws. To some, driven by fits of self-imposed paranoia, this form of federal intervention smacks of advancing socialism, yet I remind these individuals that the federal government is not in the business of taking possession of your property: home, automobile, big-screen TV or guns, unless of course you default on your income taxes. On the contrary, the administration's USDA has made record-setting grants and loans to rural businesses giving rise to continued job growth in communities which heretofore stood at the brink of insolvency.

David J. Fogarty



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