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A listing in last week's property transfers misstated a transaction regarding 225 State St. in Auburn. There should have been two separate transactions in which Jaclyn Pearce, of Marcellus, and Melissa Flynn, of Pennsylvania, granted their rights to 225 State St. to Kristyna Pearce, of Auburn, for $0 and $8,000, respectively.

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• U.S. Bank National Association, not in its individual capacity but solely as Trustee for the RMAC Trust, Series 2016-CTT, Irvine, CA, to Renpro LLC, 9069 Elpis Road, Camden, property at 86 Garrow St., Auburn, $61,000. Assessment $94,300.

• Joshua J. Routhouska and Carol Ann Routhouska, 13 Highland St., Auburn, as Co-Trustees of the Joseph J. Routhouska and Carol Ann Routhouska Revocable Trust, to Nicholas Xavier Daloia and Francine Lauren Maxwell, Chicago, IL, property at 13 Highland St., Auburn, $182,000. Assessment $154,300.

• 301 Clark Street LLC, 301 Clark St., Auburn, to Kinane Realty LLC, 2925 Milton Ave., Syracuse, property at 301 Clark St., $150,000. Assessment $267,000.

• Keybank, N.A., as S/B/M First Niagara Bank, N.A., Cleveland, OH, to Michael Marinelli and Anna Boim Marinelli, 7107 Owasco Road, Auburn, property at 44 Holley Drive, Auburn, $26,500. Assessment $58,400.

• Nancy C. Donovan, as executor of the Last Will and Testament of Rita L. Wert, 24 MacDougall St., Auburn, to Sally Price, 18 Grover St., Auburn, property at 24 MacDougall St., $137,000. Assessment $120,600.

• Mark D. Phillips and Patricia L. Phillips, 51 Oak St., Auburn, to Leah J. Mulcahey, Kennett Square, PA, property at 51 Oak St., $124,900. Assessment $103,400.

• John F. Bouck and Constance J. Bouck, as Trustee of the John F. Bouck and Constance J. Bouck Revocable Trust, 323 Denman Cove, Auburn, to Marcus Babb and Brittany Lynn Babb, 3469 Stevens Road, Weedsport, property at 147 Washington St., Auburn, $96,400. Assessment $74,500.

• Charlene M. Chambers and Suzette Glave, 9 S. Hunter Ave., Auburn, Trustees under the Terms of the Charlene M. Chambers Living Trust, to OMB Properties LLC, 6070 E. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 48 Lansing St., Auburn, $43,500. Assessment $43,500.

• City of Auburn, 24 South St., Auburn, to Robin C. Casper, 22 State St., Skaneateles, property at 42 Cottage St., Auburn, $88,200. Assessment $127,000.

• AR & JJ Properties LLC, 8 Hillside Terrace, Auburn, to Debra Sue Janish and James Janish, 9 Hillside Terrace, Auburn, property at 9 Hillside Terrace, $59,186. Assessment $125,000.

• James M. Sorendo, 29 Van Patten St., Auburn, to Richard Kim, 3858 Floridaville Road, Cato, property at 29 Van Patten St., Auburn, $97,000. Assessment $77,000.

• Beyond Your Front Door Properties LLC, 62 N. Lewis St., Auburn, to Barry Leader, 19 N. Hurd Circle, Auburn, property at 59 N. Lewis St., Auburn, $25,000. Assessment $55,600.

• Paul M. Kaufman, 163 Presidio Place, Williamsville, and William F. Kaufman, 325 Huxley Drive, Snyder, as Co-executors of the Last Will and Testament of Helen L. Kaufman, 200 Bassett Road, Amherst, to Robert L. Kaufman, 169 Seymour St., Auburn, property at 169 Seymour St., Auburn, $13,900.

• City of Auburn, 24 South St., Auburn, to Patrick L. Guerette, 1306 A-S Townline Road, Auburn, property at 91 Perrine St., Auburn, $36,500. Assessment $40,900.

• City of Auburn, 24 South St., Auburn, to to Patrick L. Guerette, 1306 A-S Townline Road, Auburn, property at 5 Colburn Ave., Auburn, $10,650. Assessment $20,200.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 84

• Marion Hares, as Trustee of the Mary Schooley Irrevocable Trust, 6536 Blanchard Road, Cayuga, to Mark E. Williams, 6001 Manley Drive, Red Creek, property at 796 Clark St. Road, Aurelius, $250,000. Assessment $415,000.

• Martin H. Casler, 6542 Cayuga Road, Cayuga, to Danielle Rae Friedel, 9551 Oakland Road, Weedsport, as Trustee of The Martin H. Casler and Deborah Ann Casler Irrevocable Trust, property at 6542 Cayuga Road and Turnpike Road-Inland, Aurelius, $0. Assessment $129,900; $16,000.

• James A. Short, aka James Short, 8767 Graham St., Weedsport, to James A. Short, as Trustee of the James A. Short Revocable Trust, properties at W. Genesee St. Road, Aurelius, $0, assessment $113,373; 310 Creek Road, Locke, $0, assessment $12,500; 1149 state Route 41A, Summerville, $0, assessment $8,452; 1950 Nichols Road, $0, assessment $26,500; 7475 Northrup Road, Throop, $0, assessment $2,551; Weedsport-Sennett Road, Sennett, $0, assessment $2,857; Nicholas Road, Sterling, $0, assessment $4,000; 8767 Graham St., Brutus, $0, assessment $87,474.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

• Richard T. O’Brien, as Trustee of the Trust established pursuant to Trust Agreement between Francis R. O’Brien and Sonja O’Brien as Grantor and Francis R. O’Brien and Sonja O’Brien as Trustee, also known as the Francis R. O’Brien and Sonja O’Brien FamilyTrust, Bothell, WA, to Thomas O’Brien, 9419 Oakland Road, Weedsport, property at 9419 Oakland Road, Brutus, and Sarr Road, $0. Assessment $595,400.

• Nicole M. De Tomaso, 2754 Green St., Weedsport, to Lisa McClure and Ryan Walters, 7131 Jacks Reef Path, Memphis, property at 2754 Green St., Brutus, $127,553. Assessment $65,900.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 96

• Jeffrey Fatcheric and Christine Fatcheric, 9512 Fatcheric Lane, Weedsport, to Thomas Stevens and Bonnie Stevens, 9540 Fatcheric Lane, Weedsport, property at Lot 40 off Emerson Road, Cato, $1. Assessment $1,000.

• Eagle Point Farms LLC, 672 Whiting Road, Jordan, to Jack V. Benedict, 9804 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, property at 3429 Blumer Road, Cato, $67,500. Assessment $84,865.

• Jacqueline M. VanDoren, 10926 Short Cut Road, Weedsport, and as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Paul A. VanDoren, to Cato Farms LLC, C/O John P. Daly and Linda Daly, 11032 state Route 34, Cato, property at 10927 Short Cut Road, Cato, $15,000. Assessment $127,000.

• Bonnie K. Green, 6959 Light House Road, Henderson, to Laura Rose and David Rose, 67 Bradford St., Auburn, property at Short Cut Road, Cato, $3,505. Assessment $3,243.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

• Thomas J. McDaries and Nancy Charlotte McDaries, 10430 state Route 38, Port Byron, property at 10430 state Route 38, Conquest, $204,250. Assessment $133,800.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 35

• Michael Robinson, 6010 Dunning Ave., Auburn, to Michael D. Robinson and Jolan M. Robinson, 6010 Dunning Ave., property at 6010 Dunning Ave., Fleming, $0. Assessment $153,800.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 96

• Sarah J. Ruby, 834 Bartnick Road, Genoa, to Dustin R. Wellman, 414 Mahaney Road, King Ferry, property at 834 Bartnick Road, Genoa, $120,310. Assessment $107,700.

• Bert W. Addy and Cindy C. Addy, 914 Creek Road, Genoa, to Thomas D. Addy, 914 Creek Road, Genoa, property at Creek Road, Genoa, $0. Assessment $49,300.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 100

• Stanley M. Wisneski, Mt. Pleasant, SC, to Community Restoration Corporation, Dallas, TX, property at 2243 Ira Station, Cato, $0. Assessment $122,300.

Town of Ledyard

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Equalization rate 98

• David H. Taube and Marisue N. Taube, Englewood, FL, to David H. Taube and Marisue N. Taube, Trustees of the David H. Taube and Marisue N. Taube Revocable Living Trust, Englewood, FL, property at 270 Main St., Ledyard, $0. Assessment $152,500.

• Marcia A. Jackson, 4994 Dahlia Circle, Liverpool, to Scott J. Rafferty, 901 Sherwood Road, Aurora, property at 901 Sherwood Road, Ledyard, $244,000. Assessment $212,700.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 97

• Stanley R. Rock, 285 Agnew Road, Morrisonville, to John D. Crossgrove and Sarah J.B. Crossgrove, 25 Congress St., P.O. Box 179, Moravia, property at Cloverleaf Road, Locke, $15,000. Assessment $12,000.

• Ida M. Edgar, 19 Orchard St., Apt. 3, Auburn, to Thomas Morse, P.O. Box 240, Locke, property at 4835 Harris Hill Road, Locke, $42,000. Assessment $30,000.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

• Port Byron First United Methodist Church, 8501 South St. Road, Port Byron, to Brian R. Morsdorf, 3059 E. Brutus St. Road, Weedsport, property at 221 Main St., Mentz, $110,000. Assessment $62,500.

• J. Edwin Lee Garrigan Jr., 22 King St., Port Byron, to Jerry Charles Knickerbocker Jr. and Kellie Marie Knickerbocker, 20 King St., Port Byron, property at 22 King St., Mentz, $10,000. Assessment $22,700.

• Sandra K. Guidone, 67 Canal St., Port Byron, to Sandra K. Guidone Irrevocable Trust; Stephen A. Guidone, Co-Trustee, 243 Kerryman Circle, Baldwinsville, and Mary E. Guidone, Co-Trustee, 125 Canal St., Port Byron, property at 67 Canal St., Mentz, $0. Assessment $128,600.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 86

• John R. Malenick, 7310 Laraway Road, Cayuga, to Heather Futrell and William Futrell, 7345 Laraway Road, property at 7345 Laraway Road, $93,340. Assessment $76,000.

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Town of Niles

Equalization rate 95

• Anne H. Selover and Douglas B. Selover, 4264 Montezuma Course, Liverpool, to Darcy N. Smith, 1 Sylvan Glen, Fairport, property at 322 Fire Lane 15, Niles, $245,000. Assessment $195,600.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 79

• William J. Reese, 104 Letchworth St., Auburn, to Mark and Karen Zamniak, 3 Meadow Lane, Auburn, property at 104 Letchworth St., Owasco, $120,000. Assessment $86,100.

• Kari A. Nash, Charlotte, NC, to Zachary A. Bellerdine and Amy E. Judson, 3614 Honeysuckle Road, Auburn, property at 24 First Ave., Owasco, $146,500. Assessment $81,600.

• Robert Klink and Barbara Klink, Naples, FL, and Jerry Langevin and Caren Langevin, Naples, FL<, to Randall Susman and Elizabeth Susman, 12 Watersedge Way, Port Jefferson, property at Lot 57 E. Lake Road, Owasco, $70,000. Assessment $70,000.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 98

• DLH Associates LLC, 3218 state Route 34B, Aurora, to Brian M Dugan, 3218 state Route 34B, property at 2584 Center Road and 3568 Black St., Scipio, $0. Assessment $910,800.

• Brian M. Dugan, 3218 state Route 34B, Aurora, to Aurora Ridge Dairy LLC, 2498 Angling Road, Aurora, property at 3568 Black St., Scipio, $595,000. Assessment $524,900.

• Brian M. Dugan, 3218 state Route 34B, Aurora, to Visionquest Realty LLC, 338 Lansingville Road, Lansing, property at 2584 Center Road, Scipio, $510,000. Assessment $385,900.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 92

• Eric Wiley Smith and Amy Smith, 4079 Center St. Road, Auburn, to Anneke W. McEvoy and Christopher J. McEvoy, 14 Crestwood Drive, Oswego, property at 4079 Center St. Road, Sennett, $504,900. Assessment $409,000.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Mark Lyons, Rome, PA, to William Lindhorst and Donna Lindhorst, Rome, PA, property at 15087 Creek Road, Sterling, $25,000. Assessment $13,400.

• Warren Arthur Martin, 180 W. Lake Road, Oswego, to Warren A. Martin and Marilyn Martin; Kevin Martin, 180 W. Lake Road; and Kenneth Martin, 1829 Woodworth Road, Oswego, property at 16323 Barker Road, Sterling, $0. Assessment $63,100.

• James McMullen and Eileen McMullen, 14 Forest Creek Drive, Spencerport, to George Bethlendy and Zsuzsa BEthlendy, 5 Poinciana Drive, Pittsford, property at 14666 Ingersoll Road, Sterling, $84,000. Assessment $82,300.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 93

• Matthew J. Seemann, 5831 Liebig Ave., Bronx; Michael D. Seemann, Ridgefield, CT; and John H. Seemann, 79 Soloff Blvd., Inwood, to Peggy L. Darling and Ricky Darling, 101 Stevens Road, McLean, property at 1160 Lake Como Road, Summerhill, $70,000. Assessment $76,900.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

•David H. Hopkins, II, 2333 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Paul D. Wilson and Megan H. Wilson, 7438 Centerport Road, Auburn, property at 2333 Turnpike Road, Throop, $19,500. Assessment N/A.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 87

•Caleb Schreiber, 1761 Weatherby Road, Victory, to Zachary R. Teska, 10921 Bonta Bridge Road, Cato, property at 1761 Weatherby Road, $71,550. Assessment $60,300.

• Michael T. Mapley and Kimberly O. Mapley, 1644 White Road, Cato, to Nathan E. Sensenig and Ruthanna J. Sensenig, 1524 White Road, Cato, property at 1644 White Road, Victory, $265,000. Assessment $170,500.

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