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Cayuga County property transfers: Dec. 5, 2021

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Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Oct. 25-31:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Morteza Al Sharif, 502 Gansvoort St., Fulton, to Thirty Four Mary LLC, 34 Mary St., Auburn, property at 32 Mary St., $150,000. Assessment $84,800.

• William P. Maneri and Carole L. Maneri, 2 N. Marvine Ave., Auburn, to Christopher W. Maneri and Wendy L. Maneri, 15 Norman Ave., Auburn, property at 2 N. Marvine Ave., $181,200. Assessment $181,200.

• Mary C. Impaglia, 12 N. Hurd Circle, Auburn, to Susan F. Flurschutz, as trustee of the Mary C. Impaglia Irrevocable Trust, 13 N. Hurd Circle, Auburn, property at 12 N. Hurd Circle, $0. Assessment $108,600.

• Robert A. Ciaburri, 12 Aiken Drive, Auburn, as administrator of the estate of Ross E. Ciaburri, to David L. Warrick, 7155 County House Road, Auburn, property at 55 Union St., $52,900. Assessment $66,000.

• Christopher W. Maneri and Wendy L. Maneri, 15 Norman Ave., Auburn, to Ryan P. Major and Taylor A. Pirozzolo, 5574 Buck Point Road, Auburn, property at 15 Norman Ave., $180,000. Assessment $142,800.

• Paula M. Oxford, 223 Newcastle Road, Syracuse, Marylou Barrett, 3173 Melrose Road, Auburn, Patrick Furnia, 162 N. Fulton St., Auburn, and David P. Furnia, 11-13 Cayuga St., Auburn, to Dean M. Furnia, 10 Brae Ridge Road, Auburn, property at 24 Meadowbrook Drive, $0. Assessment $118,300.

• Dean M. Furnia, 10 Brae Ridge Road, Auburn, to Lynn M. Sullivan, 124 Meadowbrook Drive, Auburn, property at 24 Meadowbrook Drive, $120,000. Assessment $118,300.

• Anthony Ciampi, 93 Fitch Ave., Auburn, to Byron Lopez and Jennifer Lopez, 2530 Mill St., Auburn, property at 92 Fitch Ave., $25,000. Assessment $35,000.

• Brian T. Blowers, 51 Park Ave., Auburn, to Anthony M. Ridgeway, 71 Cottage St., Auburn, property at 51 Park Ave., $126,500. Assessment $67,800.

• Vincent D. DeTomaso, 6085 Bluefield Road, Auburn, to Vincent D. DeTomaso and Suzanne DeTomaso (same address), property at 95 Seymour St., $0. Assessment $106,600.

• Susan M. Alnutt, 289 Seymour St., Auburn, to Seymour 289 Street LLC, 5551 Bear Road, N. Syracuse, property at 289 Seymour St., $27,000. Assessment $74,000.

• Karen Bianco and Halbert W. Nadler, 40 Burt Ave., Auburn, to Karen Bianco (same address), property at 40 Burt Ave., $1. Assessment $103,200.

• Aurelius Property Management LLC, 614 Clark St. Road, Cayuga, to Kendra K. Deville, 195 North St. Apt. 5, Auburn, property at 2 Grant St., $84,270. Assessment $66,000.

• Catherine LaManna, 6 Hummingbird Way, Port Byron, to Samantha Queen, 15 Venice St., Auburn, property at 131 Lake Ave., $143,617. Assessment $103,300.

• Joseph W. Norris and Karen A. Norris, 26 Peacock St., Auburn, to Steven and Christal Stotler, 78 Orchard St., Auburn, property at 78 Orchard St., $40,000. Assessment $68,000.

• Gregory J. Redmond and Marcia Anne Redmond, 9 Koenig Court, Auburn, to Karen M. Cuff, 315 E. Genesee St., Auburn, as trustee of the Greg and Marcia Redmond Irrevocable Trust, property at 9 Koenig Court, $0. Assessment $162,900.

• Patricia A. Rybash, 3181 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Julie Wood, 34 Fleming St., Auburn, property at 7 Evans St., $117,500. Assessment $77,000.

• Kyle L. Steele, 8748 Dinglehole Road, Baldwinsville, to Christopher Peters, 26329 Alverson Road, Evan Mills, property at 16-18 Foote St., $117,000. Assessment $99,200.

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Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Gary J. Cunningham Jr., P.O. Box 251, Auburn, as executor of the last will and testament of Anne B. Delaney, to Joseph Delaney, Poplarville, MS, property at 1214 Clark St. Road, $0. Assessment $377,400.

• Gary J. Cunningham Jr., P.O. Box 251, Auburn, as executor of the last will and testament of Anne B. Delaney, to Nicole Waldschmidt, 5375 Silver St. Road, Auburn, property at 1214 Clark St. Road, $0. Assessment $377,400.

• Arthur Gardner (aka Arthur J. Gardner) and Kathleen Gardner (aka Kathleen A. Gardner), Burlington, WI, to Arthur J. Gardner and Kathleen A. Gardner, as trustees of the Arthur J. Gardner and Kathleen A. Gardner Revocable Trust, property at 6527 State Route 90 North, $0. Assessment $79,100.

• Arthur Gardner (aka Arthur J. Gardner) and Kathleen Gardner (aka Kathleen A. Gardner), Burlington, WI, to Arthur J. Gardner and Kathleen A. Gardner, as trustees of the Arthur J. Gardner and Kathleen A. Gardner Revocable Trust, property at 6529 State Route 90 North, $0. Assessment $128,200.

• Sharon L. Crowley, as executrix of the last will and testament of Gerald A. Crowley, 5047 State Route 34, Auburn, to JJC Real Property Holdings LLC (same address), property at Experimental Road, $0. Assessment $138,700.

• Vincent D. DeTomaso, 6085 Bluefield Road, Auburn, to Vincent D. DeTomaso (same address) and Vincent M. DeTomaso, 19 Summit Oaks, Pittsford, property at 6085 Bluefield Road, $0. Assessment $102,000.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 95

• Alan W. Kaiser and Kimberly J. Kaiser, 9204 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, to Scott Meroney and Kimberly Meroney, 4760 Jordan Road, Elbridge, property at 9204 Bonta Bridge Road, $165,800. Assessment $93,400.

• Judy A. Rodriquez, as executor of the estate of Russell E. Robillard, 3485 Clinton Road, Jordan, to Kevin Mannion, 1107 Morgan Road, Memphis, property at 3468 and 3485 Clinton Road, $0. Assessment $145,700.

• Alexander J. Kessler, 110 Bellewood Drive, North Syracuse, to Karl E. Schneible, 208 Merritt Ave., Syracuse, property at Jericho Road, $16,500. Assessment $17,200.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• Carl R. Burd Jr. and Eileen L. Burd, 247 Fire Lane 17, Cato, to Matthew K. Longyear, 92 Hasley Road, Port Byron, property at 247 Fire Lane 17 and 00 Jordan Road, $112,500. Assessment $56,000.

• 11337 South Street LLC, 100 Genesee St., Auburn, to Michael J. Davis and Brenda Davis, 11349 South St., Cato, property off South Street, $1,140. Assessment $900.

• Andrew J. Hutson and Margaret A. Roberts, 9442 State Route 34, Weedsport, to Andrew J. Hutson (same address), property at 2957 Ditmar Road, $100,000. Assessment $97,800.

• Francine Race, 5042 Revolutionary Path, Liverpool, to Jessica M. Bradtke and Robert J. Bradtke Jr., 2642 Hamilton St., Weedsport, property at 212 Fire Lane 12, $8,000. Assessment $5,500.

• W. Irving Foster and Peggy C. Foster, 10226 State Route 34, Weedsport, as trustees of the Foster Living Trust, to Tony J. Rivera and Laura F. Rivera, 10224 State Route 34, Weedsport, property at 10226 State Route 34, $0. Assessment $116,400.

• Michael J. McDermott, successor trustee of the Joseph M. White Supplemental Needs Trust, 5860 S. Bay Road, Cicero, to Terry J. Blake, 10125 Cato-Conquest Townline Road, Weedsport, property at 2646 Emerson Road, $0. Assessment $24,100.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 97

• Kathy L. Gilmore, 317 E. Lake Road, Port Byron, to Kaylee D. Palmer and Brooke M. Palmer (same address), property at 317 E. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $127,500.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Nancy Mawhir, as executor of the last will and testament of Bernard J. Rogalski, 5672 Poplar Cove, Auburn, to William A. Gilbert, 3571 Curtis Road, Syracuse, property at 5672 Poplar Cove, $370,000. Assessment $242,600.

• Gregory T. Hassett, 5826 Lake View Drive, Auburn, as administrator of the estate of Margaret A. Hassett, to Gregory T. Hassett (same address), property at 5826 Lake View Drive, $56,250. Assessment $128,400.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 93

• Vasili G. Yacalis, 325 Clifford Drive, Vestal, to Bernard Oshaben and Janeen Oshaben, 731 Fire Lane 7, P.O. Box 413, King Ferry, property at Clearview Road, $800. Assessment $700.

• Douglas S. Folk and Susan M. Folk, 2975 Blakley Road, Genoa, to Shannon N. Saville and Eugene A. Saville, 19 Scotts Lane, Moravia, property at 00 Blakley Road, $275,000. Assessment $399,200.

• John McQuay and Jessica Lynn Demetreu-McQuay, 9653 State Route 90, Genoa, to Andrew Paul Stone and Katherine Pawloski Stone, 1009 Stevens St., Genoa, property at 9653 State Route 90, $242,500. Assessment $112,000.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 98

• Bradley R. Townsend, 12172 State Route 176, Cato, to Michelle L. Townsend, 12423 Ferris Road, Cato, property at 2954 Dalton Road, $0. Assessment $137,900.

• Tennille M. Thacker (fka Tennille Forbes), 2447 W. Main St., Cato, and Robert Brown, Durham, NC, to Tennille M. Thacker, 2447 W. Main St., Cato, property at 2447 W. Main St., $0. Assessment $130,100.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 97

• Suzanne DeTomaso, 6085 Bluefield Road, Auburn, to Suzanne DeTomaso (same address) and Amanda Jennings, 20 McClellan St., Port Byron, property at 20 McClellan St., $0. Assessment $89,000.

• Philip Kreitzer, 7283 Wakefield Drive, Fayetteville, to Thomas I. Green, 1231 Howland Island Road, Port Byron, property at 1404 Sperry Road, $38,000. Assessment $31,900.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 84

• Bonnie S. O’Connell (fka Bonnie Suslik), 8287 E. Loop Road, Port Byron, to Dwayne L. Zimmerman, 609 State Route 414, Clyde, and Tristan J. Weiler, 1916 Clyde Marengo Road, Clyde, property at 8287 E. Loop Road, $70,000. Assessment $68,000.

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Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 83

• Charles E. Ripley, 1418 Salt Road, Moravia, to Lynn T. Baldino, 5079 Dresserville Road, Moravia, property at 5079 Dresserville Road, $88,000. Assessment $72,300.

• Kyle B. White and McKayla B. White (fka McKayla B. Pollack), 5254 Skinner Hill Road, Moravia, to Matthew C. Stevens, 14 Bellrose Ave., Cortland, property at 5254 Skinner Hill Road, $165,000. Assessment $74,400.

• Kim T. Kelly, 42 Goodman Road, Groton, and Dale A. Bower, 766 Sheldon Road, Freeville, to Patrick J. Ryan and Madison Hares-Ryan, 2713 Buckley Hill Road, Moravia, property at 23 E. Cayuga St., $99,500. Assessment $122,000.

• Adam Saville and Christine Saville, 2313 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, to Joan E. Pellikka, 6494 Glen Cove Road, Moravia, property at 2313 Oak Hill Road, $160,000. Assessment $81,600.

• Deborah A. Robinson, Melbourne Beach, FL, to JoNa Real Estate LLC, Ronald Paul Geri, Dallas, TX, property at 5452 Skinner Hill Road, $100,000. Assessment $94,700.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• Mark P. Fanning and Victoria Fanning, Kirkland, WA, to Charles G. Mellor, 2120 Lakeview Lane, Skaneateles, property at 38 Willowbrook Drive, $900,000. Assessment $242,600.

• Harold G. Jackson, 4878 Gahwiler Road, Auburn, to H. Glenn Jackson Jr., 1700 Albring Road, Skaneateles, property at 4878 Gahwiler Road, $145,000. Assessment $130,400.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 97

• Louis W. Emmi, Pittsburgh, PA, as executor of the estate of Alfred Emmi, to Louis W. Emmi, Pittsburgh, PA, and Cynthia A. Lattimore, 21 Fairway Drive, Auburn, and Patricia J. Hallgren, Mansfield, MA, and Jennifer Clark, 8 Havens Ave., Auburn, property at 49 Fire Lane 23, $0. Assessment $149,900.

• Ronald Rogler Sr. and Lois Rogler, 3719 State Route 34, Scipio Center, to Ronald Rogler (same address), property at 3719 State Route 34, $100. Assessment $117,600.

Town of Sempronius 

Equalization rate 100

• Chris Gilfilian, 40 Groton Ave. Apt. 1WF, Cortland, to Robert S. Davis and Christine A. Davis, 253 Midland Road, Neneveh, property at 6858 Case Road, $18,000. Assessment $31,100.

• Kelly A. Nolan, 4449 Valentine Road, Auburn, and Nicholas D. Kazanivsky, 6127 Mitchell Road, Moravia, to Kyle White and McKayla White, 5254 Skinner Hill Road, Moravia, property at 6127 Mitchell Road, $69,000. Assessment $63,000.

• Henry John Riker (aka Henry J. Riker), Plantersville, TX, to Borneo Jimmy Properties LLC, P.O. Box 834, Skaneateles, and 3 Cows LLC, 891 W. Elizabeth St., Skaneateles, property at 00 Scott Gulf Road, $17,500. Assessment $14,082.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 98

• David Mastropietro, 7264 N. Division St., Auburn, to Harmax Holdings LLC, 142 Grant Ave., Auburn, property at 473 Grant Ave. Road, $63,000. Assessment $24,700.

• Mark C. Fiduccia, 34 Howard St., Auburn, and Kevin M. Fiduccia, 128 South St., Auburn, as trustees of the Carmin J. Fiduccia and Tanna L. Fiduccia Irrevocable Trust, and Carmin J. Fiduccia and Tanna L. Fiduccia, 6787 Swamp Road, Auburn, to Robert Barber, 48 Nelson St., Auburn, property at 6787 Swamp Road, $400,000. Assessment $265,600.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Mark A. Romano and Kaye M. DeVesty, 128 Edna Road, Syracuse, to Richard Hoock and Jennifer Hoock, 7 Quail Lane, Rochester, property at 14517 Fancher Ave., $285,000. Assessment $239,200.

• Eric Adams, 1024 Sterling Station Road, Sterling, to Eric Pehta, 359 Furnace Station Road, Oswego, property at State Route 104, $30,000. Assessment $27,800.

• Donald R. Hass Jr., 8295 State Route 104, Red Creek, to Donald R. Hass Jr. and Deedie E. Hass (same address), property at 13609 Ira Station Road, $0. Assessment $138,300.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 84

• Kathleen L. Cooper, 1302 Lake Como Road, Cortland, to Robert J. Pace and Julie T. Pace, 3308 Walden Oaks Blvd., Cortland, property at 6566 Branch Road, $27,750. Assessment $33,000.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Ronald Swarthout and Sarah Swarthout, 8729 Wilsey Road, Port Byron, to Joseph Donofrio, 7890 Lasher Road, Auburn, property at Rufus Road, $2,000. Assessment $2,000.

• Brandon Blake, 7895 State St. Road, Auburn, to Harrison Harold Sherman IV and Shayna Nicole Marriam, 11220 Duger Road, Cato, property at 7895 State St. Road, $169,847. Assessment $98,700.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• Tracy A. Robinson, San Antonio, TX, to Patricia A. Watson, 129198 State Route 38, Red Creek, and Melissa P. Keery-Cruz, 4053 Lakes Corners-Rose Valley Road, Clyde, property at 12198 State Route 38, $85,000. Assessment $133,900.

• Geoffrey M. Hanford and Essie L. Hanford, 584 Main St., Fair Haven, to Joan Deming, 8783 Blind Sodus Creek Road, Red Creek, property at 584 Main St., $110,000. Assessment $69,000.

• Gertrude Skinner (aka Gertrude A. Skinner) to U.S. Bank Trust National Association, property at 11872 Mcneeley Road, $36,000. Assessment $66,100.


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