City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

* Jeffrey J. King, 303 S. Seward Ave., Auburn, to Steven Tardibone, 5884 W. Lake Road, Auburn, as trustee of the Steven Tardibone Living Trust, property at 303 S. Seward Ave., $59,888. Assessment $67,200. 

* RJC Development Inc., P.O. Box 337, Auburn, to Richard C. Sigona and Madelyn A. Justian, 7809 Powers Road, Auburn, property at 21 Elizabeth St., $150,000. Assessment $68,999. 

* T. David Stapleton III, as trustee of the T. David and Helene A. Stapleton Irrevocable Trust, Arlington, Virginia, to Kevin Patrick McCormick and Melissa Theresa McCormick, 11 Hillside Terrace, Auburn, property at 100 Teller Ave., 35 Hockeborne Ave. and 120 Frances St., $342,500. Assessment $296,500. 

* Americu Credit Union, 231 Hill Road, Rome, to Timothy Reilly and James Reilly, 31 Elizabeth St., Auburn, property at 39 Capitol St., $23,000. Assessment $71,600. 

* Frank Gaglianese, 2 Alden Ave., Auburn, to Michelle Novak, 302 N. Seward Ave., Auburn, property at 2 Alden Ave., $198,000. Assessment $151,900. 

* Brian D. Lesch and Kirsten M. Lesch, 25 S. Marvine Ave., Auburn, to Vernon C. Symes Sr. and Dale M. Canady-Symes, P.O. Box 441, Auburn, property at 25 S. Marvine Ave., $244,000. Assessment $254,300. 

* Thomas E. Ryan and Phyllis M. Ryan, 132 Murray St., Auburn, to Daniel M. Ryan and Ronald J. Ryan, as trustees for the Thomas E. and Phyllis M. Ryan Irrevocable Trust, property at 132 Murray St., $0. Assessment $105,000. 

* Pamela Crowley, 5019 Route 34, Auburn, as trustee of the Frieda M. Pelton Irrevocable Trust, to Mary L. Bishuk, 18 Arlington Ave., Auburn, property at 16 and 18 Arlington Ave., $80,000. Assessment $89,900. 

* Kenneth S. White and Christine M. White, 61 Van Anden St., Auburn, to Nicholas DiBello (same address), property at 61 Van Anden St., $63,000. Assessment $64,500. 

* Mary Szozda, 7301 State St. Road, Auburn, as executrix of the last will and testament of E. Caroline Casper, late of Auburn, to Kirk W. Mudge and Linda Mudge, 1345 Goose Lane, Aurora, property at 86 Grant Ave., $47,000. Assessment $68,400. 

* Cartwright Holdings LLC, 25 Anderson Circle, Auburn, to Laura G. Kulis, 62 E. Lake Road, Skaneateles, property at 61 Clymer St., $145,000. Assessment $92,999. 

* U.S. Bank National Association to George Kerstetter and Jean Kerstetter, P.O. Box 811, Auburn, property at 128 Osborne St., $25,100. Assessment $35,700. 

* Daniel Charles Jones, 23 Hockeborne St., Auburn, to Devyn R. Jones, 5 Hoffman St., Auburn, property at 32 Van Patten St., $95,000. Assessment $36,800. 

* Kevin P. McCormick and Melissa T. McCormick (aka Melissa T. Holmes), 11 Hillside Drive, Auburn, to Ryan Crawford and Tessa Crawford, 28 Hurd Circle, Auburn, property at 11 Hillside Terrace, $185,000. Assessment $157,300. 

* Michael J. O'Connor and Joanne G. O'Connor, 19 Drummond St., Auburn, to Robert J. Hulik Jr. and Ashley N. Gleason, 68 Prospect St., Auburn, property at 19 Drummond St., $167,890. Assessment $169,000. 

* Thomas A. Shayler, 85 Thornton Ave., Auburn, Peter F. Shayler, 3 Beach Ave., Auburn, Daniel J. Shayler, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mark P. Shayler, 60 Jarvis St., Auburn, and Margaret A. Henderson, 94 Bridge St., Seneca Falls, to Anne E. Shayler, 60 Jarvis St., Auburn, property at 60 Jarvis St., $0. Assessment $99,000. 

* Anne E. Sayler, 60 Jarvis St,. Auburn, to Mark P. Shayler (same address), property at 60 Jarvis St., $0. Assessment $99.000.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 86

* Nancy M. Cheney, as executrix of the estate of Duane H. Gove, late of 2036 Route 326, Auburn, to Diane R. Gove, 82 Lake Ave., Auburn, Luanne S. Deangelis, 6669 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, Nancy M. Cheney, 26 Anderson Circle, Auburn, and Joanne M. Parisi, 23 Canoga St., Auburn, property at 2036 Route 326, $0. Assessment $161,000. 

* Roger J. Anthony and Michele Anthony, 5857 Experimental Road, Auburn, to Ronald L. Garropy and Catherine R. Garropy, 4861 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 5857 Experimental Road, $230,000. Assessment $161,500. 

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

* Alice Elizabeth Annett, 19 Legacy Drive Apt. 504, Baldwinsville, to Michael Annett, 46 White Anchor Cove, Jordan, property at 46 White Anchor Cove, $1. Assessment $290,000. 

* Scott R. Pierce and Cindy L. Pierce (fka Cindy L. Downing), 11204 Duger Road, Cato, to Duane E. Weed and Jacquelyn M. Weed, 1704 Carley Drive, Port Byron, property at 11204 Duger Road, $139,900. Assessment $123,500. 

* Charles R. Foltz, 3111 Hollister St., Meridian, to Tamara L. Doran, 163 Hopper Road, Syracuse, property at 3111 Hollister St., $121,540. Assessment $94,300. 

* Dean D. Cummins, 3098 Route 370 East, Cato, to Nicole L. Moose (fka Nicole L. Green), 3554 Sherman Road, Jordan, property at 3554 Sherman Road, $0. Assessment $56,000. 

* Nicole L. Moose (fka Nicole L. Green), 3554 Sherman Road, Jordan, to James C. Bye and Jennifer Bye, 3512 Sherman Road, Jordan, property at 3554 Sherman Road, $40,000. Assessment $56,000. 

* George H. Sherman and Ellen M. Sherman, 39 Briggs Ave., Fairport, to Corey J. Hinman, 2925 Ryan Road, Weedsport, property at 9780 Cato-Conquest Townline Road, $211,894. Assessment $189,950. 

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

* Marc A. Breault and Michelle Breault, 5486 Silver St. Road, Auburn, to Joseph A. Chekansky and Krista N. Chekansky, 2815 Forest Hill Drive, Auburn, property at 5486 Silver St. Road, $285,000. Assessment $86,500. 

* Keith D. Becker and Barbara J. Becker, Leesburg, Ohio, to Krista M. Becker and Shelwyn Becker, 4802 Route 34, Auburn, property at 4802 Route 34, $180,000. Assessment N/A. 

* Ronald L. Garropy and Catherine R. Garropy, 4861 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Grayden Weed and Marcy L. Weed, 46 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 4861 W. Lake Road, $240,000. Assessment $78,000. 

* Jean B. Janssen, 4650 Route 34, Auburn, to Jean B. Janssen, as trustee for the Jean B. Janssen Revocable Trust, property at 4650 Route 34 and 4688 W. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $95,999. 

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 94

* Shela Landers, as executrix of the estate of Linda Joyce Barber, Cartersville, Georgia, to Federal National Mortgage Association, property at 3783 Allen Road, $61,407. Assessment $106,500. 

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

* Hewitt Brothers Inc., 12192 Water St., Locke, to Town of Locke, property at Railroad Street (portion), $1. Assessment $185,000. 

* Kevin J. Parker, 853 Route 38, Locke, to Town of Locke, property at 853 Main St., $1. Assessment $79,500. 

* Tanya L. Perreault, as administrator of the estate of Shawn L. Perreault, late of 5651 Sears Road, Locke, to Tanya L. Perreault and Stacy W. Kelly (same address), property at 5651 Sears Road, $0. Assessment $30,612. 

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

* Ronald K. Hitchcock and Alan L. Hitchcock, as co-executors of the estate of Betty A. Hitchcock, late of Port Byron, to Tom Mastropietro, 4286 Luna Course, Liverpool, property at 161 Main St., $25,500. Assessment $35,900. 

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 87

* Ivan W. Ward II and Nicole Ward-Randolph (fka Nicole L. Randolph), 8536 Denman Road, Port Byron, to Roy Gilbert Smith and Marjorie L. Smith, 929 Yale Station Road, Geneva, property at 8536 Denman Road, $165,500. Assessment $120,000. 

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 95

* Martin J. Hilliard, 16 Galbraith Drive, Moravia, to Rowland W. Chaffin, P.O. Box 254, Moravia, property at 16 Galbraith Drive, $42,000. Assessment $27,600. 

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 85

* Matthew J. Kidd, 2677 Sloan Road, Auburn, and Felicia R. Franceschelli, 5447 Route 38A, Auburn, to Felicia R. Franceschelli, property at 5447 Route 38A, $0. Assessment $120,000. 

* Janice E. Ross, Newberry, South Carolina, to Jeannette DeChick, 19 Fairway Drive, Auburn, property at 19 Fairway Drive, $0. Assessment $226,600. 

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

* Patricia F. DaRin and Robert C. DaRin, 6175 Old Coye Road, Jamesville, to Amanda J. DaRin, 218 Ferncliff Ave., Liverpool, Jeremy R. DaRin, 5101 Platinum Drive, Liverpool, and Matthew P. DaRin, 3290 Savier Road, Marcellus, as trustees of the DaRin Family Irrevocable Trust, property at 3754 Ensenore Road, $0. Assessment $365,000. 

* Brookfield Relocation Inc., to Philip E. Joyce and Laura Davison Joyce, 1738 Route 34B, King Ferry, property at 4313 Route 38, $340,000. Assessment $270,000. 

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

* Christopher J. Rourke and Wendy L. Rourke, 1394 Foxfield Drive, Skaneateles, to Pamela L. Thompson, as trustee of the Pamela L. Thompson Living Trust, 1049 Chamberlain Road, Auburn, property at 3786 E. Genesee St. Road, $127,500. Assessment $76,000. 

* George Crowningshield, 8193 Jericho Road, Weedsport, to Danielle M. Ambrose, 102 Walnut St., Auburn, property at 8193 Jericho Road, $207,500. Assessment $210,000. 

* Kelly Holmes, 55 Osborne St., Auburn, to Sean C. Holmes, 3189 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 3189 Turnpike Road, $0. Assessment $115,000. 

* Jeffrey T. Herrick and Bridget L. Herrick, 7054 Chestnut Ridge Road, Auburn, to Todd W. MacDonald, 2661 Canal St., Weedsport, property at 7054 Chestnut Ridge Road, $185,000. Assessment $235,999. 

* Cooper Carroll LLC, P.O. Box 135, Skaneateles, to Peggy S. Lattimore, 29 Wegman St., Auburn, property at 29 Wegman St., $178,400. Assessment $157,186. 

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

* Wesley J. Belcher and Nancy L. Belcher, 851 Forest Ave., Fulton, to William Pendock, 5024 W. Taft Road, Liverpool, property at Viele Road, $22,500. Assessment $2,900. 

* Bryan Philip Pisarski, St. Pete Beach, Florida, to David N. Cooper, Katherine S. Spector and Chena Tucker, 14661 Center Road, Sterling, property at Sterling Station Road, $24,000. Assessment $22,700. 

* Rachel M. Whitt and Frederick A. Whitt, 13581 Humphrey Road, Martville, to Michael Everett and Jennifer A. Everett, 57 Frederick St., Clyde, property at 13581 Humphrey Road, $87,450. Assessment $80,600. 

* Donna Lynn Jenness, P.O. Box 11, Henderson, to Victor Kaufman, 1351 Curtis Co Op Road, Sterling, property at 14352 Woods Road, $159,000. Assessment $146,400. 

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

* Alan W. Cuff, 1534 Powers Road, Cayuga, to Christopher P. Souliere, Topsham, Vermont, property at 7030 North Division St. Road, $129,293. Assessment $25,000. 

* Felix Mucedola Sr., 1 Briggs Drive, Auburn, Joseph Mucedola, 2554 Hamilton St., Weedsport, Randolph Mucedola, 7420 Centerport Road, Auburn, and Anna Maria Tuuri, 6252 Alabama Path, Cicero, to Michael S. Mucedola, Farmville, Virginia, property at 7007 and 7003 State St. Road, $93,750. Assessment $181,600. 

Town of Venice

Equalization rate 100

* Kathleen A. Nedza, as trustee of the David M. Wunder Irrevocable Trust, to David M. Wunder, 2668 Center Road, Scipio Center, property at 1988 Poplar Ridge Road, $0. Assessment $484,600. 

* Donald J. Steger and Bonnie K. Steger, Sebastian, Florida, to Steven F. Smith Jr. and Tracy L. Smith, 2171 Route 34, Scipio Center, property at 3564 Long Hill Road, $130,000. Assessment $155,600. 

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 93

* Donald B. Bailey, as executor of the last will and testament of Gladys L. DeMass, late of 11897 McNeely Road, Red Creek, to Donald B. Bailey and Barbara M. Dawson Bailey (same address), property at 11891 McNeely Road, $1. Assessment $28,000.