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Cayuga County property transfers: Feb. 21, 2021

Cayuga County property transfers: Feb. 21, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Jan. 19-24.

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Garrett Wakeham and Cheri Wakeham, 108 Mary St., Auburn, to Ronald J. Reed, 43 Belmont Ave., Auburn, property at 108 Mary St., $115,400. Assessment $85,900.

• Marc A. Pierson and Karin Pierson, 36 Parker St., Auburn, to James M. Spitz, 3570 Brick Church Road, Union Springs, property at 36 Parker St., $97,400. Assessment $76,000.

• Todd M. Cottrell, 21 Grant St., Auburn, to Brenan Usery, R215 Standart Woods, Auburn, property at 21 Grant St., $147,900. Assessment $77,000.

• Eugene Anthony Moran, 28 Green Links Turn, Auburn, to Eric M. Schaeffer, 47 Elizabeth St., Auburn, property at 47 Elizabeth St., $85,000. Assessment $71,200.

• Thomas P. Abbott, 1037 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, as successor trustee of the Larry G. Abbott Revocable Trust, to Thomas P. Abbott (same address) and Leslie Abbott Kingsley, Port St. Lucie, FL, property at 565 Quill Ave. Rear, $0. Assessment $6,000.

• Geoffrey Ianiri, Easton, PA, Kristene Erwin, Pittsfield, PA, and Jeffrey A. Ianiri and Karen H. Ianiri, 76 Kearney Ave., Auburn, to Garrett M. Wakeham and Cheri Wakeham, 108 Mary St., Auburn, property at 76 Kearney Ave., $198,500. Assessment $162,800.

• Brian Teal and Alicia Teal, 36 Jarvis St., Auburn, to Megan C. Falicchio, 1824 E. Shore Dr., Ithaca, property at 36 Jarvis St., $160,000. Assessment $118,900.

• The City of Auburn, 24 South St., Auburn, to James J. Driscoll, 16 Scamell Ave., Auburn, property at 1 State St., $0. Assessment $37,000.

• James J. Driscoll, 6916 Basswood Road, Auburn, to Muldrow Properties LLC, 25 Madison Ave., Auburn, property at 123 Genesee St., $205,000. Assessment $85,000.

• Kenneth E. Davis and Judy L. Davis, 18 Benham Ave., Auburn, to Brandon Stewart, 3207 Turnpike Road, Auburn, and Terry Davis, Bloomington, MN, property at 18 Benham Ave., $1. Assessment $123,000.

• Vincent P. Shaw, 3 Harnden St., Auburn, to Vincent P. Shaw, as trustee of the Vincent P. Shaw Revocable Trust, property at 3 Harnden St., 0. Assessment $151,000.

• Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Surako Follings Sr., Pinoli, CA, property at 49 Chase St., $1,120. Assessment $8,100.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Harriet W. Crosby, 2098 W. Genesee St. Road, Auburn, to Alexandra B. Picciano, 121 Norris Ave., Auburn, property at 2098 W. Genesee St. Road, $150,000. Assessment $105,100.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 92

• Michael Case and Casey Case, 8129 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, to Christopher Chase and Nikki Loveless, 9186 N. Main St. Road, Port Byron, property at 8702 Weedsport-Sennett Road, $220,000. Assessment $178,400.

• Richard T. Reeves and Melissa A. Reeves, 2805 Dunn Road, Weedsport, to Justin D. Friesen and Aimee C. Friesen, 2815 Dunn Road, Weedsport, property at 2805 Dunn Road, $11,655. Assessment $100,316.

• Wayne Knapp, 683 E. Seneca Turnpike, Building B Apt. 6, Syracuse, to Niles Farm LLC (same address), property at 3519 Clements Road, $0. Assessment $173,700.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 86

• 11344 South Street LLC, 11344 South St., Cato, to Shahil LLC, 55 Wegman St., Auburn, property at 11344 South St., $355,000. Assessment $75,000.

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to HHC H20 LLC, 12 Oswego St., Baldwinsville, property at Jordan Road, $55,300. Assessment $45,000.

• Roger W. Kells, 12866 State Route 176, Cato, as executor of the estate of Mildred Kells, to Roger W. Kells, property at 12866 State Route 176, $0. Assessment $92,174.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 90

• Anthony S. DePeso, P.O. Box 734, Brewerton, to Shane A. VanHorn and Linda M. VanHorn, 205 Frederick St., E. Syracuse, property at Drake Road, $12,900. Assessment $11,200.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 87

• M. Bernadette Brann, 2665 Lansing Genoa Townline Road, Lansing, to Flint Brann, 471 Peruville Road, Groton, property at 2665 Lansing Genoa Townline Road, $0. Assessment $124,600.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 92

• Richard J. Oswald and Nancy M. Oswald, 3386 Emerick Road, Cato, to Jay Scott Oswald, 3314 Emerick Road, Cato, as trustee of the Oswald Family Irrevocable Trust, property at 3386 Emerick Road, $1. Assessment $215,500.

• Roberta Dobbertin, 33 Ripplewood Trail, Cato, to Samuel C. Carnicelli and Lori L. Carnicelli, 30 Ripplewood Trail, Cato, property at 33 Ripplewood Trail, $5,000. Assessment $204,700.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 90

• Richard V. Spinosa and Jacqueline Spinosa, P.O. Box 442, Weedsport, to Keith Wiers and Tina Wiers, 8744 Centerport Road, Weedsport, property at 8744 and 8748 Centerport Road, $1. Assessment $25,600.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 77

• Rosalind S. Barnhart, 7752 State Route 90N, Cayuga, as executrix of the estate of Robert Barnhart Sr., to Rosalind S. Barnhart, property at 7752 State Route 90, $0. Assessment $73,100.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 80

• Stephen A. Prince and Heather A. Prince, 2610 Geiger Road, Scipio Center, to James A. Pontello, 1184 State Route 38, Locke, property at 257 N. Main St., $106,000. Assessment $41,600.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Martin Thomas, 35 Hammond St., Big Flats, property at 3443 Bear Swamp Road, $0. Assessment $58,800

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 73

• Diane M. Warren, 15 Stryker Ave., Auburn, to William J. Holmes and Bridget Holmes, 3082 E. Genesee St. Road, Auburn, property at 15 Stryker Ave., $200,000. Assessment $120,200.

• Vincent P. Shaw, 3 Harnden St., Auburn, to Vincent P. Shaw, as trustee of the Vincent P. Shaw Revocable Trust, property at 319 Cliffside Dr., $0. Assessment $272,800.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 92

• Lee D. Gargett, 4976 Harris Hill Road, Locke, as executor of the last will and testament of Ellen L. Hargett (aka Ellen Hargett), to Zachary T. Hargett, 9 W. Cayuga St., Moravia, property at State Route 34, $0. Assessment $20,400.

• David J. Snider and Marci B. Snider, 11 Scarlet Maple Dr., Spencerport, to Rick Ford and Glenda Ford, 939 Park Settlement Road, Owego, property at Fire Lane 22, $300,000. Assessment N/A.

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 98

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Patrick Tiner, Phoenix, AZ, property at 2300 State Route 41A, $11,900. Assessment $58,000.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 92

• Renee Dominick, as agent for Richard K. Parker, 312 McIntosh Dr., Auburn, to Lauren P. Dunster, 5 Pennrose Estates, Auburn, property at 3144 Franklin St. Road, $137,800. Assessment $142,100.

• Patricia A. Donnelly, 42 S. Hunter Ave., Auburn, to Michael Cuddy and Kathleen D. Cuddy, 23 Foxcroft Circle, Auburn, property at 42 S. Hunter Ave., $0. Assessment $201,500.

• Josephine M. Heslep LLC, Richmond, VA, to Nicholas J. Dusart and Shelby T. Sweeney Dusart, 5886 Ike Dixon Road, Camillus, property at Lot 11 Calemad Dr., $60,000. Assessment $37,500.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Jerrold and Deborah Weiser, 12660 Coleman Road, Red Creek, property at 12584 Coleman Road, $0. Assessment $70,300.


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