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Cayuga County property transfers: Feb. 28, 2021

Cayuga County property transfers: Feb. 28, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Jan. 25-31.

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Pyramid Auto Group Inc., 5541 Silver St. Road, Auburn, to Brett J. Pair, 28 Nelson St., Auburn, property at 29 Orchard St., $85,860. Assessment $69,200.

• Matthew K. Bates and Ann Marie Bates, 116 Wooded Heights Dr., Camillus, to Matthew K. Bates, property at 6 Aspen St., $0. Assessment $62,000.

• Mark Robillard, Tampa, FL, to Barry Leader, 19 N. Hurd Circle, Auburn, property at 316 N. Marvine Ave., $112,500. Assessment $118,300.

• Omega Wire Inc., 12 Masonic Ave., Camden, to Three Rivers Storage LLC, 110 Genesee St., Suite 310, Auburn, property at 44 Washington St. Rear, $49,500. Assessment $160,000.

• Cayuga County Habitat for Humanity Inc., 110 Genesee St., Suite 140, Auburn, to Keri Clingerman, 105 Ross Place, Auburn, property at 6 Perrine St., $115,000. Assessment $74,400.

• Shawn Daly, 2287 Center Road, Scipio Center, to Kenneth R. Scott Sr. and Chrystal D. Larrabee, 3 Lizette St., Auburn, property at 10 Munro Ave., $125,000. Assessment $103,900.

• Timothy W. Tomko, 7192 Mutton Hill Road, Auburn, to Dominic C. DiFabio, 127 Curtis Place, Auburn, property at 15-17 Vandenbosch Ave., $150,000. Assessment $83,600.

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Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 92

• Olvera Holdings LLC, 14 Tex Pultz Parkway, Port Byron, to Jacob L. Toscano and Justine E. Toscano, 117 West End Ave., Binghamton, property at 8965 Jackson St., $211,894. Assessment $133,000.

• Elizabeth T. Clements, 2731 E. Brutus St., Weedsport, to Robert X. Bourguignon (same address), property at 2731 E. Brutus St., $79,000. Assessment $162,000.

• Richard Landon, 8790 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, to Matthew Gardner and Erica Gardner, 11851 Maplewood Dr., Wolcott, property at 2803 E. Brutus St., $290,000. Assessment $140,800.

• Ben Poorman Jr. (aka Ben Poormon Jr.) and Teresa A. Poorman (aka Teresa A. Poormon), Garner, NC, to Timothy J. Casper and Wendi Casper, 8692 Centerport Road, Weedsport, property at 2308 Hamilton Road, $5,000. Assessment $16,100.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 86

• Primax Properties LLC to MDC Coast 17 LLC, property at 2504 W. Main St., $1,478,020. Assessment $500,000.

• Norene M. Bartkowiak, P.O. Box 115, Meridian, to Dean D. Cummins, 3125 State Route 370, Cato, and Debra M. Donnelly, P.O. Box 12, Meridian, property at 3093 Hollister St., $15,000. Assessment $71,000.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 90

• Joseph L. Collier Sr., LaBelle, FL, to Wesley A. Collier, 2122 State Route 370 W, Cato, property at 2110 State Route 370, $55,000. Assessment $96,600.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Nathan Eby, 1603 Great Gully Road, Union Springs, to Eby Contracting LLC, 3093 Canoga Road, Seneca Falls, property at 6 Rosewood Dr., $28,500. Assessment $26,500.

• Matthew E. Tutino, as trustee of the Matthew E. Tutino Living Trust, San Mateo, CA, to Todd R. Post and Lisa C. Engert, 5601 Buck Point, Auburn, and Linda S. Polinsky and John J. McHugh, 5566 Buck Point, Auburn, property at Buck Point Road, $150,000. Assessment $92,900.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 87

• Grace Smith Morgen LLC, 8784 State Route 90N, King Ferry, to John D. and Lisa A. Sarick, Dubois, PA, property at Lot 17 Oberon Bluffs, $34,000. Assessment $32,800.

• Craig C. Cowell, 3799 White Road, Marion, to John D. Sarick and Lisa A. Sarick, Dubois, PA, Lot 33 Oberon Dr., $32,500. Assessment $32,800.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 92

• John Mlecz Jr., P.O. Box 1212, Weedsport, to John R. Mlecz Jr. and John R. Mlecz III (same address), property at 2251 State Route 370, $0. Assessment $118,700.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 87

• Frederic V. Bogel and Catherine B. Burroughs, Edisto Island, SC, to Greenwich 5690 LLC, 110 Marquand Ave., Bronxville, property at 268 Main St., $280,000. Assessment $289,500.

• Stephen L. Morse and Christina D. Morse, 1316 Oberon Dr., King Ferry, to Honoco Road Reverse LLC, Lakewood, CO, property at 1303 Honoco Road, $428,000. Assessment $435,900.

• James A. Yaggie, as trustee of the James A. Yaggie Revocable Trust, 2397 Sunset Beach Dr., Aurora, to Mavis Ng and David Ng, 306 N. Birchwood Dr., Ithaca, property at 2397 Sunset Beach Dr., $440,000. Assessment $290,000.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 90

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jerry M. Allen and Patricia A. Allen, 8673 Jericho Road, Weedsport, property at 8294 Halsey Road, $45,000. Assessment $98,400.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 80

• Owasco Flats Nature Reserve Inc., 35 Charles St., Auburn, to The Wetland Trust Inc., 4729 State Route 414, Burdett, property at State Route 38, $15,000. Assessment $8,200.

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Robert Ryan Jr., 2541 State Route 34B, Aurora, property at Swamp Road, $4,050. Assessment $2,300.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Bernard Blowers and Patricia Blowers, 3771 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, to James Boyer, 2110 James St., Syracuse, property at 3771 Oak Hill Road, $163,000. Assessment $125,700.

• Ivan T. Lindgren and Patricia M. Lindgren, 5032 Surry Dr., Syracuse, to Laurie Haefele and Jacqueline Jones, 40 State St., Skaneateles, property at 6489 Appletree Point Road, $570,000. Assessment $489,400.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 73

• Gary Loudon, 6245 E. Lake Road, Auburn, to Terry W. Elwood, 20 Fennell St., Unit 491, Skaneateles, property at 5720 Bevier Road, $1. Assessment $190,000.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 92

• Philip E. Joyce and Laura Davison Joyce, Chapel Hill, NC, to Sandra E. Keller, 3187 Brewer Road, Marietta, property at 4313 State Route 38, $345,000. Assessment $270,000.

• Carmel A. Grady, P.O. Box 303, Moravia, to William C. Whiffen, P.O. Box 533, Moravia, property at 3441 State Route 34B, $40,000. Assessment $80,800.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 92

• Justin Demuth and Jillian M. D’Amico, 3265 Walker Road, Auburn, to Kathleen J. Chaykosky, Tampa, FL, property at 3265 Walker Road, $259,900. Assessment $210,600.

• Kevin W. Greenwood, 8037 Weedsport Sennett Road, Weedsport, to Kevin W. Greenwood and Kathleen R. Greenwood (same address), property at Weedsport Sennett Road, $0. Assessment $82,800.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 68

• Suzanne Murray, 1546 Spring St. Road, Cayuga, to Michael E. Murray (same address), property at 1546 Spring St. Road, $0. Assessment $193,900.

• Gorwydd Development Company, 5 Court St., Auburn, to Roxanne M. Barden, Leesburg, VA, property off of State Route 90, $50,000. Assessment $22,000.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 97

• Barbara A. Hall, 1818 State Route 3, Sterling, as executor of the last will and testament of Anna M. Miller, to John Joseph Farley Jr., 105 N. Willow St. Apt. 3, Liverpool, property at 1835 State Route 3, $92,500. Assessment $62,200.

• Gregg Bryant, 36 Deer Creek Road, Pittsford, to Gregg Bryant and Susan Stewart (same address), property at 14640 Ingersoll Road, $0. Assessment $347,600.

• Bobby Jo Mendenhall, 4515 Westbury Road, Wolcott, as executrix of the last will and testament of Barbara M. Seymour, 15083 Kent Road, Sterling, to Jeffrey Michael Murray, 22 Sabin Road, Oswego, property at 15083 Kent Road, $13,000. Assessment $32,990.

• Michael S. Shortt and Shari M. Shortt, 14785 Railroad Ave., Sterling, to Happy Ours On The Bay LLC, 83 E. Church St., Unit 302, Fairport, property at 14785 Railroad Ave., $295,000. Assessment $150,900.

• William W. Patterson III and Judith K. Patterson, 4 Wild Winds Dr., Fulton, to Michael S. Shortt and Shari M. Shortt, 132 Pellet Road, Hannibal, property at 14749 Cayuga St., $300,000. Assessment $235,800.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 92

• Elaine M. Larkin (fka Elaine M. McDonald), 7289 Sherman Road, Auburn, to Glenn L. Larkin and Elaine M. Larkin (same address), property at 7289 Sherman Road, $0. Assessment $99,200.

• John A. Murinka and Nancy M. Murinka, 7033 State St. Road, Auburn, to Jennifer B. Coppola, 31 Woodthrush Trail, Orchard Park, and Julie K. Murinka, Denver, CO, property at 7033 State St. Road, $0. Assessment $155,200.

Town of Venice

Equalization rate 92

• Alton Palmer, Sodus, MI, as executor of the estate of Gordon L. Palmer, to Alton Palmer, Sodus, MI, and Daniel Palmer, 2460 Stewarts Corners Road, Venice Center, property at 2460 Stewarts Corners Road, $0. Assessment $75,000.

• F. Garry Turner and Laura Lee Turner, 7237 Willow Road, N. Syracuse, to Bryan Wyckoff and Lauren Wyckoff, 2639 Lyons Road, Moravia, property at 056200 Lyons Road, $24,500. Assessment $24,500.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• Joseph L. Collier Sr., LaBelle, FL, to Wesley A. Collier, 2122 State Route 370 W, Cato, property at 12825 Parker Dr., $55,000. Assessment $169,100.

• Mary Tichensky, 5321 Preemption Road, Sodus, to Selena Ferguson, P.O. Box 444, Fair Haven, property at 12930 Coolican Road, $0. Assessment $85,200.


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