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Cayuga County property transfers: Jan. 24, 2021

Cayuga County property transfers: Jan. 24, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Dec. 14-20.

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Amy L. Scott (fka Amy L. Cericola), as successor trustee of the Sharon P. Cericola Trust, 110 Kasoag Lake Road, Altmar, to Renpro LLC, 9069 Elpis Road, Camden, property at 165-167 Perrine St., $25,000. Assessment $54,000.

• Thomas R. Brown and Cynthia M. Brown, 105 Tyler Dr., Auburn, to Kathleen E. Brown, as trustee for the Thomas R. and Cynthia M. Brown Irrevocable Trust, property at 105 Tyler Dr., $0. Assessment $132,000.

• Acacia M. Phillips, 42 Park Ave., Auburn, to Scott P. Kellison, Q204 Standart Woods, Auburn, property at 42 Park Ave., $134,500. Assessment $105,600.

• Kelly M. Klink, 117 E. Genesee St., Auburn, to Faith W. Goodman, 113 N. Hoopes Ave., Auburn, property at 117-119 E. Genesee St., $214,900. Assessment $138,000.

• Kevin Keysor, 34 N. Division St., Auburn, to Kevin D. Keysor Irrevocable Trust (same address), property at 6 and 8 Washington St., $0. Assessment $70,000.

• Replogle Homes LLC, Rockland, MA, to Jeffrey Maunder and Veronica Maunder, Los Angeles, CA, property at 43 Grover St., $60,000. Assessment $72,999.

• Andrew M. Hogan, 6423 Sharon Dr., Auburn, as successor trustee of the Geraldine M. Hogan Living Trust, to Tricia Cady, 2630 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 18 Koenig Court, $160,000. Assessment $138,000.

• Craig A. Kimak, 22 John Smith Ave., Auburn, to David Muniz, 13 Madison St., Fredonia, property at 267-269 Seymour St., $83,500. Assessment $70,000.

• Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, TX, to Gordon Franklin Terry, 109 E. State St., Suite 304, Ithaca, property at 185 North St., $63,000. Assessment $115,000.

• Julie M. DiFederico, 46 Aspen St., Auburn, to Jamil Lytel McArthur, 2 Parsons St., Auburn, property at 44-46 Aspen St., $151,000. Assessment $80,000.

• Dylan A. Adams, 363 Clark St., Auburn, to Michael J. Mastropietro, 114 Wall St., Auburn, property at 363 Clark St., $72,100. Assessment $102,000.

• B and C Holding Properties LLC, 218 Hanover Ave., Liverpool, to Marvin N. Burkholder, 75 Bridge St., Seneca Falls, property at 40-42 Chedell Place, $100,000. Assessment $74,000.

• Alfred P. Giannone, 4 Kearney Ave., Auburn, to Alfred P. Giannone and Lisa Dinneen Giannone (same address), property at 4 Kearney Ave., $0. Assessment $133,100.

• Lisa Forbes (fka Lisa Evangelista), 55 Steel St., Auburn, to Charles R. Warn, 3836 E. Genesee St., Auburn, property at 55 Steel St., $120,000. Assessment $94,900.

• U.S. Bank National Association to Karmeg Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 1557, Auburn, property at 225 N. Seward Ave., $56,582. Assessment $82,500.

• Gerald E. Wiggins Jr., 51 Cayuga St., Auburn, to Michael T. Jones, P.O. Box 483, Auburn, property at 51 Cayuga St., $65,000. Assessment $80,900.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Village of Cayuga, 6205 Railroad St., Cayuga, to Harold D. Graham and Janet E. Graham, 6353 Water St., Cayuga, property at Water Street, $647.81. Assessment $3,200.

• Harold D. Graham and Janet E. Graham (fka Janet E. Patterson), 6353 Water St., Cayuga, to Harold D. Graham and Janet E. Graham (same address), property at 6353 Water St., $0. Assessment $160,800.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 95

• John E. Yurco, individually and as surviving spouse of Marie C. Yurco, 5158 Silver St. Road, Auburn, to Emily Nicole Cuipylo and Joshua Allen Lee, 9521 Oakland Road, Weedsport, property at 9521 Oakland Road, $159,074. Assessment $145,109.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• Charles Ralph Gratton, 10339 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, to Ralph C. Gratton II (same address), property at 10339 Bonta Bridge Road, $95,000. Assessment $50,000.

• Gary L. Cole, 11436 Calkins Road, Cato, to Matthew F. Cole and Shannel R. Cole (same address), property at 11436 Calkins Road, $85,000. Assessment $109,000.

• Joan M. Smithler, 2876 Smithler Road, Weedsport, as trustee of the James L. Smithler and Joan M. Smithler Revocable Trust, and James L. Smithler to DJJB LLC, care of David J. Blumer, 9828 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, property at Jorolemon Road, $350,000. Assessment $99,500.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 97

• Louis C. DiFabio and Patricia J. DiFabio, 1458 English Oak Dr., Webster, to Louis C. DiFabio II and Margaret A. DiFabio, 100 W. Water St., Apt. 417, Elmira, property at 233 E. Lake Road, $210,000. Assessment $170,600.

• Mark E. Williams, 12686 Coleman Road, Red Creek, Jeffrey A. Williams, P.O. Box 206, Constantia, and David J. Williams, 6754 State Route 80, Tully, to Mark E. Williams, 12686 Coleman Road, Red Creek, property at 2050 State Route 370, $0. Assessment $20,500.

• Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• JJC Real Property Holdings LLC, 5047 State Route 34, Auburn, to Dennis Crowley and Pamela Crowley, 5019 State Route 34, Auburn, property at 2499 and 2495 Dublin Road, $0. Assessment $21,100.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 93

• Ralph V. Rogers Jr., 1125 Mahaney Road, King Ferry, to the Ralph Vincent Rogers Jr. Family Trust (same address) and Jacqueline Thurston, as trustee of the Ralph Vincent Rogers Jr. Family Trust, property at 1125 Mahaney Road, $0. Assessment $101,400.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 98

• Christopher Russo and Patricia Russo, 11520 Misty Meadow Dr., Cato, to Nicholas Andrea Tabone and Rebecca Ann Ryan, 98 Reed Road, North Syracuse, property at 11520 Misty Meadow Dr., $194,000. Assessment $170,400.

• James A. Charbonneau, 12839 State Route 1776, Cato, to James A. Charbonneau and Christine M. Charbonneau (same address), property at 12839 State Route 176, $0. Assessment $115,900.

• Edward T. Matro and Eileen M. Matro, 11498 State Route 176, Cato, to John E. Carrington II, 5739 Rumsey Road, Trumansburg, property at 11498 State Route 176, $0. Assessment $113,900.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 96

• Jeanne E. Luker and Patrick J. Luker, 11752 State Route 90, Locke, to Tina L. Nov, 36 Dart Dr., Ithaca, property at 11752 State Route 90, $161,000. Assessment $119,000.

• David C. Marcellus and Kristi A. Costello (nka Kristi A. Marcellus), 1342 Toll Gate Hill Road, Locke, to Christopher Lasher and Tonya Lasher, P.O. Box 372, Moravia, property at 1342 Toll Gate Hill Road, $187,200. Assessment $164,100.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 97

• Daniel P. White Jr. and Beth A. White, 1067 Maiden Lane Road, Port Byron, to Colton Dennis, 8187 Halsey Road, Port Byron, property at Halsey Road, $15,000. Assessment $17,100.

• Karen M. Jedra, 8123 Armstrong Road, Port Byron, to Karen M. Jedra and Gary W. Large (same address), property at 8123 Armstrong Road, $0. Assessment $107,900.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 83

• John R. Withers and Cynthia M. Withers, 35 W. Cayuga St., Moravia, to Christopher Dempsey, 125 Sears Road, Groton, property at 35 W. Cayuga St., $169,000. Assessment $135,870.

• Joy E. Vivenzio, P.O. Box 1019, Moravia, to Lindsey M. Fulton and Laurie Lohstroh, 148 Main St., Apt. 6, Moravia, property at 96 S. Main St., $120,000. Assessment $76,400.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Christine F. Bishop, 619 Shackelton Point Road, Bridgeport, to Gregory T. Zaremski, 35 Stillington Court, West Henrietta, property at 00 Fire Lane 15, $147,000. Assessment $150,400.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• William Wray Hunter, as executor of the estate of Joyce Ann Lawson Hunter (aka Joyce Ann Hunter), 44 Letchworth St., Auburn, to Alexandra B. Rosekrans, 346 Brutus Road, Jordan, and Elizabeth Emig-Rosekrans, 204 Franklin St., Auburn, property at 44 Letchworth St. and vacant land on Fourth Ave., $150,000. Assessment $120,200.

• RMP Properties LLC, 110 Genesee St., Suite 310, Auburn, to Dennis P. Sedor and Michele L. Sedor, 5 John Smith Ave., Auburn, property at 4949 Rockefeller Road, $605,000. Assessment $355,900.

• Owasco Golf & Tennis Club LLC, 5047 State Route 34, Auburn, to Dale R. Crowley and Ann Marie Crowley, 6716 E. Lake Road, Auburn, part of 6750 E. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $733,200.

• Bouley Enterprises Inc., 265 Genesee St., Auburn, successor by merger to Webco Apartments Inc., to Bowtak Inc. (same address), Lot No. 24, Calloway Dr., $30,000. Assessment $68,200.

• Robert J. Dickman, 6174 Oakridge Road, Auburn, to Christian C. Heine and Haley N. Heine, 105 Swift St., Auburn, property at 6174 Oakridge Road, $355,000. Assessment $182,600.

• Gregory T. Hassett, 7258 Owasco Road, Auburn, to Florence Brook LLC, 4165 Wilson Road East, Taberg, property at 7258 Owasco Road, $50,500. Assessment $72,200.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 97

• James Stanton Sr. and Phyllis Stanton, 4297 State Route 34B, Union Springs, to James Stanton Sr. and Phyllis Stanton (same address) and Michael Stanton and Christine Stanton, 4298 State Route 34B, Union Springs, property at 4297 State Route 34B, $0. Assessment $118,900.

• Edward A. Demeritt and Lana A. Demeritt, 4340 W. Lake Road No. 1, Auburn, to John McCarthy and Edye B. McCarthy, 1364 Route 6, Carmel, property at 30 Fire Lane 28, $210,000. Assessment $195,600.

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 100

• Renee M. Becker, 2455 State Route 41A, Moravia, to Jonathon Marshall, 22 Fennell St., Apt. 7, Skaneateles, and Robert G. Marshall, 4031 Jordan Road, Skaneateles, property at 2455 State Route 41A, $145,000. Assessment $103,000.

• M. Roy Susskind and Nancy L. Susskind, as trustees of the Nancy L. Susskind Revocable Real Estate Trust, Venice, FL, to Mantosh J. Dewan and Anita M. Dewan, 5205 Silver Fox Dr., Jamesville, property at 7026 N. Glen Haven Road, $715,000. Assessment $499,900.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 77

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC, to Jason R. Guy, 35 Wallace Ave., Auburn, property at 12 Park St., $25,532. Assessment $72,800.

• Lani Johnson, Xenia, OH, as trustee of the Irrevocable Meyers Family Trust, to Thomas R. Sawdey and Mary C. Sawdey, 1222 Great Gully Road, Union Springs, property at 1222 Great Gully Road, $75,000. Assessment $89,800.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Richard A. Kenyon, 593 County Route 8, Fulton, to Mark E. Seemueller, Melbourne, FL, property at 16170 Ford Dr., $39,900. Assessment $53,000.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 84

• Gregory A. Reed, 890 Cutler School Road, Cortland, to Robert J. Holdsworth III, 7 Wall St., No. 1320, Cortland, property at 917 Cutler School Road, $40,000. Assessment $99,500.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Salvatore J. Maglia, 7583 State St. Road, Auburn, to Michael V. Scanlon, 120 Salzburg Village, Palmyra, property at 7583 State St. Road, $77,000. Assessment $75,300.

• Margaret R. Morin, as surviving spouse of Germain Morin, 7076 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, to Allen H. Morin and Edith C.M. Morin (same address), property at 7076 Beech Tree Road, $0. Assessment $224,900.

• Robert J. Baliva, 6984 Canoga Road, Auburn, to Arthur J. Baliva, 7248 Donovan Road, Auburn, property at 6984 Canoga Road, $0. Assessment $37,800.

• Stephen P. Young, 2063 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Stephen P. Young and Coleen M. Young (same address), property at 2067 Turnpike Road, $0. Assessment $49,999.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• Jessica Reinhart and Joshua Reinhart, 6274 Simmons Dr., Red Creek, to Christopher P. Collins, 4754 Enders Road, Manlius, property at 00 State Route 370, $51,900. Assessment $33,800.

• Heirs of Earl E. Horner by Charles Marangola, Esq., P.O. Box 17, Moravia, to Dean D. Cummins, 3125 Route 370 E., Cato, property at 432 Old Route 104, $49,001. Assessment $67,200.


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