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City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Cheryl E. Dillon, fka Cheryl V. Vargason, 261 State St., Auburn, to Stephan D. Richards and Melodie A. Kline, 54 Pulaski St., Auburn, property at 261 State St., Auburn, $119,900. Assessment $73,300.

• Bryan James Baldwin, 116 Wall St., Auburn, to Christopher J. Coleman, 2537 Smith Road, Moravia, property at 50-52 Pulaski St., Auburn, $50,000. Assessment $70,000.

• Michael L. Bush, 10205 Slab City Road, Jordan, to Mark L. Minnoe and Mark L. Minnoe, Jr., 2068 Dumplin Hill Road, Moravia, 16 Church St., Auburn, $2,000. Assessment $17,300.

• Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, TX, to John J. Voorhees, 119 Osborne St., Auburn, property at 37 Sheridan St., Auburn, $1,950. Assessment $42,300.

• Michael J. Kubarek and Shirley M. Kubarek, 195 Perrine Ave., Auburn, to Matthew P. Kubarek and Lisa M. Kessel, as Trustees for the Michael J. Kubarek and Shirley M. Kubarek Irrevocable Trust, property at 195 Perrine Ave., Auburn, $0. Assessment $117,000.

• Lisa M. Minnoe and Kevin S. Minnoe, 3 Morningside Drive, Auburn, to Robert P. Restey, 27 Hoffman St., Geneva, property at 16-18 Grant St., Auburn, $94,300. Assessment $88,000.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 84

• Cayugacom Corporation, 6565 Route 90 N, Cayuga, to O’Hara Land Enterprises, LLC, 1290 Chamberlain Road, Auburn, property at 975 W. Genesee St. Road, Aurelius, $35,000. Assessment $52,500.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

• Elizabeth Zieler, 4 Clinton St., Apt. 1, Jordan, to 8917 North Seneca Street, LLC, 4202 Deerpath Circle, Marcellus, property at 8917 N. Seneca St., Brutus, $134,200. Assessment $110,300.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 96

• James S. Gallagher, Gibonsville, NC, to Michael T. Gallagher, 2521 W. Mechanic St., Cato, property at 2521 W. Mechanic St., Cato, $10,000. Assessment $53,700.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 96

• Stephan M. Knapp, 235 Rabbit Run, King Ferry, to John Gloss and Susan Gloss, 2208 Atwater Road, King Ferry, property at Middlecott Road, Genoa, $40,000. Assessment $32,200.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 100

• Michael P. Magee and Judi M. Magee, 9910 Cato-Conquest Town Line Road, Weedsport, to Zachary P. Williams, 11885 Watkins Road, Cato, property at 11885 Watkins Road, Ira, $100,000. Assessment $112,100.

• DeForest M. DeVaul and Deborah E. DeVaul, 11507 state Route 176, Cato, to Scott M. Peters and Briana S. Elias, 258 Whittler Ave., Syracuse, property at 11507 state Route 176, Cato, $184,000. Assessment $134,900.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 98

• Richard Lee Allen, 786 Lansville Road, Lansing, to Michael Nolan and Robin Nolan, 2413 Dog Corners Road, Aurora, property at 1142 Poplar Ridge Road, Ledyard, $60,833. Assessment $200,400.

• Michael D. Nolan, 2413 Dog Corners Road, Aurora, and John L. Nolan, Jr., 1244 Levanna Road, Aurora, as co-executors of the Last Will and Testament of Doris J. Nolan, to Michael Nolan and Robin Nolan, 2413 Dog Corners Road, property at 1142 Poplar Ridge Road, Ledyard, $11,100.

• Philip Arthur Broadhead, Newport News, VA, Michael DuBois Broadhead, Burlington, CO, Cynthia Stageman, Bethel, VT, and Amy Lynn Broadhead, Salem, NH, to Mackenzie-Childs Real Estate, LLC, 3260 state Route 90, property at 457 Gully Road, Ledyard, $115,000. Assessment $137,900.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 97

• Teresa V. Kelly, 5472 Booth Road, Locke, to Timothy J. Bishop and Shannon V. Drake, 5766 Howell Road, Locke, property at 5472 Booth Road, Locke, $195,500. Assessment $184,000.

• George L. Dickenson and Kathleen M. Dickenson, 212 E. Temple St., Owego, to Jeffrey Lawrence Jr., and Melinda S. Lawrence, 1323 Bellview Heights, Locke, $194,250. Assessment $112,000.

• Paul J. E. Petrella and Kristina J. Petrella, 1045 Main St., Locke, to NYC REO LLC, 141-07 20th Ave., Suite 409, Whitestone, property at 1045 Main St., Locke, $0. Assessment $86,600.

• Allen Tuttle and Joan Tuttle, 815 W. Dryen Road, Freeville, to Kevin M. Mancini and Marisa A. Mancini, 1 Holiday Drive, Apt. 163F, Cortland, property at 874 Main St., Locke, $105,000. Assessment $87,000.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

• Sven Hoelbing and Sherdi L. McCormick, 70 Pine St., Port Byron, to Kevin Coates and Deborah Coates, 9451 Route 34 N, Weedsport, property at 73 King St., Mentz, $115,000. Assessment $80,000.

• HSBC Bank, USA, Highlands Ranch, CO, to Richard Colquhoun, 4 Adams St., Clyde, property at 42 King St., Port Byron, $39,000. Assessment $75,400.

• Benjamin J. Martin, Chatham, VA, to Alyssa M. Irving and Michael J. Snyder, 3 Blauvelt Drive, Port Byron, property at 9183 N. Main St. Road, Mentz, $160,000. Assessment $149,000.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 86

• Bel-Aire North, Inc., P.O. Box 1557, Auburn, to Chelsie Emerson and Shane Emerson, 8081 state Route 90 N, Montezuma, property at 8081 state Route 90 N, $55,000. Assessment $46,900.

Town of Niles

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Equalization rate 95

• Richard D. Wagner and A. Ann Wagner, 4133 Old Salt Road, Skaneateles, to David D. Sisco, 305 Toas Ave., Syracuse, property at 4133 Old Salt Road, Niles, $146,000. Assessment $93,400.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 79

• Gary A. Guariglia, 3605 Honeysuckle Road, Auburn, to Wharton Green IV, Ivana C. Green and Seth W. Green, Miami, FL, property at 6150 Oakridge Road, Owasco, $139,900. Assessment $112,000.

• NP Structures, LLC, 5713 S. St. Road, Auburn, to Stephen A. Donnelly and Carlotta A. Donnelly, 34-36 Hamilton Ave., Auburn, property at 71 Melrose Road, Owasco, $245,000. Assessment $128,000.

• Michael K. Trapani and Mollu F. Trapani, 12 S. Marvine Ave., Auburn, to David A. Verdi and Elizabeth Verdi, 8 Boyle Ave., Auburn, property at 87 Columbus St., Auburn, $365,000. Assessment $350,000.

• David W. Young, Jr., 6076 Oakridge Road, Auburn, to Ben M. Oleksiw, 123 Stryker Ave., Auburn, property at 6076 Oakridge Road, Owasco, $300,000. Assessment $194,400.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 92

• Brandon R. Murray and Taylor P. Sherman, 6939 Chestnut Ridge Road, Auburn, to Brandon R. Murray, 6939 Chestnut Ridge Road, Auburn, property at 6939 Chestnut Ridge Road, Sennett, $0. Assessment $103,261.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 81

• Robert M. LaMontagne and Patricia M. LaMontagne, 4206 Wheeler Road, Union Springs, to Gloria M. Swanson, Stephen J. O’Neill and Michelle J. O’Neill, 2763 Sand Beach Road, Auburn, property at 4206 Wheeler Road, Springport, $152,000. Assessment $93,400.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

• Ann M. Tonzi, 7257 N. Division St. Road, Auburn, to Andrew M. Riester and Katherine M. Tonzi, 135 Washington St., Auburn, property at 7058 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, $165,000. Assessment $149,900.

• David G. Tehan, Esq., as referee, 110 Genesee St., Suite 300, Auburn, to U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, successor in interest to Bank of America, National Association, as trustee, successor by merger to Lasalle Bank National Association, as trustee for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, property at 7084 Canoga Road, Throop, $89,038. Assessment $99,900.

Town of Venice

Equalization rate 98

• Forrest G. Sorber, Sr., 2671 state Route 34B, Aurora, NY, and Correnia R. Sorber, 117 N. Lewis St., Auburn, to Forrest G. Sorber, Sr., 2671 state Route 34B, property at 2671 state Route 34B, Venice, $0. Assessment $126,800.

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