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Cayuga County property transfers: July 17, 2022

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Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office June 6-12:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 95

• Maria Porter, 6379 Basswood Road, Auburn, as executrix of the estate of Doris J. Brown, 71 Holley St., Auburn, to Mamdoh M. Selim, 2225 64th St., Brooklyn, property at 71 Holley St., $80,000. Assessment $91,700.

• Linda Mudge, 1345 Goose Lane, Aurora, to Jennie R. Margretta, 108 Cottage St., Auburn, property at 86 Grant Ave., $75,000. Assessment $80,700.

• Anthony M. Siracusa, 6038 W. Lake Road, Auburn, as executor of the estate of Francis Siracusa, to Shane Farmer, 2771 E. Brutus St., Weedsport, property at 63 and 61 Elizabeth St., $134,900. Assessment $98,400 and $21,400.

• Hunter T. Charles and Jessica F. Lyman, 40 MacDougall St., Auburn, to Jennifer Zalewski, 515 W. Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, property at 40 MacDougall St., $165,000. Assessment $88,700.

• David Warrick, P.O. Box 275, Auburn, to Steven J. McCarthy, 8 Lakehurst Dr., Auburn, property at 4 Rock Ave., $69,000. Assessment $46,500.

• Teresa E. Nolan and Robert A. Culver, 218 Perrine Ave., Auburn, to Kevin P. Nolan, 3 Beardsley St., Auburn, property at 218 Perrine Ave., $105,000. Assessment $71,500.

• Timothy Locastro and Colleen Locastro, 37 Linn Ave., Auburn, to Nicole M. Guzalak, 15 North Park, Auburn, property at 128-130 Prospect St., $210,000. Assessment $15,500.

• Travis Douglas Tarr and Karen Marie Tarr, 18 Willard St., Auburn, to Darcelle Foster, 5 Center St., Union Springs, property at 18 Willard St., $113,400. Assessment $72,600.

• Daniel S. Kimak and Susan I. Kimak, 27 Howard St., Auburn, to Jennifer A. Bye, 3512 Sherman Road, Jordan, and Stephen D. Kimak, 152 Country Manor Way, Apartment 7, Webster, as co-trustees of the Daniel S. Kimak and Susan I. Kimak Irrevocable Trust, property at 27 Howard St., $0. Assessment $96,000.

• Brandon M. Murphy, 3858 East St., Skaneateles, to Daniel Zatizabal and Emily Zatizabal, 148 Ross St. Extension, Auburn, property at 71 Lake Ave., $112,000. Assessment $88,800.

• Nicole M. Guzalak (fka Nicole M. Dyer), 15 North Park, Auburn, to Timothy D. Guzalak (same address), property at 15 North Park, $0. Assessment $134,100.

• David G. Steigerwald, 452 N. Seward Ave., Auburn, to Susan E. Williamson, 3138 E. Genesee St. Road, Auburn, as trustee of the David G. Steigerwald Irrevocable Trust, property at 452 N. Seward Ave. and 25 Chase St., $0. Assessment $290,600.

• Peter F. Shayler to KNK Real Estate Holdings LLC, 7724 Tamarack Lane, Ontario, SPD Real Estate Holdings LLC, 30 Green Links Turn, Auburn, and Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 60 Jarvis St., $87,000. Assessment $111,500.

• Douglas Dello Stritto and Tracey Dello Stritto, 50 Scotland Road, Canandaigua, to E. Street Estates LLC, 3269 Barrington Way, Auburn, and Brian J. Colella, 3375 Melrose Road, Auburn, property at 171 and 173 E. Genesee St., $160,000. Assessment $170,900.

• Lisa Sigona, 87 Throop Ave., Auburn, to Kristin M. Payne, 8 Crescent Ave., Auburn, property at 10 Crescent Ave., $20,000. Assessment $16,000.

• Michael S. Wilczek and Rosina M. Wilczek, 220 Franklin St., Auburn, to Calvary Food Pantry CNY, 90 Franklin St., Auburn, property at 52 Seymour St., $90,000. Assessment $90,000.

• Sharon G. Donahue, 3 Cayuga St., Auburn, to Sharon G. Donahue and Patrick J. Donahue (same address), property at 3 Cayuga St., $70,400. Assessment $70,400.

• Julia K. Polcovich and Linda M. Bowes, 3 Evans St., Auburn, to Julia K. Polcovich and Linda M. Bowes (same address), property at 3 Evans St., $0. Assessment $119,300.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 81

• Auburn Babe Ruth League Inc., 220 Ellis Dr., Aurelius, to Veterans Memorial Park Association Inc. (same address), property at 2200 Ellis Dr., $0. Assessment $221,100.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 90

• Marsha A. Sanzi, as trustee of the Julia A. Henderson Irrevocable Trust, 2812 State Route 31, Weedsport, to Marsha A. Sanzi and Joseph Sanzi, 2560 W. Brutus St., Weedsport, property at 2812 State Route 31, $0. Assessment $78,900.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

• Steven G. Graves and Jennie L. Graves, 4657 Cleveland Road, Syracuse, to Donald Spear and Candie Spear, 105 Honey Hill Road, Fulton, property at East Lake Road, $3,500. Assessment $3,500.

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Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Patricia Lincoln, 5995 South St. Road, Auburn, to Brittany M. Zimmer and Jose L. Nieves Jr., 24 Daisy Lane, Weedsport, property at 5995 South St. Road, $265,000. Assessment $166,800.

• Michael D. Robinson and Jolan M. Robinson, 6010 Dunning Ave., Auburn, to Michael D. Robinson and Jolan M. Robinson, as trustees under the Robinson Living Trust (same address), property at 6010 Dunning Ave., $0. Assessment $181,000.

• Kevin P. Rich and Deborah J. Rich, 785 Crow Hill Road, Skaneateles, to Lucas J. Netti, 460 N. Franklin St., Apt. 419, Syracuse, property at 4717 W. Lake Road, $195,000. Assessment $172,200.

• Glenn S. Hilton and Susan E. Hilton, 2887 Stone School Road, Auburn, to Timothy Hilton, as trustee of the Glenn and Susan Hilton Irrevocable Trust, 5351 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 2887 Stone School Road, $0. Assessment $240,900.

• Richard W. Rothel, 2656 Quicksilver Dr., Auburn, to Richard W. Rothel and Frances M. Rothel (same address), property at 2656 Quicksilver Dr., $0. Assessment $150,400.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

• James A. Berry and Patricia A. Berry, 10256 State Route 90, Genoa, to Kenneth Manzari, 10288 State Route 90, Genoa, property at $0. Assessment $483,800.

• Anton J. Burkett, James P. Burkett and Kay E. Burkett, 9658 State Route 90, Genoa, to Julia Arriaran, 3767 Mooney Dr., Marietta, property at 8658 State Route 90, $355,000. Assessment $199,100.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 86

• Franz P. Stolar and Mary Ann Stolar, 2817 State Route 370, Cato, to the Franz and Mary Ann Stolar Irrevocable Trust (same address), property at 2817 State Route 370, $1. Assessment $101,000.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 82

• Joel Genovese and Kathleen A. Genovese, 914 Harris Hill Road, Elmira, to Sara J. Klatte, 174 Timarron Trail, Rochester, property at 1217 Honoco Road, $0. Assessment $68,000.

• Mark A. Wilmot, 3542 State Route 90, Aurora, to Michael K. Dugan and Josea Walkingstick, 1573 Greensboro Dr., Webster, property at 3463 State Route 90, $188,500. Assessment $140,100.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

• Arron M. Sovocool, 2971 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, and Stacey F. Sovocool, 881 Toll Gate Road, Locke, to Stacey F. Sovocool (same address), property at 881 Toll Gate Hill Road, $0. Assessment $200,000.

• Kathryn M. Burgman, 12958 State Route 90, Locke, to Kathryn M. Burgman and Alan F. Burgman (same address), property at 12958 State Route 90, $1. Assessment $100,900.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 91

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Daniel and Sallee Jefferds, 8240 Halsey Road, Port Byron, property at 8258 Halsey Road, $0. Assessment $20,000.

• Bonaventure Colonnese to Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 88 King St., $51,751. Assessment $88,000.

• Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Empire Real Homes LLC, 609 State Route 414, Clyde, property at 88 King St., $75,000. Assessment $88,000.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Michael D. Leader, 42 Stryker Ave., Auburn, property at 4247 State Route 38A, $0. Assessment $60,600.

• Mary Beth Alibrandi, 4754 W. Lake Road, Skaneateles, to Mary Beth Alibrandi and Lisa A. Alibrandi (same address), property at 4754 W. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $365,600.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 72

• Brian D. MacDavitt and Katherine L. MacDavitt, 4 Wood Hollow Dr., Auburn, to Christopher MacDavitt (same address), as trustee of the Brian D. MacDavitt and Katherine L. MacDavitt Irrevocable Trust, property at 4 Wood Hollow Dr., $0. Assessment $125,600.

• Paul Sedor, 7121 Owasco Road, Auburn, to Joseph F. Flaherty (same address), property at 7121 Owasco Road, $325,000. Assessment $199,000.

• Dennis P. Sedor and Michele L. Sedor, 4949 Rockefeller Road, Auburn, to Joseph F. Flaherty, 7121 Owasco Road, Auburn, property at 7125 Owasco Road, $175,000. Assessment $127,800.

• Joseph F. Flaherty, 7121 Owasco Road, Auburn, to Devin McLaughlin, 2361 Slaterville Road, Ithaca, property at 7125 Owasco Road, $350,000. Assessment $127,800.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 92

• Thomas P. Higgins and Susan E. Higgins, 37 Fire Lane 19, Moravia, to Benjamin Safran and Julie Safran, Lancaster, PA, property at 37 Fire Lane 19, $610,000. Assessment $206,700.

Town of Sempronius 

Equalization rate 92

• Heidi D. McMahon, 92 Brown Hill Road, Homer, to Michael Klaips, Lancaster, PA, and George A. Haleem and Mary Haleem, Warminster, PA, property at Atwood Road, $18,500. Assessment $9,674.

• Scott Gilbert and Ami Caza, 4574 North Road, McGraw, to Steven S. Kirkey and Samantha L. Magee, 203 Bird Cemetery Road, Locke, property at 6726 Iowa Road, $155,000. Assessment $83,400.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Athavan Gunanathan and Tamara Benyashvili, 6497 County Line Road, Skaneateles, property at County Line Road, $0. Assessment $2,400.

• Mohamed Elgamal and Sarah Rooney, 15 E. Genesee St., Auburn, to Christopher Jacobus and Hannah Jacobus, Highland, UT, property at 2 S. Hunter Ave., $327,500. Assessment $220,000.

• Josephine M. Heslep LLC, Richmond, VA, to Phillip Rusher and Sabra Geiger Rusher, 118 E. Genesee St., Auburn, property at Lot 7 Calemad Dr., $70,000. Assessment $37,800.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 100

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Ryan O’Hara, 1264 Town Line Road, Auburn, property at Aurelius Springport Townline Road, $0. Assessment $19,600.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 84

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Lawrence W. Horn III, 16449 W. Lake Road, Oswego, property at West Lake Road, $0. Assessment $1,500.

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Benjamin Borrelli, 475 McCall Road, Rochester, property at 14563 Church St., $0. Assessment $18,900.

• Elhannon Wholesale Nursery Inc., 20716 State Route 22, Petersburg, to Michelle Andocs, 29 Royalty Lane, Fulton, property at Lot 45 Irwin Road, $14,000. Assessment $25,200.

• Richard A. Parker Sr. and Maureen Gallagher-Parker, as trustees of the Parker Living Trust, 17 W. Gate Road, Suffern, to Patricia C. Flynn and James S. Flynn, 4806 Limehill Dr., Syracuse, property at 14662 Ingersoll Road, $369,500. Assessment $198,900.

• Susan M. Saylor, 6688 South St., Red Creek, and Timothy R. Jackson, 26 Towne Road, Pulaski, as co-administrators of the estate of Linda Clum (fka Linda L. Jackson) to Susan M. Saylor and Timothy R. Jackson, property at 14414 S. Richmond Ave., $0. Assessment $72,200.

• Randy Shoults and Ruth Shoults, 415 Ridge Road, Oswego, to Dwight Mitchell Lewis and Holly Jenson Lewis, 70 Onondaga St., Skaneateles, property at 14579 Cayuga St., $28,000. Assessment $19,300.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 77

• Thomas M. Reynolds, 749 Sleepy Hollow Road, Cortland, to Michael Crum and Jody Crum, 56 W. Main St., Cortland, property at 14239 State Route 90, $194,900. Assessment $111,300.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 87

• The County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Martha J. Sharples, 1548 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 1548 Turnpike Road, $0. Assessment $149,300.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 99

• David E. Benson, 535 Rosewood Road, Syracuse, and Eugenia P. Benson, 1661 Conquest Victory Town Line Road, Cato, to Eugenia P. Benson (same address), property at 1661 Conquest Victory Town Line Road, $0. Assessment $104,200.

• Eugenia P. Benson, 1661 Conquest Victory Town Line Road, Cato, to Erick L. Calkins, 601 Division St. Apt. 5, Fulton, property at 1661 Conquest Victory Town Line Road, $180,000. Assessment $104,200.


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