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Cayuga County property transfers: July 26, 2020

Cayuga County property transfers: July 26, 2020

Home sales

Due to the Cayuga County Office Building's closure since mid-March, The Citizen had been unable to access records to produce the weekly real estate transactions report. Recently, however, the Cayuga County Clerk's Office and the Cayuga County Real Property Office have established a process to provide us the needed records electronically. As a result, we have resumed the property transfers list with plans to publish the significant backlog of transactions since our mid-March report over the next several Sundays. Today's transfers cover deeds recorded June 8-14.

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Molly Vuillemot, 120 N. Division St., Auburn, to John Singleton Jr., 9 Cross St., Auburn, property at 120 N. Division St., $125,000. Assessment $89,000.

• Sherry A. Colella, 4 Button St., Auburn, to Jody Paul and Melissa Jane Gallup, 122 Dunning Ave., Auburn, property at 4 Button St., 114,000. Assessment $79,900.

• McDonald's Corp., 110 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL,  to McDonald's Real Estate Co., 110 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL, property at 357 Genesee St., $0. Assessment $994,000.

• Mark Costanza, 53 W. Elm St., Oneida, to Andrew P. Krystofik, 5616 Buck Point Road, Auburn, property at 93-95 N. Fulton St., $92,000. Assessment $88,100.

• Patricia H. Johnson, 3198 Franklin St. Road, Auburn, to Kenneth Boyd, as trustee, 2330 Ivey Oaks Road, Cumming, GA, property at 38 Cayuga St., $30,000. Assessment $42,600.

• Timothy J. VanFleet, as executor, 4273 Wiggins Road, Auburn, to Terry VanFleet 24 Center Road, Scipio Center, property at 33 Lexington Ave., $1. Assessment $29,600.

• Steven J. Uhnak, 10 Liberty St., Jordan, and Marylyn H. Uhnak, 519 Exchange St., Geneva, to Marylyn H. Uhnak, 519 Exchange St., Geneva, property at 56 Perry St., $0. Assessment $78,200.

• Christopher P. Hansen, 75 Seymour St., Auburn, to Brant Perrine, 5 Parsons St., Auburn, property at 75 Seymour St., $60,000. Assessment $75,000.

• Christopher J. Coleman, 2537 Smith Road, Moravia, to MNB Rental Properties LLC, 116 Wall St., Auburn, property at 50-52 Pulaski St., $0. Assessment $70,000.

• Andrew L. Guerrera, 38 Hamilton Ave., Auburn, to Gerard Corrado, PO Box 3, Weedsport, property at 66 Steel St., $58,000. Assessment $82,900.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• Fern S. Thomas, 11535 Calkins Road, Cato, to Darryl A. Thomas, 11534 Calkins Road, Cato, property at 11535 Calkins Road, $0. Assessment $139,000.

• Douglas S. Gannon, 400 Hampshire Ave., Springhill, FL, to Tailgate Partners LLC, PO Box 551, Liverpool, property at Number 6 Fire Lane 3, $20,000. Assessment $35,000.

• Jeffrey A. Smith, 11319 South St., Cato, to Paul Barbagallo, 2730 Emerson Road, Weedsport, property at Egypt Road, $1. Assessment $6,000.

• Gilbert C. Mitchell, 117 E. Bennett Circle, Elmira Heights; Randolph L. Mitchell, 165 Highland Ave., Newark; Wendy M. Featherstone, 156 Caversham Woods, Pittsford; Donna M. Hutchison, 12 Longmeadow Drive, Elmira; to Wendy M. Featherstone, 156 Caversham Woods, Pittsford, and Donna M. Hutchison, 12 Longmeadow Drive, Elmira, property at 163 Fire Lane 13, $0. Assessment $89,000.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Gary A. and Cynthia L. Schenck, 5607 Sevior Road, Auburn, to Schenck Holdings LLC, 5607 Sevior Road, Auburn, part of property at 5607 Sevior Road, $0. Assessment $483,700.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 93

• U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as trustee, c/o Hudson Homes Managements LLC, 3701 Regent Blvd., #200, Irving, TX, to Andrew Hildreth, 241 Lansing Genoa Townline Road, Lansing, propert at 10037 State Route 90, $15,000. Assessment $106,300.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 98

• Joseph J. Kopera, 334 Long Road, Tully, to Glynn Matthews, 12740 Maurer Road, Cato, property at Maurer Road, $30,000. Assessment $7,600.

• Somer G. and Thomas R. Fox Jr., 12129 Watkins Road, Cato, to Kory LaPlante, 100 Downer St., Baldwinsville, property at 12129 Watkins Road, $170,000. Assessment $160,000.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 91

• Harriet A. Peters, 256 Main St., Aurora, to Deborah R. Vernet, 920 N. Pearl St., Denver, CO, property at 256 Main St., $0. Assessment $192,000.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 96

• Richard Francis, 944 Toll Gate Hill Road, Locke, and Donald K. Francis, 12925 State Route 90, Locke, to Mukesh Gopaul, 121 Ampere Parkway, East Orange, NJ, property at 944 Toll Gate Road, $44,900. Assessment $130,000.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 97

• Lisa D. Gates, 7227 W. Dead Creek Road, Baldwinsville, to JT Rental Properties LLC, 5176 State Route 38A, property at 24 McClellan St., $25,000. Assessment $69,700.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 83

• Rose Marie Christofferson, 77 Brickyard Road, Lansing, to Dawn C. and Philip C. Priolo Jr., 6405 E. Hollow Road, Canandaigua, property at 543 Indian Cove Road, $193,900. Assessment $170,200.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Zachary J. Harding, 4679 State Route 41A, Skaneateles, to Michael Drake, 2168 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, property at 4679 State Route 41A, $282,000. Assessment $194,700.

• Scott F. and Suzanne McClurg, 4435 Kasson Road, Syracuse, to Sara Latham, as trustee, 11659 Charter Oak Court, Apartment 202, Reston, VA, property at 149 Hemlock Hollow, $0. Assessment $512,500.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• Tina M. Socci, 111 Eastwood Ave., Auburn; Janeen Newert, 70 Adams Ave., Auburn; Donald F. Colvin, 563 Greenwood Court, Crown Point, IN; Robert M. Colvin, 105 Rio Del Mar, New Smyrna Beach, FL; Angela Bazarnik, 36 Waite St., Norwich; Tina M. Socci, as agent, 82 South St., Auburn; Mary Colvin, 803 Boyle Center, Auburn; to Katherine Ambrose, 45 Hamilton Ave., Auburn, property at 109 Eastwood Ave., $130,000. Assessment $80,229.

• Matteo J. Bartolotta, 7332 Owasco Road, Auburn, to Bruce A. and Kathleen M. Drake, 31 Second St., Athens, property at 7332 Owasco Road, $245,000. Assessment $183,500.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Robert J. and Jennifer M. Meyer, 862 Sterling Station Road, Red Creek, to Jacqueline  S. and Lester F. Meyer Jr., 870 Sterling Station Road, Red Creek, property at 870 Sterling Station Road, $500. Assessment $149,900.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Edward W. Lupo, N167 Standart Woods, Auburn, to Doreen M. Lupo, 132 Clymer St., Auburn, property at Powers Road, $0. Assessment $22,000.

• Ann Marie Welsh, as executor, 7365 Northrup Road, Auburn, to Debra Walczyk, 42 VanDuyne Ave., Auburn, property at 7365 Northrup Road, $19,500. Assessment $79,694.


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