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Cayuga County property transfers: June 27, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office May 24-June 1:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Albert J. Jackson IV and Mona B. Jackson, 52 Hamilton Ave., Auburn, to Brian D. Jackson, P.O. Box 127, Dewitt, as trustee of the Albert J. Jackson IV and Mona B. Jackson Irrevocable Trust Agreement, property at 52 Hamilton Ave., $0. Assessment $110,000.

• Richard W. Shea, 1400 Woodmancy Road, Tully, to Livellie & Company Inc., 44 Washington St., Auburn, property at 44 Washington St., $194,000. Assessment $220,000.

• Rusty M. Tierney, 6612 Butera Dr., Auburn, and Marcia L. Tierney, 36 Charles St., Auburn, to Rusty M. Tierney, property at 212 Franklin St., $75,000. Assessment $99,400.

• Rusty M. Tierney, 6612 Butera Dr., Auburn, to RT Properties of CNY LLC, 9 Willey St., Auburn, property at 212 Franklin St., $0. Assessment $99,400.

• Melissa Johnson, 38 Pleasant St. Extension, Auburn, to Liana M. Gibbs, A20 Brogan Manor, Auburn, property at 38 Pleasant St. Extension, $80,560. Assessment $69,000.

• Eric T. Hesse, 129 Mary St., Auburn, to Eric T. Hesse and Agata A. Kaszuba (same address), property at 129 Mary St., Auburn, $0. Assessment $131,500.

• Lisa K. Portelli, 72 Capitol St., Auburn, to John Vanek and Claire Vanek, DeKalb, IL, property at 72 Capitol St., $145,000. Assessment $101,300.

• Jean M. Bernardi, 32 Kensington Ave., Auburn, to Chelsea Kayla Ford, 157 Van Anden St., Auburn, property at 32 Kensington Ave., $115,000. Assessment $72,200.

• Jeffery M. Havener and Lori A. Bryant-Havener (fka Lori A. Bryant), 5923 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Paul G. Bovee II and Heidi L. Bovee, 6576 State Route 90 North, Cayuga, property at 18 Wilbur Ave., $165,000. Assessment $132,800.

• Andrew M. Baker and Katherine Baker, 28 Chase St., Auburn, to Casey L. Jackson, 30 S. Lewis St., Auburn, property at 28 Chase St., $151,000. Assessment $112,400.

• Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Tim Haas, 120 E. Williams St., Waterloo, property at 33 Pulaski St., $5,000. Assessment $37,000.

• James G. Cotter and Anna A. Cotter, 4491 Chelise Hamlet Road, Syracuse, to Noelle A. Cotter, 2 Kings Court Apt. 9, Camillus, as trustee of the James G. and Anna A. Cotter Irrevocable Trust, property at 24-26 Peacock St., $0. Assessment $91,000.

• Richard J. Prairie, 337 Clark St., Auburn, to Lyndsay M. Breault, 4738 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 65 Burt Ave., $107,000. Assessment $89,900.

• Steven G. Rhodes and Tammy Jo Rhodes, 2 Train Dr., Auburn, to Janet M. Maltez, 9 Logan St., Auburn, property at 2 Train Dr., $232,500. Assessment $165,700.

• Mark R. Driscoll and Mary J. Driscoll, 37 S. Hurd Circle, Auburn, to James M. Graceffo, 15 N. Hurd Circle, Auburn, property at 37 S. Hurd Circle, $300,000. Assessment $210,500.

• Christopher P. Guzewicz and Rhonda Denise Guzewicz, 12 Perrine St., Auburn, to Rhonda Denise Guzewicz, property at 12 Perrine St., $0. Assessment $51,000.

• Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, and Paul Diffin, 30 Green Links Turn, Auburn, to CRE of the Fingerlakes LLC, P.O. Box 7144, Auburn, property at 56 Orchard St., $27,000. Assessment $62,000.

• Gary M. Donalds, 2484 Highbridge Road, Auburn, to David M. Balloni II, 98 Pulaski St., Auburn, property at 25 Seymour St., $83,500. Assessment $79,500.

• George and Jean Kerstetter, P.O. Box 811, Auburn, to Mocca Properties LLC, 6070 E. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 128 Osborne St., $37,000. Assessment $36,000.

• Michael Broughton, 5118 Forbes Road, Cortland, to CJB Ventures LLC, 47 Capitol St., Auburn, property at 47 Capitol St., $120,000. Assessment $99,700.

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Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 92

• Kenneth Emerson and Kendall Emerson, 2381 Mills Road, Weedsport, to Jennifer Woodhams, 8 E. Elizabeth St., Skaneateles, property at 2381 Mills Road, $206,000. Assessment $111,100.

• Karen A. Relfe and James W. Relfe, 2805 Ross Dr., Weedsport, to Thomas Andrew Phillips and Acacia Marie Phillips, 186 N. Fulton St., Auburn, property at 2805 Ross Dr., $260,000. Assessment $185,700.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 86

• Heather Sullivan-Senn, 3771 Stone Quarry Road, Cazenovia, as executor of the estate of Patricia G. Sullivan-Murphy, to Heather Sullivan-Senn, Connor Senn Trust and Hunter Senn Trust (same address), property at 152 Fire Lane 13, $0. Assessment $51,000.

• John F. Cole, 11310 Pamela Terrace, Cato, to Eva H. Mahoney, 460 Swamp Road, Baldwinsville, property at 11249 Bonta Bridge Road, $99,900. Assessment $85,500.

• Frances Stahl, 11291 Bonta Bridge Road, Cato, to Matthew J. Hartley, 4198 County Route 51, Mexico, property at 11291 Bonta Bridge Road, $146,000. Assessment $80,200.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 90

• Plainville Properties LLC, 3125 State Route 370, Cato, to Deborah S. Privitera, 222 Goodwill St., Rochester, property at 1218 Stickles Lane Extension, $58,400. Assessment $31,200.

• Ross M. Rathbun, 7173 County House Road, Auburn, as the executor of the estate of Ross H. Rathbun, 12722 Younglove Road, Wolcott, to John A. Rio, 33 S. Main St., Jordan, property at Frost Hill Road, $1. Assessment $600.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Michael T. Fallat, 2737 Almond Dr., Auburn, to Consuela Lively and Trung Lively, Black Mountain, NC, part of Almond Drive, $575,000. Assessment $441,900.

• Louis J. Vasile and Maura E. Vasile, 6174 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Joseph L. Vasile, 3020 Pinfeather Place, Auburn, property at 6174 W. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $169,300.

• Sharon P. Woodruff, 4831 White Road, Union Springs, as administrator of the estate of Ronald W. Woodruff (aka Ronald Woodruff), and Mandy L. Woodruff, 14 Logan St., Auburn, and Karen M. Baity, 115 Grove St., P.O. Box 319, Union Springs, to Sharon P. Woodruff, 4831 White Road, Union Springs, property at 4831 White Road, $0. Assessment $115,400.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 92

• David A. Menard and Maureen Menard, 2575 E. Mechanic St., Cato, to Maureen Menard (same address), property at 2575 E. Mechanic St., $1. Assessment $89,400.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 87

• James K. Bouley and Elizabeth J. Bouley, 3329 Sands Road, Aurora, to Shale Gully Farm LLC (same address), property at 3329 and 3286 Sands Road, $0. Assessment $1,583,200.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

• Joel R. Adams and Stacie M. Fox, 4733 E. Cayuga St., Locke, to Zachery Wilkinson, 4725 E. Cayuga St., Locke, property at 4725 E. Cayuga St., $150,000. Assessment $91,800.

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Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 90

• Jason D. Marriott, 9300 Oakland Road, Weedsport, to Jason D. Marriott and Stephanie Marriott (same address), property at 9300 Oakland Road, $0. Assessment $14,600.

• Dean D. Cummins, 3125 State Route 370, Cato, to David A. Borst, 249 Seymour St., Auburn, property at 185 Main St., $30,000. Assessment $54,000.

• Jacob L. Sitterly and Amber J. Sitterly, 51 Maple Ave., Auburn, to Joseph P. DeWolf, 230 State St., Auburn, and Edward J. DeWolf, Carol A. DeWolf, property at 51 Maple Ave., $89,000. Assessment $130,900.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 80

• Eric Perine and Jennifer Perine, 5389 Brockway Road, Moravia, to Jonathan D. Beckley and Cynthia A. Beckley, 379 Cobb St. Apt. B, Groton, property at 5389 Brockway Road, $232,000. Assessment $156,900.

• Erin A. Epperly and Scott M. Epperly, 6 W. Cayuga St., Moravia, to Wanda Wakefield, 17 Liberty Dr., Moravia, property at 6 W. Cayuga St., $240,000. Assessment $140,000.

• Diane Lidell, 12 Banks St., Cortland, Sheila Chace, 3443 Pendleton St. Extension, Cortland, and William John Fregoe, 12 Banks St., Cortland, to Joseph J. Volpe Jr. and Lucia Ayra, Wantage, NJ, property at 5634 and 5658 Dresserville Road, $179,000. Assessment $153,500.

• Benjamin E. Stanton and Amanda J. Stanton, 5253 McGraw Marathon Road, Marathon, to Amanda J. Stanton, 1988 State Route 38A, Moravia, property at 1988 State Route 38A, $0. Assessment $107,000.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Robert T. Dusel, 233 E. 69th St. Apt. 12D, New York, to Samuel R. Mason III and Sarah S. Mason, West Chester, PA, property at 150 Plunkie Point, $550,000. Assessment $397,200.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 73

• Kenneth Boyd, Cumming, GA, as trustee of the John Bisgrove Jr. and Marsha Bisgrove Revocable Trust, to Lyle J. Bellerdine, 3614 Honeysuckle Road, Auburn, and Zachary Bellerdine, 24 First Ave., Auburn, property at Swartout Road, $34,500. Assessment $54,500.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 92

• Carmin J. Fiduccia and Tanna L. Fiduccia, 6787 Swamp Road, Auburn, to Mark C. Fiduccia, 34 Howard St., Auburn, and Kevin M. Fiduccia, 128 South St., Auburn, as trustees of the Carmin J. Fiduccia and Tanna L. Fiduccia Irrevocable Trust, property at 6787 Swamp Road, $0. Assessment $265,600.

• Nicole L. Milillo, 6712 Swamp Road, Auburn, to Mia G. Eberhardt and Joseph A. Wyckoff, 1664 Bush Hill Road, Port Byron, property at 6712 Swamp Road, $270,000. Assessment $154,000.

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Town of Springport

Equalization rate 68

• Patrick McIntosh, 5981 Amber Dr., Farmington, and Anita M. McIntosh, Stryker Homes Apt. 1008, Auburn, to Adam Robert McIntosh and Alicia Marie McIntosh, 4486 Wheeler Road, Union Springs, property at 4486 Wheeler Road, $0. Assessment $122,800.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 97

• Joan J. Reynolds, 6895 E. Kinne St., E. Syracuse, to H. Vincent Reynolds (same address), property at 14565-71 Fancher Ave., $0. Assessment $549,200.

• Travis G. Kellogg, 1260 County Route 8, Fulton, to Mitchell L. Majeski, 166A Oswego St., Hannibal, property at 1752 Maroney Road, $82,000. Assessment $78,000.

• Warren Blanchard, P.O. Box 145, Martville, to Nathan L. Maynard, 15445 State Route 104, Martville, property at 15454 State Route 104, $1. Assessment $30,928.

• John W. Donath Jr., 105 6th North St., Syracuse, to Matthew Spall and Angela Nassimos, 477 Pebbleview Dr., Rochester, property at 15077 Creek Road, $22,000. Assessment $7,500.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 80

• Carol M. Little, 1343 Atwood Road, Cortland, to Michael Aldrich and Barbara Aldrich, 121 S. Midler Ave., Syracuse, property at 1343 Atwood Road and Atwood Road, $0. Assessment $99,900.

• Deborah Davenport, 829 Lake Como Road, Cortland, to Jill Abbott, 3343 Corrigan Road, Moravia, and Jeri Coningsby, 3282 State Route 41A, Moravia, property at 829 Lake Como Road, $0. Assessment $152,300.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• Eric L. Marx and Karen L. Marx, 6875 Buckley Road, N. Syracuse, to James Appell and Helen McEneany-Appell, 3545 Maple Ridge Road, Newark, property at 717 Victory Road, $225,000. Assessment $175,200.


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