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City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Sharon M. Spurgeon, 64 Jarvis St, Auburn, to Sharon M. Spurgeon as trustee of the Sharon M. Spurgeon Revocable Trust, property at 64 Jarvis St., Auburn, $0. Assessment $106,400.

• Lisa A. Bachman, 3081 E. Genesee St., Auburn, as executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Joan E. Costello, 4 Beach Ave., Auburn, to Nestor Nortiz and Jessica Vermette, 41 Nelson St., Auburn, property at 4 Beach Ave., $90,000. Assessment $103,400.

• Charles A. Marangola, Esq., as referee, 141 Main St., Morana, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Orange, CA, property at 36 Garrow St., Auburn, $49,000. Assessment $48,600.

• Andrew J. Chadderdon and Kristen M. Chadderdon, fka Kristen N. Sinicropi, 101 Norris Ave., Auburn, to David R. Sutton, 185 Sabin Road, Apt #1, Spencer, property at 101 Norris Ave., $154,000. Assessment $149,000.

• Westcott A. Jones, Medicine Lake, MN, to Salvatore Vitale and Linda B. Vitale, 6151 E. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 2-4 Wallace Ave., Auburn, $54,000. Assessment, $60,000.

• Frank E. Morehouse III, 68 Platt St., Apt. A., Glens Falls, to Elsa J. Holbert and Gary L. Holbert, 242 Hardenburgh Ave., Auburn, property at 41 Nelson St., Auburn, $65,000. Assessment $66,000.

• Charles A. Marangola, Esq., as referee, 141 Main St., Moravia, to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, property at 26 Logan St., Auburn, $500. Assessment $67,700.

• Jason P. Barry, 2321 Reyer Road, Auburn, and Frances E. Barry, 19 Fox Hollow Road, Cortland, to James R. O’Hara and Frances E. Barry, both of 19 Fox Hollow Road, property at 153 Cottage St., Auburn, $0. Assessment $80,300.

• Amy M. Cox, 100 E. Genesee St., Auburn to Megan N. Townsend, 3971 Jordan Road, Skaneateles, property at 100 E. Genesee St., Auburn, $129,900. Assessment $117,700.

• Joseph R. Spin and Judith A. Spin, 6335 Water St., Cayuga, to Scott J. Spin, 56 Fleming St., Auburn, property at 56 Fleming St., $0. Assessment $107,900.

• Bonnie L. Deyo, 28 Crescent Ave., Auburn, to Erina Eccher, 2267 Western Ave., Guilderland, property at 28 Crescent Ave., $88,500. Assessment $74,900.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 86

• Joseph R. Spin and Judith A. Spin, 6335 Water St., Cayuga, to Julie A. Walsh, 106 Wooded Heights Drive, Camillus, property at 6335 Water St., $0. Assessment $143,100.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

• Christopher J. McLoughlin and Michelle M. McLoughlin, 2611 Hamilton St., Weedsport, to William Childres and Melisa Childres, 5373 Wheeler Road, Jordan, property at 2611 Hamilton St., Brutus, $280,000. Assessment $182,600.

• Weedsport Masonic Lodge 385 F&AM, now known by merger with the Cato Lodge No. 141 F&AM, as Erie Canal Lodge No. 141 F&AM, P.O. Box 794 Weedsport, to Erie Canal Lodge No. 141 F&AM, P.O. Box 794, Weedsport, property at 2803 state Route 31, $0. Assessment $179,800.

• The Judith D. Smith Living Trust, Claudeen L. Neal as Co-Trustee, San Antonio, TX, to Michael Wildey, 8852 S. Seneca St., Weedsport, property at 8852 S. Seneca St., $66,000. Assessment $82,600.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

• Charles P. Wallace, 19 Onondaga St., Skaneateles, to Mary Susan Laughlin, 6128 Quarry Road, Canastota, and Richard C. Cayward, Jr., P.O. Box 134, Hannawa Falls, property at 302 Fire Lane 13, Cato, $50,000. Assessment $57,286.

• Helen Tassone, 149 Genesee St., Apt 517, Auburn, to Sharon H. Briseno, 3038 Ditmar Road, Weedsport, property at 3038 Ditmar Road, Cato, $0. Assessment $162,000.

• Dean D. Cummins, 3125 state Route 370, Cato, to Richard A. Slater, Jr., and Melissa S. Hilliard, 10615 Peachblow Road, Cato, property at 2631 E. Main St., Cato, $90,000. Assessment $45,400.

• Gary W. Thomson and Gary F. Thomson, 6041 Rose Arbor Lane, Cicero, to Charles R. Foltz, Jr., and Heather R. Foltz, 27 Pellet Road, Hannibal, property at 14 Jordan Road Fire Lane, $45,000. Assessment $20,000.

• Dean D. Cummins, 3125 state Route 370, Cato, and JKL, LLC, c/o Laura Trevena, 3062 state Route 370, to Abraham L. Maher, 1038 Whalen Road, Penfield, property at 3069 state Route 370, Cato, $123,500. Assessment $65,000.

• Helen L. Standish, 725 Lee Circle, Apt. R72, Johnson City, to Michael Provo, 2284 Mott Road, property at 115 Fire Lane 16, $105,000. Assessment $89,400.

• Dale R. Yates, 88941 N. Seneca St., Weedspor, as executor of the Last Will and Testament of William L. Anderson, to Jacqueline Ripley, 17 Elm St., Auburn, property at 3138 Ditmar Road, Weedsport, $140,000. Assessment $123,000.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

• Robert T. Steigerwald, 5805 Dunning Ave., Auburn, to Caitlin E. Bennett, 1421 state Route 38, Moravia, property at 5805 Dunning Ave., Fleming, $159,000. Assessment $70,750.

• Heidi M. Napolitano, 2760 Forest Hill Drive, Auburn, to Timoty M, Deyo and Ashley M. Deyo, 65 E. Genesee St., Auburn, property at 2760 Forest Hill Drive, $154,000. Assessment $54,675.

• Lisa Sigona, 87 Throop Ave., Auburn, to Joseph A. Camardo, Jr., 12 Fairway Dr., Auburn, property at Sand Beach Road, Fleming, $0. Assessment $1,000.

• Robin McKay, 2831 Stone School Road, Auburn, as executrix of the Estate of Michael J. Janas, Jr., aka Michael Joseph Janas, Jr., to Vincent Stanley and Rita Stanley, 2839 Fleming-Scipio Town Line Road, Auburn, property at 5054 Silver Street Road, Fleming, $310,000. Assessment $101,097.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

• Angela Leonard, as executor of the last Will and Testament of Celia J. Graham, 370 Bartnick Road, King Ferry, to Debra Hart, 3382 Sands Road, Aurora, property at 370 Bartnick Road, Genoa, $65,000. Assessment $48,200.

• James W. LaFave and Linda S. LaFave, 4068 Goose St., Locke, to Douglas J. LaFave, as trustee for the James W. and Linda S. LaFave Irrevocable Trust, property at 4068 Goose St., $0. Assessment $386,900.

• Peter R. Breggin and Virginia R. Breggin, 101 E. State St., #112, Ithahca, to Juliet Gibbs, Sudbury, MA, property at 517 Powers Road N., Genoa, $779,800. Assessment $598,958

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 100

• Robert B. Hare, 3332 Emerick Road, Cato, to Joshua A. Hare, Sr., 3332 Emerick Road, property at 3332 Emerick Road, $0. Assessment $16,800.

• Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Fort Mill, SC, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 12806 Bethel Road, Ira, $0. Assessment $111,000.

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 98

• Janeth H. McCarthy, 1715 Castle Gardens, Unit 272, Vestal, to Ryszard Niescior and Annette E. Niescior, Cherry Hill, NJ, property at 1309 Honoco Road, Ledyard, $210,000. Assessment $280,100.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 98

• Richard Alvord and Shannon Alvord, 4688 Maple Ave., Locke, and Catherine J. Alvord, 12149 Water St., Locke, to Dominic S. Fuller and Nadine L. Fuller, 616 Freeville, property at 4688 Maple Ave., $79,000. Assessment $64,000.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

• Robert Caldwell, 140 Main St., Port Byron, to Robert Caldwell and Dolores Caldwell, 140 Main St., property at 140 Main St., Mentz, $1. Assessment $89,900.

• Michael H. Hobby, Townsend, GA, to Desirae May Hobby, 22 Canal St., Port Byron, 22 Canal St., $20,000. Assessment $53,300.

• The Federated Church of Port Byron, 35 Tex Pultz Parkway, Port Byron, to Fred Dennis, P.O. Box 586, Port Byron, property at Tex Pultz Parkway, $22,400. Assessment $11,200.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 86

•Hazel Laird, 8074 state Route 90N, Montezuma, to Dennis L. Laird, 7117 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, property at 8074 state Route 90N, $0. Assessment $76,000.

• 3W Properties, LLC, 1470 Coral Drive, Farmington, to Steven M. Chapman, 1173 Route 5, Lot #412, Elbridge, property at 78 Rochester St., $54,000. Assessment $75,800.

• Maria Teresa Gates, Highland, CA, to Donald Swarthout and Regina Swarthout, 7939 Fuller Road, Port Byron, property at 8007 Fuller Road, Montezuma, $18,000. Assessment $25,000.

• Robert Murphy, 153 Van Anden St., Auburn and Linda Murphy, 8083 state Route 90N, Montezuma, to Bel-Aire North Inc., P.O. Box 1557, Auburn, property at 808 state Route 90N, $0. Assessment $46,900.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 91

• Molly Vitale, 921 N. Central Ave., North Massapequa, as trustee of the Vitale Survivor’s Trust, to Edward G. Epstein, 341 Rockefeller Road, Moravia, property at 3282 Corrigan Road, Moravia, $55,000. Assessment $41,100.

• Neal P. Purdy, 4376 Long Hill Road, Moravia, to Shawn McNabb and Andy McNabb, 112 Swift St., Auburn, property at 4376 Long Hill Road, $345,000. Assessment $227,600.

• Jeffrey Saeli and Nina Saeli, 17 Park St., Moravia, to David C. Johnson and Stephanie M. Johnson, 508 Lindsay Lane, Ithaca, property at 17 Park St., $154,000. Assessment $98,200.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 86

• Hazel Laird, 8074 state Route 90N, Montezuma, to Dennis L. Laird, 7117 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, property at 8074 state Route 90N, $0. Assessment $76,000.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 95

• Bell Tower Holdings, LLC, 1786 Tamarack Trail, Skaneateles, to David A. Campanile and Jennifer M. Campanile, 1786 Tamarack Trail, property at 4801 Rowe Road, Niles, $0. Assessment $54,300.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 83

• Todd R. Post and Lisa C. Engert, 68 Lake Ave., Auburn, to Town of Owasco, 2 Bristol Ave., Auburn, property at state Route 38A, Owasco, $4,000. Assessment $35,500.

• David R. May, 11 Fairway Drive, Owasco, to The Viggiano Living Trust, Paul J. Viggiano and Antonietta Viggiano, as trustees, 5757 Hickory Lane, Auburn, property at 11 Fairway Drive, $45,000. Assessment $242,300.

• James T. Pitcher, 30 First Ave., Auburn, to Andrew J. Chadderdon and Kristen S. Chadderdon, 101 Norris Ave., Auburn, property at 30 First Ave., Owasco, $163,000. Assessment $95,500.

• Alice L. Smart, 5880 Oakridge Road, Auburn, to Phillip J. Holtby, 5880 Oakridge Road, Auburn, property at 5880 Oakridge Road, Owasco, $0. Assessment $49,725.

• Dustin Orofino, 5324 state Route 38A, Owasco, to Michael A. Orofino, 5324 state Route 38A, property at 5324 state Route 38A, $0. Assessment $198,100.

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• Town of Owasco, 2 Bristol Ave., Owasco, to All Media 1, LLC, 89 Letchworth Ave., Auburn, property at Arcadia Ave., Owasco, $0. Assessment N/A.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

• William S. Speck and Karen S. Speck, 2985 Sally Road, Moravia, to Theodore R. Kimbrough, Jr., and Natalie M. Kimbrogh, 2971 Sally Road, Moravia, property at 2971 Sally Road, Scipio, $167,500. Assessment $189,999.

• Scott A. Morrison, as the Administrator CTA of the Estate of Francis Morrison, 1730 Town Line Road, Union Springs, to Scott A. Morrison, property at 1730 Fleming Scipio Town Line Road, Scipio, $0. Assessment $115,000

• Scott A. Morrison, 1730 Town Line Road, Union Springs, to Jonathan L. Bacon, 2631 Sloan Road, Auburn, property at 1730 Town Line Road, Fleming Scipio Town Line Road, Scipio, $35,000. Assessment $115,000.

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 100

• William C. Tracy and Georgianna Tracy, 2200 Sand Hill Road, Moravia, Suzie Anne Tracy, fka Suzie Anne Nalley, 42 Church St., Moravia, and Duane S. Hill and Bethany M. Hill, 6434 Curtin Road, Moravia, to Matthew J. Nalleu, 2221 Brooks Lane, Moravia, property at 2221 Brooks Lane, $0. Assessment $68,000.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 94

• Ralph Legrett and Judith H. Legrett, 3266 Walker Road, Auburn, to Mark A. Legrett, Woodstock, GA, Jeffrey M. Legrett, 5682 Southgate Drive, Auburn, and Glynis E. Iles, 104 Garnet Drive, Camillus, property at 3266 Walker Road, Sennett, $1. Assessment $238,000.

• Nancy Assmann, 115 Mary St., Auburn, as executrix of the last Will and Testament of Donna Perun, ak Donna M. Perun aka Donna T. Perun, 3208 Franklin St. Road, Auburn, to Amanda M. Vasvo, 419 S. Seward Ave., Auburn, property at 3208 Franklin St. Road, $96,000. Assessment $89,400.

• Ralph S. Vescio, III, Mesa, AZ, and Alicia Cantrell, Gilbert, AZ, as co-trustees of the Ralph S. Vescio Revocable Living Trust, to GC Pizza Hut REO Holdings, LLC, Mount Kisco, NY, property at 386 Grant Ave. Road, Sennett, $235,000. Assessment $465,600.

• Anthony Bartolotta, 7072 State St. Road, Auburn, to Christopher J. Coleman, LLC, 2537 Smith Road, Moravia, property at 61 Wegman St., Sennett, $30,000. Assessment $22,800.

• Finger Lakes Real Estate Development, LLC, 6064 Town Hall Road, Auburn, to Barbara Daniel, 1657 Griffin Road, Auburn, property at 48 Wegman St., Sennett, $215,000. Assessment $171,900.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 83

• Richard A. Foster and Penny Shutter-Foster, 260 Backus Road, P.O. Box 223, Union Springs, to Carrie Elizabeth Foster, 3085 Van Dorn Corners Road, Ithaca, property at 360 Backus Road, Springport, $0. Assessment $178,100.

• Richard J. Thurston, Jr., 5097 Cross Road, Cayuga, to Richard J. Thurston, Jr., and Samantha M. Thurston, 5097 Cross Road, Cayuga, property at 5091 Cross Road, Cayuga $0. Assessment $12,000

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Maria Murphy, 4383 County Line Road, Auburn, and Christina Dosier, Aldie, VA, to Robert A. Mattoon and Jodi L. Mattoon, 1965 Penfield Way, Baldwinsville, property at 14866 N. Hadcock Drive, Sterling, $310,000. Assessment $351,100.

• Dawn L. April and Michael E. Towne, 7878 state Route 104, Oswego, individually and as survivors of Charles T. Trowbridge III, to Donald R. Colloca and Brigitte H. Colloca, Clinton, Ohio, property at Irwin Road, Sterling, $35,500. Assessment $35,500.

• Timothy Lowden and Patricia A. Lowden, P.O. Box 8, Fair Haven, to Neal Adam Pecore, 4041 county Route 57, Oswego, property at 14638 Fancher Ave., Sterling, $40,000. Assessment $27,300.

• Sam C. Diak, 199 Erie St., P.O. Box 854, Oswego, to Kevin Van Vranken, 13100 Wright Road, Red Crek, property at 14583 Kent Road, Sterling, $32,900. Assessment $29,100.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 95

• Dalan Allbright, 987 Lake Como Road, Cortland, to Richard Mark Besley, Jr., and Dalana Allbright, 987 Lake Como Road, property at 987 Lake Como Road, Summerhill, $0. Assessment $63,000.

• Patricia A. Hopkins-Hemming, fka Patricia A. Hopkins, 7 Nixon Ave., Homer, to Lance S. Hopkins, 1552 Lake Como Road, Moravia, property at Eaton Road, Summerhill, $20,000. Assessment $12,000.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

• Lewis C. O’Hare and Donna O’Hare, 2519 High Bridge Road, Weedsport, to Heidi Marie Napolitano and Travis R. Sholes, 2760 Forest Hill Drive, Auburn, property at 2519 Highbridge Road, Throop, $180,200. Assessment $149,900.

• Shirley A. Cuddeback, 6960 N. Division St. Road, Auburn, to William J. Cuddeback, 9226 Oakland Road, Weedsport, and Scott P. Cuddeback, 7259 Lewis Road, Auburn, as Co-Trustees of the Shirley A. Cuddeback Irrevocable Trust, property at 6960 N. Division St., Road, $0. Assessment $130,000.

• Curtis A. Klumpp and Jennie K. Klumpp, 2653 Washington St., Weedsport, to Sandy P. Hall, 2762 E. Brutus St., Weedsport, property at 7502 State St. Road, Throop, $91,300. Assessment $95,600.

Town of Venice

Equalization rate 100

• Claude M. Wheeler, 3759 Myers Road, Genoa, to Claude M. Wheeler and Janette Wheeler, 3579 Myers Road, property at 3579 Myers Road, $1. Assessment $99,900.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 90

• Jeremy M. Hadcock and Kaitlin I. Hadcock, 13525 McGibbon Road, Martville, to Spencer T. Malone and Makayla Malone, 1940 Eno Road, Martville, $42,000. Assessment $31,500.

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