City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

* Steven Tardibone, 128 South St., Auburn, as trustee of the Steven Tardibone Living Trust, to Erica J. Iantuono, 223 State St., Auburn, property at 128 South St., $200,000. Assessment $167,999. 

* Christopher M. Berry to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, property at 73 Orchard St., $48,749. Assessment $70,150. 

* Thomas M. Guido and Nancy L. Guido, 5860 E. Lake Rd., Auburn, to Nicholas Suslik, 5 Cady St., Auburn, property at 5 Cady St., $0. Assessment $87,900. 

* Danielle M. Ambrose, 102 Walnut St., Auburn, to Joshua Z. Katzker and Erin Lynn Katzker, 29 Evans St., Auburn, property at 102 Walnut St., $148,320. Assessment $139,000. 

* Virginia J. Monahan, Massachusetts, and Michael J. May, Dallas, Texas, to Kenneth F. Delfavero and Roxanne Delfavero, 5699 Silver St. Rd., Auburn, property at 36 Chase St., $30,000. Assessment $67,300. 

* Elizabeth D. Jorgensen, 23 West St., Auburn, to Elizabeth D. Jorgensen (same address), Michael Harmon, 24 Olympia Terrace, Auburn, Jessica Harmon, 12 Lafayette Place, Auburn, and Michelle Harmon, 115 Walls St., Auburn, property at 23 West St., $0. Assessment $50,900. 

* Karen Nephin, as administrator of the estate of Jane W. Izzo (aka Jane G. Izzo), late of 2 North Park, Auburn, to Henry M. Grudzien Jr., 8916 Oakland St., Weedsport, property at 2 North Park, $84,700. Assessment $122,200. 

* G. Fortunato, estate by Robert Gauthier, Treasurer of the City of Auburn, to City of Auburn, property at 126 Wall St., $0. Assessment $13,300. 

* Patricia A. Alcock Zirbel, 1099 Clark St. Rd., Auburn, as executor of the estate of Lucia Mason, to Fingerlakes Real Estate Development LLC, 6064 Town Hall Rd., Auburn, property at 1 Brister Ave., $80,000. Assessment $95,000. 

* Dawn E. Seaman, 44 Maple St., Auburn, as executrix of the estate of Kenneth J. Seaman, to Chris J. Hutchinson, 41 Maple St., Auburn, property at 44 Maple St., $47,500. Assessment $55,500. 

* Susan Van Holtz, 7333 Owasco Rd., Auburn, to Anna L. Van Holtz, 190 Van Anden St., Auburn, property at 190 Van Anden, $0. Assessment $67,100. 

* Nichole A. Babcock and Steven Spaulding to Kevin T. Burke and Sharon A. Burke, 62 N. Lewis St., Auburn, property at 131 N. Lewis St., $46,900. Assessment $88,900. 

* Michael P. Collins, 110 N. Fulton St., Auburn, to Joshua A. Stevens, 61 Columbus St., Auburn, property at 110 N. Fulton St., $82,400. Assessment $70,200. 

* Rose J. Leonello, 3 St. Anthony St., Auburn, to LLC, 1552 208th St., Bayside, property at 26 Hoffman St., $48,000. Assessment $25,245. 

* Matthew Dillon and Hannah Dillon, 1552 208th St., Bayside, to LLC (same address), 4 Aspen St., $0. Assessment $67,100. 

* B and C Holding Properties LLC, P.O. Box 225, Liverpool, to Joshua A. Massarini, 761 Kings Corner Rd., Union Springs, property at 130 S. Fulton St., $117,660. Assessment $119,300. 

* Barry Leader, 2115 W. Genesee St., Auburn, to Nicole J. Longway, 12 Letchworth St., Auburn, property at 22 Swift St., $196,000. Assessment $132,100. 

* George M. Arroyo and Awilda M. Arroyo, 15 Fleming St., Auburn, to David Anderson, 5268 West Lake Rd., Auburn, property at 15 Fleming St., $107,000. Assessment $89,100. 

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

* Charles D. Jayne and Kathleen Jayne, 8984 Jackson St., Weedsport, to Jason A. Guild and Melissa A. Guild, 8865 S. Seneca St., Weedsport, property at 2 Jackson St., $187,500. Assessment $134,700. 

* Dale Lamphere and Cindy Lamphere, 3232 Cottle Rd., Weedsport, to Tana M. Kent, 2800 Emerson Rd., Weedsport, and Kecia L. Lamphere, 5716 Sunset Terrace, Cicero, property at 9479 Hewitt Lane, $0. Assessment $37,700. 

* Steven E. Sims, 2550 Hamilton St., Weedsport, to Robert J. Sims, 8944 Oakland St., Weedsport, property at 8944 Oakland St., $0. Assessment $89,900. 

* Janak Patel and Jayshree Patel, Bel Air, Maryland, to Rashmi Patel and Mahendrakumar Patel, 1970 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Tonawanda, property at 2747 Becker Rd., $155,000. Assessment $144,100. 

* Stephanie R. Pellett, 2662 W. Brutus St., Weedsport, to Fred Jones Jr., 137 Nelson St., Syracuse, property at 2662 W. Brutus St., $60,000. Assessment $45,000. 

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

* Steven G. Van Horn, 11091 Slayton Rd., Cato, to Steven G. Van Horn and Destiny L. Van Horn (same address), property at 11091 Slayton Rd., $0. Assessment $90,100. 

* Nationstar Mortgage LLC (dba Mr. Cooper) to Dean Cummins, 3025 State Route 370, Cato, property at 222 Fire Lane 12, $90,001. Assessment $143,100.

* Mary E. Lyle, Louisville, Colorado, individually and as executrix of the estate of Elizabeth J. Haynes, late of 11329 Bonta Bridge Rd., Meridian, to Andrew T. Gunnip and Allison M. Gunnip, 3099 State Route 370, Cato, property at 11329 Bonta Bridge Rd., $115,000. Assessment $79,400. 

* Peter J. Fatcheric, Port Richey, Florida, to Jeffrey Fatcheric and Christine Fatcheric, 9512 Fatcheric Lane, Weedsport, property at Lot 40 off Emerson Road, $1. Assessment $1,000. 

* Christopher R. Jorolemon, 9761 State Route 34, Weedsport, to Christopher R. Jorolemon and Amy E. Jorolemon (same address), property at 9761 State Route 34, $0. Assessment $149,000. 

* Joseph M. Yuhas, 1876 Pierce Rd., Martville, to Justin Morency and Jessica Morency, 10145 Bonta Bridge Rd., Jordan, property at Bonta Bridge Road, $5,000. Assessment $60,000. 

* Gregg E. Donaldson Jr., 3761 Everts Rd., Cato, to Dean D. Cummins, 7820 Plainville Rd., Plainville, property at 3761 Everts Rd., $41,000. Assessment $70,500. 

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

* Kevin M. Casler, 1162 Fuller Rd., Port Byron, to Robert J. Sheltra, 103 Emerald Dr., Liverpool, property at 1162 Fuller Rd., $98,000. Assessment $84,000. 

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

* Linda R. Ricci, 5972 South St. Rd., Auburn, to David M. Orasi, 6052 Beech Tree Rd., Auburn, property at 5972 South St. Rd., $128,500. Assessment $63,415. 

* William A. Kick, 5746 Cedar Swamp Rd., Auburn, to Gregory A. Kick, 34 Merry Hill Dr., Rochester, as trustee of the William A. Kick Irrevocable Trust, property at 5876 Sand Beach Dr., $0. Assessment $44,800. 

* Douglas W. Cuff and Christine S. Cuff, Venice, Florida, to Thomas J. Quinn, 44 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 2602 Glanville Rd., $344,900. Assessment $109,500. 

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

* Albert Marques, Miami Lakes, Florida, to Susan Forbes, 31 University Ave., Buffalo, property at Brooks Road, $72,500. Assessment $70,000. 

* J & K's Triangle Diner LLC (c/o Anthony Eisenhut), 15 Dandyview Heights, Lansing, to Finger Lakes Triangle LLC, 200 Chipman Rd., Groton, property at 8432 State Route 90, $70,000. Assessment $130,000. 

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 94

* Lee J. Hoag Jr., 12773 North Rd., Cato, to Marvin B. Martin and Marlene S. Martin, 12645 North Rd., Cato, property at 12762 North Rd., $42,000. Assessment $36,500. 

* Jason Robison, 3858 Floridaville Rd., Cato, to Gary M. Minde and Ashley L. Minde, 7523 Tater Rd., Memphis, property at Floridaville Road, $60,000. Assessment $119,200. 

* John D. Morgenstern (aka John David Morgenstern Sr.) and Bonnie L. Morgenstern, 12617 Maurer Rd., Cato, to Frank D. Manitta and Amy E. Manitta, 2481 Van Horn Rd., Cato, property at 12617 Maurer Rd., $194,900. Assessment $130,200. 

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 100

* Curt L. Kenyon and Rochelle G. Kenyon, as trustees for the Kenyon Family Trust, 199 Hinkleyville Rd., Spencerport, to 1751 Honoco LLC (same address), property at 1751 Honoco Rd., $0. Assessment $540,000. 

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

* Linda S. Nachtireb, 186B Seasons Trail, Webster, to Allison Welsh and Christopher Welsh, 4857 Pierce Rd., Locke, property at 956 Main St., $54,900. Assessment $75,000. 

* Thelma Slater-Chapman, 2990 White Rd., Moravia, to Robert G. Miller and Deserae L. Miller, 244 Bird Cemetery Rd., Groton, property at Tucker Hill Road, $65,000. Assessment $135,000. 

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

* Yvette C. Rowe, individually and as administratrix of the estate of Darryl G. Rowe, Vernell Rowe Richardson, Deborah A. Burrill, and Daimer Chrysler Financial, to JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., property at 22 Shotwell St., $84,000. Assessment $100,400. 

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 95

* Donald F. Jenny (fka Donald Jenny), 5137 Skinner Hill Rd., Moravia, to Donald F. Jenny and Janet R. Jenny, trustees under the Jenny Living Trust (same address), property at 5137 Skinner Hill Rd., $0. Assessment $299,600. 

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 97

* Kathy Naumann, 5125 Martin Rd., Auburn, to Jesse Leubner, 1952 Weeks Rd., Skaneateles, property at 3811 State Route 38A, $25,000. Assessment $85,800. 

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 85

* Brian T. Pisciotti to Diane L. Pisciotti, 2 Hidden Brook Way, Auburn, property at 2 Hidden Brook Way, $0. Assessment $311,100. 

* Nancy Whitebird, 2841 Route 38B, Newark Valley, to Brendt P. Johnson, 7235 Mutton Hill Rd., Auburn, property at Broadway Road, $0. Assessment N/A. 

* Raymond A. Dean and Martin E. Dean, 6294 Broadway Rd., Auburn, to Brendt P. Johnson, P.O. Box 1094, Auburn, property at Broadway Road, $22,500. Assessment $14,500. 

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

* Katharine Dunlap, Seneca, South Carolina, to Kelsey Ethel McInerney, Bloomfield, Connecticut, and Meghan Anne McInerney, 99 Oak St., Brooklyn, property State Route 38, $57,660. Assessment $32,300. 

* Fay E. Rood, individually and as executrix under the last will and testament of Louie E. Rood, late of Zephyrhills, Florida, to Tracy Myers, P.O. Box 72, Locke, property at 1781 Sherwood Rd., $1. Assessment $20,000. 

* William E. Jones and Tina Jones (aka Christina S. Jones), 66 Water View Circle, Rochester, to Vincent Mehringer and Susan Mehringer, 11 Pheasant Way, Ithaca, property at vacant land Fire Lane 11, $140,000. Assessment $160,000. 

* Gary Whitten and Gloria Whitten, 2480 Sherwood Rd,. Scipio Center, to Valley Mound Farms LLC (same address), property at 2480 Sherwood Rd., $0. Assessment $1,501,400. 

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

* Roberta Peters, individually and as surviving spouse of Elmer H. Peters, 4177 Miller Rd., Auburn, to Peters Dairy Farm Inc. 4093 Miller Rd., Auburn, property at 4177 Miller Rd., $35,000. Assessment $82,000. 

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 84

* Jean R. Bennett, 5594 Cross Rd., Cayuga, to Jean R. Bennett and Robert W. Bennett (same address), property at 5594 Cross Rd., $0. Assessment $70,000. 

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

* Raymond L. Smith and Patricia P. Smith, 14755 Cayuga St., Fair Haven, to Saverio A. Scro and Maryann G. Scro, 514 Helen St., Syracuse, property at 14755 Cayuga St., $160,000. Assessment $117,800. 

* Charles Valder and Michele Valder (fka Michele Dwyer), 221 Perrine Ave., Auburn, to Douglas Pollock and Nancy Pollock, 7421 E. Townline Rd., Williamson, property at 15007 Juniper Hill Rd., $23,900. Assessment $57,100. 

* Carl F. Miller and Sharon L. Miller, 434 Fulton St., Hannibal, to Michael Zukovsky and Shannon M. Zukovsky, 14109 Wilde Rd,. Martville, property at Wilde Road, $17,500. Assessment $20,100. 

* James A. Newman (aka James Newman) and Shelley C. Newman, 14936 North Hadcock Dr., Sterling, to Mark Owen and Anna Owen, 2467 W. Main St., Cato, property at 14936 North Hadcock Dr., $160,000. $152,300. 

* Jason Killgrove and Tina Killgrove, 755 Main St., Sterling, to Ryan Crawford, 1473 Sterling Station Rd., Sterling, property at 755 Main St., $125,000. Assessment $88,300. 

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

* Patricia A. Laxton, as trustee of the Barbara S. Young Irrevocable Trust, 117 Bennett Rd., Camillus, to Robert Pacelli, 260 McIntosh Dr., Auburn, property at 7420 State St. Rd., $113,700. Assessment $119,700. 

Town of Venice

Equalization rate 100

* Linda Sheridan, Pleasanton, California, and Carol O. Doell, West Wood, New Jersey, to Carol O. Doell, property at 2970 Fire Lane 3, $103,810. Assessment $218,600. 

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 93

* Keith Dechick, 2164 West Genesee St. Rd., Auburn, to Gregory Dechick, 11656 State Route 38, Cato, property at 11710 State Route 38, $0. Assessment $54,800. 

* Christopher M. Cramer, 12955 Timerson Rd., Red Creek, to Christopher M. Cramer and Amy E. Cramer (same address), property at vacant lot Timerson Road, $1. Assessment $22,000. 

* Richard G. Reilly Jr., as executor of the last will and testament of Eva L. Downey (fka Eva L. Corsette), late of Victory, to James Newman and Shelly Newman, 14936 N. Hadcock Dr., Fair Haven, property at 12202 Old State Rd., $37,000. Assessment $50,300.