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Cayuga County property transfers: Oct. 10, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Aug. 30-Sept. 6:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Brandon Musso and Melissa Musso, 26 Pleasant St., Auburn, to Melissa Musso (same address), property at 26 Pleasant St., $10. Assessment $83,500.

• 2 Willey Street Inc., 2 Willey St., Auburn, to Harmax Holdings LLC, 142 Grant Ave., Auburn, property at 38 York St., $375,000. Assessment $220,000.

• Colleen M. Sanders, 209 Burtis Point Road, Auburn, as trustee of the Hickey Family Irrevocable Trust, to Harmax Holdings LLC, 142 Grant Ave., Auburn, property at 40 York St., $700,000. Assessment $575,000.

• Susanne K. Scolaro, 7467 Centerport Road, Auburn, as executor of the estate of Stella B. Allen, to Andrew E. Bishop, 41 Arlington Ave., Auburn, property at 38-40 Kensington Ave., $0. Assessment $16,700.

• Susanne K. Scolaro, 7467 Centerport Road, Auburn, as executor of the estate of Stella B. Allen, to Andrew E. Bishop, 41 Arlington Ave., Auburn, property at 41 Arlington Ave., $0. Assessment $98,800.

• Lori Anne Klavsons (fka Lori Anne Terrance), Lake Forest, IL, to Amanda L. Packard, 10 McMaster St. Apt. 1, Auburn, property at 20 Wood St., $99,900. Assessment $43,000.

• Michael G. Luksa, 77 Prospect St., Auburn, and George A. Donovan, 34 Willowbrook Dr., Auburn, to 17 Seminary LLC, 17 Seminary St., Auburn, property at 17 Seminary St., $0. Assessment $562,000.

• David C. Johnston, 25 Olympia Ave. Apt. 3, Auburn, to David C. Johnston and Melanie J. Doolittle (same address), property at 25 Olympia Ave., $0. Assessment $86,900.

• American Advisors Group, Lansing, MI, to Sara Fagan, P.O. Box 103, Auburn, property at 9 Cady St., $46,500. Assessment $84,400.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Robert Reohr and Barbara Reohr, 1513 Great Gully Road, Union Springs, to Cody E. Vincent, 98 Chapman Ave., Auburn, property at 1898 Pinckney Road, $176,000. Assessment $64,000.

• Robert Telvock and Elizabeth Telvock, 284 Wheat St., Cayuga, to Christopher Kennedy, 242 Genesee St., Cayuga, property at 242 Genesee St., Cayuga, $77,800. Assessment $75,500.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 95

• Gloria Every, 2745 Downs Road, Weedsport, as executor of the estate of Daniel Keel, to Judy L. Culver, 19 Mattie St., Auburn, part of Downs Road, $115,000. Assessment $147,000.

• Jeffrey M. Bibbens and Lauren M. Bibbens (fka Lauren M. Williams), 8464 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, to Christopher M. Wilmot, 4 Bloomer St., Union Springs, property at 8464 Shepherd Road, $260,000. Assessment $124,000.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• Brian J. Lynch and Cindy J. Lynch, 3310 Tuccamore Circle, Baldwinsville, to Michael Lynch and Brian R. Lynch, as trustees of the Lynch Family Jordan Trust (same address), property at 213 Fire Lane 12 and Jordan Road, $0. Assessment $132,000.

• Ricky L. House, Woodbridge, VA, to David A. House, 5752 New St., Cicero, property at 151 Fire Lane 7, $15,000. Assessment $52,000.

• Francis P. Smith and Susan A. Smith, 2522 Brick Church Road, Weedsport, to Adam Joseph Vryhof and Christa Lee Vryhof, 2105 Valley Dr., Syracuse, property at 2522 Brick Church Road, $200,000. Assessment $118,000.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 97

• Gregory W. Hypes and Laurie J. Hypes, 7107 Beech Tree Road, Auburn, as trustees of the Hypes Living Trust, to Cecil J. Patterson III and Kim A. Patterson, 15 Seymour St., Auburn, property at 11156 Blass Road, $58,000. Assessment $64,700.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Rochelle A. Herbert, 5684 McClelland Dr., Auburn, to 5682 McClelland Drive LLC, 16 Bellflower Circle, Fairport, property at 5684 McClelland Dr., $375,000. Assessment $176,700.

• Sara L. Holmes and Corey M. Bacon, 2808 Forest Hill Dr., Auburn, to Robert E. Seneca and Natasha Ann Seneca, 39 Orchard St. Apt. 2, Auburn, property at 2808 Forest Hill Dr., $214,240. Assessment $130,300.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 93

• Michele A. Ruaght, 505 N. Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, to Michelle D. Reynolds and Resa D. Reynolds, 208 Groton Road, Freeville, property at 1190 Clearview Road, $204,000. Assessment $292,300.

• Danielle L. Tracy, Lynn Natoli and Robert Natoli to Federal National Mortgage Association, Washington, D.C., property at 1875 Atwater Road, $115,437. Assessment $98,300.

• Philippa J. Johnson, 1426 Powers Road, King Ferry, to Britney Elyce Schmidt, Tuscon, AZ, property at 1426 Powers Road, $680,000. Assessment $295,000.

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 98

• Tony Nicoletti, 202 W. Heman St., East Syracuse, Mary Susan Nicoletti-Watson, 12822 White Cemetery Road, Cato, and Carmel M. Nicoletti, 308 Stockholm Terrace, Syracuse, as executrix of the last will and testament of Anthony J. Nicoletti, to Carmel M. Nicoletti, 308 Stockholm Terrace, Syracuse, and Mary Susan Nicoletti-Watson, 12822 White Cemetery Road, Cato, property at County Line Road, $0. Assessment $68,600.

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 97

• Sven Hoelbing, 70 Pine St., Port Byron, to Bradley R. Short and Madison M. Short, 14 Shotwell St., Port Byron, property at 70 Pine St., $166,000. Assessment $92,100.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 84

• Levi L. Zimmerman and Louise M. Zimmerman, 6988 Baldwin Road, Cayuga, to Louis E. Zimmerman and Janita L. Zimmerman, 1888 River Road, Port Byron, property at 7211 State Route 90N, $160,000. Assessment $87,000.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 83

• U.S. Bank National Association to Sheila Pfeiffer, 10 Smith St., Moravia, property at 10 Smith St., $117,000. Assessment $150,700.

• Cory D. Langtry, 2645 Buckley Hill Road, Moravia, to Marissa M. Butts (same address), property at 2645 Buckley Hill Road, $0. Assessment $119,000.

• Joanne Withers, 27 W. Cayuga St., Moravia, to Ashley Johnston, 6073 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 27 W. Cayuga St., $89,000. Assessment $103,600.

• Scott P. Steele, 33 Cedarwood Dr., Oswego, to Mark James Proper, 118 Church St., Groton, property at Rockefeller Road, $39,000. Assessment $12,200.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Sara P. Strong, 108 Bronson Road, Syracuse, to Meghan Seitz, 104 Lathrop Road, Syracuse, and Adam Strong, 5175 Bobwhite Lane, Tully, as trustees of the William H. Strong and Sara P. Strong Family Trust, property at 61 Fire Lane 13C, $0. Assessment $358,200.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• William H. Holmes and Bridget P. Holmes, 3082 E. Genesee St. Road, Auburn, to Victoria M. Snively, 300 Beckwith Road, West Henrietta, and Jennifer A. Holmes, 2766 Forest Hill Dr., Auburn, as trustees of the William J. Holmes and Bridget P. Holmes Irrevocable Trust, property at 15 Stryker Ave., $0. Assessment $120,200.

• Alastair Smith, 6684 E. Lake Road, Auburn, to Ann Marie Ockenfels (same address), property at 6684 E. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $129,100.

• Michael McLaughlin, 7259 Owasco Road, Auburn, to CMRBJ LLC, 5918 Petre Drive, Auburn, property at 7259 Owasco Road, $130,000. Assessment $87,400.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 97

• Marisa Clifford, 63 N. Main St., Homer, to Adam Clifford, 9 Elm Ave., Homer, property at 2 Eagle Landing, $0. Assessment $172,500.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 98

• Richard C. Gray, as trustee for the Gray Residential Trust, 8135 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, to Brandon S. DeLap and Jewel A. Gantt, Downey, CA, property at 8135 Shepherd Road, $410,000. Assessment $272,000.

• Benjamin S. Bergan, 136 South St., Auburn, to Benjamin S. Bergan and Dana J. Bergan (same address), property at 4092 E. Genesee St. Road, $0. Assessment N/A.

• John Manning, 8508 Jericho Road, Weedsport, to RT Properties of CNY LLC, 9 Willey St., Auburn, property at 7523 County House Road, $0. Assessment $235,600.

• RT Properties of CNY LLC, Rusty M. Tierney, 9 Willey St., Auburn, to John Manning, 8508 Jericho Road, Weedsport, property at County House Road, $3,000. Assessment $94,300.

• 417 Grant Ave Inc., 417 Grant Ave. Road, Auburn, to Finger Lakes Tire Inc., 40 York St., Auburn, property at 415, 417 and 419 Grant Ave. Road, $250,000. Assessment $218,999.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 77

• George S. Bosworth, as trustee for the R. Stillman and Gertrude M. Bosworth Irrevocable Trust, 2 Oak Dr., Union Springs, to Abner A. Paz Orozco, 2939 State Route 34B, Aurora, property at 2 Oak Dr., $200,000. Assessment $121,900.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Lamar Witmer, 3841 Melrose Road, Auburn, to Brandon Burnett and Adrienne Shortslef, Chambersburg, PA, property at Lot 26A Irwin Road, $35,000. Assessment $38,700.

• Stuart Grulke, 14665 Lake St., Sterling, to Stuart A. Grulke (same address), as trustee of the Stuart A. Grulke Revocable Trust, property at 14665 Lake St., $0. Assessment $118,400.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 84

• Jeffrey West, 6741 Creech Road, Locke, to Lance Hopkins, 1552 Lake Commo Road, Moravia, property at 6509 and 6511 Eaton Road, $50,000. Assessment $127,100.

• Carolyn Bershad, 7174 Creech Road, Cortland, to Phillip Michael Speranza and Kimberly Renee Horner, 10 Melvin Ave., Cortland, property at 7174 Creech Road, $315,000. Assessment $170,000.

• Christopher Henry, Joanne Henry and MacKayla MacDowell, 185 Clinton Ave., Cortland, to Vickie Stoforos, 420 Shore Road, 4M, Long Beach, property at 1252 Lake Como Road, $235,000. Assessment $136,000.

• Doris V. Homan, 123 Bigelow St., Binghamton, to Gary L. Lansdowne and Bobette D. Lansdowne, 1299 E. Lake Road, Cortland, property at 1289 E. Lake Road, $65,000. Assessment $41,600.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Kevin J. Ryan, 8507 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, as administrator of the estate of Arthur J. Ryan Jr., to Jason R. Thurston and Heidi Thurston, 80 Bradford St., Auburn, property at 7396 Centerport Road, $143,100. Assessment $89,000.

• John E. Oates, 2314 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Matthew G. Bennett and Mindy M. Bennett, 17 Silver Ave., Auburn, property at 2314 Turnpike Road, $225,000. Assessment $169,900.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• Christopher J. Brown and Kayla E. Brown, 555 Victory Road, Red Creek, to James King, 5061 N. Main St., North Rose, property at 555 Victory Road, $120,000. Assessment $112,200.

• William A. Welsh and Alicin A. Welsh, 2070 Mott Road, Cato, to Jonathan E. Wallace and Julie M. Wallace, 12465 Watkins Road, Cato, property at Mott Road, $47,000. Assessment $29,500.

• Mary L. Furlong, 12532 Pople Road, Martville, to Mary L. Furlong, as trustee under the Mary L. Furlong Living Trust (same address), property at 12532 Pople Road, $0. Assessment $97,700.

• Roger S. Manning and Valerie S. Manning, 12623 Timerson Road, Red Creek, to Stephen J. Kruk, 13587 Ridge Road, Red Creek, property at 12623 Timerson Road, $79,500. Assessment $62,500.


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