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Cayuga County property transfers: Oct. 17, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Sept. 7-12:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Larry A. DiCenzo, 3 Madison Ave., Auburn, to Cayuga County Habitat for Humanity Inc., P.O. Box 1903, Auburn, property at 3 Madison Ave., $27,000. Assessment $60,000.

• Heem’s Dream LLC, 77 Holley St., Auburn, to Julia H. Klimek, 6471 Beech Road, Auburn, property at 77 Holley St., $90,118. Assessment $79,900.

• George J. Dragone and Barbara Dragone, 13 Standart Ave., Auburn, to George J. Dragone and Barbara J. Dragone, as trustees of the Dragone Family Trust (same address), property at 11-13 Standart Ave., $0. Assessment $103,300.

• J. Martin Corcoran, 43 Chase St., Auburn, to J. Martin Corcoran and Jessica L. Corcoran (same address), property at 43 Chase St., $0. Assessment $81,000.

• Kristina A. Karpinski, Susan E. Karpinski-Failla and Kathryn M. Karpinski, as co-trustees of the Joseph F. Karpinski Revocable Trust, 11 S. Marvine Ave., Auburn, to Michael P. Kniffen, 6667 Butera Drive, Auburn, property at 11 S. Marvine Ave., $334,025. Assessment $278,000.

• Mary Lynn Lauckern (fka Mary Lynn Emmi), 30 Clark St., Auburn, to Edward L. Lauckern III and Edward L. Lauckern IV, 34 MacDougall St., Auburn, property at 50-52 West St., $54,506. Assessment $90,000.

• Loc T. Bui and Thang Van Nguyen, 134 Fourth Dr., Weedsport, to James P. Clark, 7 Arch St., Auburn, property at 9 Arch St., $3,000. Assessment $9,700.

• Vittorio Franzone and Josephine Franzone, 37 Wright Ave., Auburn, to Jason M. McKeen and Rebecca J. McKeen, 11 Aiken Dr., Auburn, property at 13 Aiken Drive, $20,000. Assessment $18,600.

• KMFB Properties LLC, P.O. Box 103, Auburn, to Rachel Ramirez and Peter Windsheimer, Boca Raton, FL, property at 26 Morris St., $180,000. Assessment $75,400.

• Jennifer Larose Hopkins, 207 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, as trustee of the Carl R. Castiglione and Marilyn T. Castiglione Irrevocable Trust, to Heather Lefever, Vienna, VA, property at 55 Pulsifer Dr., $311,000. Assessment $185,300.

• Lorienne Beals (fka Lorienne Masnada), VI, Italy, to Christopher Gray, 10 Elm St., Auburn, property at 10 Elm St., $122,000. Assessment $93,600.

• Shirley A. Italiano, 19 Washington St., Auburn, to Jonathan Cramer, 1589 Turnpike Road, Auburn, property at 19 Washington St., $25,900. Assessment $51,000.

• Mary T. Hogan (nka Mary T. Murphy), 48 Fitch Ave., Auburn, to Branden J. Staniec, 5974 South St. Road, Auburn, property at 48 Fitch Ave., $145,000. Assessment $111,200.

• Megan M. Thurston (fka Megan M. Walsh), 27 Liberty St., Auburn, to Rena M. Johnson, 20 Owasco St., Auburn, property at 27 Liberty St., $137,800. Assessment $80,000.

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Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Richard Anthony, 2047 State Route 326, Auburn, to Michael Anthony, 1834 Pinckney Road, Auburn, property at 1969 Route 326, $75,000. Assessment $235,000.

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 95

• Karl B. Schnauber Jr., P.O. Box 381, Weedsport, to Thomas Granbois, 4044 Plum Yew Circle, Liverpool, property at East Brutus Street Road, $20,000. Assessment $61,400.

• Sycamore Providers Corporation, 89 Sycamore Dr., Middletown, to Cynthia Connors, 123 Summit Ave., Solvay, property at 2720 Green St., $178,500. Assessment $112,600.

• Case Properties of CNY LLC, 8795 Shepherd Road, Weedsport, to Ben Ford and Joseph Maas, 1108 Elm Circle, Camillus, property at 2661 Canal St., $125,000. Assessment $56,200.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• L. Michael Donahue and Patricia Donahue, 3133 Hidden Lake Dr., Baldwinsville, to Gerald S. McOmber and Maggie W. McOmber, 7794 Gloria Dr., Baldwinsville, property at 193 Fire Lane 12, $250,000. Assessment $113,000.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 97

• Winifred Tyler, 11002 State Route 38, Cato, to Jordon D. Brown and Kylee M. Harrington, 1109 Fintches Corners Road, Martville, property at 11002 State Route 38, $129,100. Assessment $74,400.

• William A. Keim, 733 Spring Lake Road, Port Byron, to William A. Keim and Tracie L. Keim (same address), property at 733 Spring Lake Road, $0. Assessment $108,100.

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 100

• Stephen J. Kott and Sylvia M. Kott, 5439 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Stephanie N. Kaminska, 111 Legion Dr., Buffalo, and Andrew J. Kott, 64 Fleming St., Auburn, as trustees of the Kott Family Irrevocable Trust, property at 5439 W. Lake Road, $1. Assessment $347,200.

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 93

• Jenice M. Jones, 372 State Route 34B, King Ferry, to Curtis A. Jones, 1921 Atwater Road, King Ferry, property at 372 State Route 34B, $0. Assessment $120,800.

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Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 91

• Catherine M. McNamara, 222 Gulf Road, Lansing, to Carl L. Rizzi and Patricia O. Haynes, 626 Flatbush Ave. 20G, Brooklyn, property at 1612 Brown Road, $565,000. Assessment $343,500.

• G. Thomas Hagin and Elizabeth F. Hagin, 948 Deer Trail Road, King Ferry, to Gregory Blackwell, 80 W. Lake St., Skaneateles, property at 1505 Honoco Road and 948 Deer Trail Road, $790,000. Assessment $370,689.

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 96

• Dallas W Morgan and Jessica Morgan, 169-171 Tucker Hill Road, Locke, to Patrick J. Govang, 9 Evergreen Lane, Ithaca, property at 169-171 Tucker Hill Road, $548,000. Assessment $400,000.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 84

• Meagan E. Dwyer (fka Meagan E. Fedor), 7808 State Route 90N, Cayuga, to James Replogle (same address), property at 7808 State Route 90N, $78,000. Assessment $45,000.

• James Replogle, Rockland, MA, to James W. Parker and Joan L. Parker, 466 Covewood Boulevard, Webster, property at 8615 Dwyer Road Extension, $280,000. Assessment $124,900.

• John Gloor, Max Meadows, VA, to Richard Rice, 8573 Thompson Road, Port Byron, property at 8140 State Route 90, $6,000. Assessment $10,600.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Nancy Butler, as executrix of the last will and testament of Mary R. Grzasko, 339 Acorn Lane, Auburn, to Saad Khan and Jessica Khan, Yardley, PA, property at 339 Acorn Lane, $367,000. Assessment $173,500.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• Robert J. Connor, 6425 E. Lake Road, Auburn, to Mark J. Connor, 133 Water St. Apt. 12D, Brooklyn, as trustee of the Robert J. Connor and Robyn Connor Irrevocable Trust, property at 6425 E. Lake Road, $0. Assessment $375,000.

• Michael A. Brigandi and Faith A. Brigandi, 7108 Owasco Road, Auburn, to Dallas R. Ernst and Jesse R. Stayer, 7 Sheli Dr., Old Bethpage, property at 7108 Owasco Road, $195,000. Assessment $144,932.

• Christopher King and Amy King, 24 Bristol Ave., Auburn, to Nicole L. Evangelista, 41 Logan St., Auburn, property at 24 Bristol Ave., $261,500. Assessment $90,200.

• Jeanne K. Granato, 131 Melrose Road, Auburn, to Kim Bertonica, as trustee under the Jeanne K. Granato Irrevocable Trust, 8 Anderson Circle, Auburn, property at 131 Melrose Road, $0. Assessment $108,257.

• Ronald J. Samartan and Susan D. Samartan, 9 Hidden Brook Way, Auburn, to Ryan C.J. Blair and Astrid K. Blair, 525 E. 72nd St. Apt. 30A, New York, property at 9 Hidden Brook Way, 589,900. Assessment $293,142.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 98

• Russell S. Smith and Monica S. Smith, 3742 Chatfield Road, Elbridge, to Amy Varney, La Plata, MD, as trustee of the Russell S. Smith and Monica S. Smith Irrevocable Trust, property at 3742 Chatfield Road, $0. Assessment $112,500.

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 77

• Jeffrey J. Willis, 4283 Carrs Cove Road, Union Springs, to GM Marina LLC, 1021 Gabriella Ave., Endicott, property at 4283 Carrs Cove Road, $500,000. Assessment $453,600.

• Jeffrey J. Willis, 4283 Carrs Cove Road, Union Springs, as executor of the estate of June M. Willis, to Joseph M. Willis, 4279 Carrs Cove Road, Union Springs, property at 4279 Carrs Cove Road, $50,000. Assessment $96,400.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• Donna Coleman, Lake Placid, FL, to Lance E. Rousseau and Darlene M. Rousseau, 96 Eastwood Trail, Rochester, property at 533 Wilcox St., $29,900. Assessment $29,700.

• Brian C. Caster, as trustee of the Brian C. Caster Trust, 16330 Irwin Road, Oswego, to Brian C. Caster and Janet M. Caster (same address), property at 16330 Irwin Road, $0. Assessment $285,000.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Gregory P. Scoville, 7765 State St. Road, Auburn, to William Robert Hayward (same address), part of 7765 State St. Road, $310,000. Assessment $156,100.


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