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Cayuga County property transfers: Oct. 24, 2021

Home sales

Today's transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk's Office Sept. 13-19:

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

• Nancie K. Arquette, 117 Lake Ave., Auburn, to Michele Maureen Courtney, North Myrtle Beach, SC, property at 117 Lake Ave., $163,500. Assessment $124,200.

• John E. Patterson and Mary Ann Patterson, 341 N. Hoopes Ave., Auburn, to Frank A. Ives and Judith Ann Reilley, 4801 Austin Road, Elbridge, property at 341 N. Hoopes Ave., $265,100. Assessment $151,400.

• Susan Schwartzwalder, 31 Grove Ave., Auburn, and Mary Ellen Burridge, 20 Fleming St., Auburn, and Robert Delaney, 706 Pennsylvania Ave., Apalachin, and David Delaney, 54 Arlington Ave., Auburn, to Jeffrey Lupo and Sara Lupo, 72 Steel St., Auburn, property at 72-74 Steel St., $92,000. Assessment $84,200.

• Karin Leonello, 23 Silver Ave., Auburn, to David Cory, 348 Hudson St., Buffalo, property at 23 Silver Ave., $160,000. Assessment $107,800.

• William Irving III and Dawn Irving to CitiMortgage Inc., Ewing, NJ, property at 15-17 Hockeborne Ave., $36,500. Assessment $122,000.

• Harry T. Dow and Sunnee L. Dow, 161 North St., Auburn, to Michael J. Gambino, as trustee for the MJG Living trust and Janelle M. Gambino, as trustee for the JMG Living Trust, Bedford, NH, property at 161 North St., $220,000. Assessment $152,700.

• T&E Apartments LLC, 2700 Rose Hill Road, Marietta, to Daniel Reddick, 3398 Bishop Hill Road, Skaneateles, property at 39 Nelson St., $65,000. Assessment $75,800.

• Roger W. Ingalls, 36 Grove Ave., Auburn, to Roger W. Ingalls (same address), as trustee of the Roger W. Ingalls Revocable Trust, property at 34-36 Grove Ave., $0. Assessment $104,300.

• Stanleigh Pethybridge, 4069 Sam Adams Lane, Auburn, and Corey Pethybridge, as administrator of the estate of Richard S. Pethybridge, 160 Brooklea Dr., Rochester, to Corey Pethybridge, 160 Brooklea Dr., Rochester, property at 34 Arlington Ave., $0. Assessment $89,700.

• Michael F. Moore and Carolyn A. Moore, 6459 Sharon Dr., Auburn, to Marlea Mazur, 7893 Webster Lane, Auburn, property at 204 N. Lewis St., $165,000. Assessment $93,000.

• Kathleen M. Scozzari, 66 Pulsifer Dr., Auburn, to Mark Scozzari and Christine Van Buren, as trustees for the Kathleen M. Scozzari Irrevocable Trust (same address), property at 66 Pulsifer Dr., $0. Assessment $124,100.

• Ricky Hall, 18 E. Lake St., Skaneateles, to S.T. Frost Inc., 28 Clark St., Auburn, property at 245 Genesee St., $30,000. Assessment $42,000.

• Gitale Attimy, 40 Arlington Square No. 1, Camillus, to Brandon Johnson, 409 Crossett St., Syracuse, property at 64-66 Chedell Place, $143,000. Assessment $83,800.

• The People of the State of New York, acting by and through Marie Therese Dominguez, Commissioner of Transportation of the State of New York, 50 Wolf Road, POD 4-1, Albany, to Roger Button and Pauline Ferro, 113 Throop Ave., Auburn, property at 25 N. Green St., $3,580. Asessment N/A.

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 83

• Gilbert M. Parker, 5731 North St., Camillus, to Josephine K. Muncy, Ocala, FL, property at 6881 River Road, $94,900. Assessment $14,300.

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 93

• Donna A. Bennett, 114 MacCollum Road, Elbridge, and Patricia F. Russo, 850 Route 11, P.O. Box 200, Tully, as trustees of the Joseph L. Fatcheric and Doris J. Fatcheric Family Trust, 10194 Slab City Road, Jordan, and Joseph L. Fatcheric, Connect 55 Plus, Apt. 317, 138 Standart Ave., Auburn, to Joanne C. Ray and William M. Ray, 32 Chalone Dr. West, Fulton, property at 10194 Slab City Road, $107,000. Assessment $97,500.

• Norman B. Viti Jr., as trustee of the Norman B. Viti Sr. Income Only Trust, to Jodie L. Greene, 936 Morgan Road, Memphis, property at Jordan Road, $67,020. Assessment $120,500.

• Frank P. Amie Jr., 10101 Slab City Road, Jordan, to Frank P. Amie III and Michael T. Amie, as trustees for the Frank P. Amie Jr. Irrevocable Trust, and Frank P. Amie Jr. (same address), property at 10101 Slab City Road, $0. Assessment $118,000.

• Jeffrey M. Blumer, 3164 Jorolemon Road, Weedsport, to Sheila M. Blumer, 9602 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, property at 9602 Bonta Bridge Road, $0. Assessment $88,000.

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 97

• Charles H. Towndrow, 1771 Bush Hill Road, Port Byron, to Charles H. Towndrow and Stacey P. Towndrow (same address), property at 1771 Bush Hill Road, $1. Assessment $34,200.

• Juanita J. Gould, 117 E. Main St., Elbridge, to Sean Carr and Erin L. Carr, 7951 Davis Road North, Clay, property at 1464 River Road, $89,100. Assessment $67,000.

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 84

• Sarah Griffith (fka Sarah Rochlicka), 8093 State Route 90N, Port Byron, to Travis R. Smith, 90 Cole Road, Fulton, property at 8093 State Route 90N, $100,500. Assessment $65,000.

• Dawn L. Townsend, as executor of the last will and testament of Marian B. Thurston, 8138 High St., Montezuma, to Dawn L. Townsend (same address), property at 8139 High St., $0. Assessment $52,000.

• Dawn L. Townsend, 8138 High St., Montezuma, to Carey A. Moon, 2894 Ditmar Road, Weedsport, property at 8139 High St., $0. Assessment $52,000.

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 83

• Karen L. Wykstra, P.O. Box 4, Moravia, to Wendell Hatfield, 5446 Dresserville Road, Moravia, property at 5424 Dresserville Road, $25,000. Assessment $47,800.

• Martin L. Flynn, 539 Pleasant Valley Road, Groton, to Jason R. Lilley, 3988 Piety Ridge Road, Marathon, property at 195 N. Main St., $70,000. Assessment $83,000.

• Richard McKane, 75 S. Main St., Moravia, to David P. Jones, 6453 Phillips Road, Moravia, property at 75 S. Main St., $84,800. Assessment $38,200.

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 100

• Frederick Allen Young Jr., 4224 State Route 38A, Skaneateles, to Frederick Allen Young Jr. (same address) and Tammy M. Bumpus, 5 Jerri Dr., Moravia, property at 4224 State Route 38A, $0. Assessment $86,000.

• Frederick Allen Young Jr., 4224 State Route 38A, Skaneateles, to Frederick Allen Young Jr. (same address) and Tammy M. Bumpus, 5 Jerri Dr., Moravia, property at 4244 State Route 38A, $0. Assessment $47,200.

• David L. Badman and Sheila J. Badman, 6051 N. Glen Haven Road, Moravia, to Rebecca L. Nolan, 31 Gaylord St. Apt. B, Auburn, property at 6051 N. Glen Haven Road, $129,900. Assessment $60,900.

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 76

• Janet Waters, 321 Sunset Beach Dr., Auburn, to George Hawras and Barbara Hawras, 11 Meadwood Lane, Binghamton, property at Rockefeller Road, $50,000. Assessment $18,100.

• John W. Baraczek and Jean G. Bradley-Baraczek, 87 Burtis Point Road, Auburn, to Burtis Sunsets LLC (same address), property at 88 Burtis Point Road, $0. Assessment $222,700.

• John W. Baraczek and Jean G. Bradley-Baraczek, 87 Burtis Point Road, Auburn, to Burtis Sunsets LLC (same address), property at Burtis Point Road, $0. Assessment $150,000.

• Travis Smith and Heather Smith, 52 First Ave., Auburn, to Michael A. Brigandi and Faith A. Brigandi, 7108 Owasco Road, Auburn, property at 7098 Owasco Road, $214,900. Assessment $85,700.

• Linda Moore, 3591 Owasco Dr., Auburn, as administrator of the estate of David L. Esken, to Linda J. Moore (same address), property at 3590 Owasco Dr., $0. Assessment $81,700.

• Linda J. Moore, 3591 Owasco Dr., Auburn, to Timothy D. Moore, 3329 Melrose Road, Auburn, as trustee of the James E. Moore and Linda J. Moore Irrevocable Trust, property at 3590 Owasco Dr., $0. Assessment $81,700.

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 97

• Gary A. Powers and Valerie A. Powers, 2428 Fleming-Scipio Townline Road, Auburn, to Hank DeGlee, 2093 County Highway 18, South New Berlin, property at 2428 Fleming-Scipio Townline Road, $405,000. Assessment $239,900.

• Chad D. Conklin, 3497 State Route 38, Scipio, to Teresa Levine, 4350 Murray Road, Skaneateles, Jennifer Elizabeth Levine, Tucson, AZ, and Sarah Kathryn Leuthold, Tucson, AZ, property at 3497 State Route 38, $280,000. Assessment $183,100.

• Todd A. Green and Virginia L. Green, 4197 Gilling Road, Scipio Center, to John Raymond Malenick, 7310 Laraway Road, Cayuga, property at 4197 Gilling Road, $326,000. Assessment $243,300.

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 100

• Nancy Price, 5960 Mitchell Road, Moravia, to Richard C. Price II (same address), property at 5960 Mitchell Road, $0. Assessment $82,000.

• Mark L. Minnoe, 2068 Dumplin Hill Road, Moravia, to Michael J. Ibach, 10 Brae Ridge Road, Auburn, property at State Route 41A, $5,000. Assessment $13,200.

• Margaret Q. Dienhoffer and Robert L. Dienhoffer, 6589 Iowa Road, Moravia, to Douglas S. Nelson and Drew E. Barber, 5730 Cedar Swamp Road, Auburn, property at 6589 Iowa Road, $279,900. Assessment $163,163.

• Scott Gilbert, 6726 Iowa Road, Moravia, to Scott Gilbert and Ami Caza (same address), property at 6726 Iowa Road, $0. Assessment $83,400.

• Dwayne Walters, 2836 Buckley Hill Road, Moravia, to Lee McDonald and Bridget McDonald, 1750 Lake Como Road, Moravia, property at 1744 Lake Como Road, $30,000. Assessment $64,700.

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 98

• Michael Fedorchuk and Jean M. Fedorchuk, 3613 Depot Road, Auburn, to John L. Wilson and Barbara H. Wilson, 9 Elizabeth St., Auburn, property at 3613 Depot Road, $305,000. Assessment $216,700.

• William W. Mickle and Stephanie A. Mickle, 8109 State Route 34, Weedsport, to William W. Mickle (same address), property at 8109 State Route 34, $0. Assessment $173,900.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

• TCE Resorts LLC, 14955 W. Bay Road, Sterling, to Sterling Bay FP, LP (same address), property at 14955 W. Bay Road, $0. Assessment $594,100.

• Snowden Properties LLC, 14990 W. Bay Road, Fairhaven, to SB Marina LP (same address), property at 14990 W. Bay Road, $0. Assessment $730,000.

• Kenneth J. Leszczynski and Olga A. Leszczynski, P.O. Box 237, Kenhonkson, to Jamie Leszczynski and Michael Leszczynski, 14656 Ingersoll Road, Sterling, property at 14656 Ingersoll Road, $356,2050. Assessment $375,000.

• James Curtis and Lawrence Curtis, as co-executors of the last will and testament of Sandra Jean Curtis (aka Sandra J. Curtis), 14932 N. Hadcock Dr., Sterling, to John J. Dickquist and Laura J. Brazak, 830 County Route 20, Oswego, property at 14932 N. Hadcock Dr., $350,000. Assessment $167,200.

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 84

• Michael G. Dunn and April K. Dunn, 6976 Creech Road, Cortland, to Alison Crafton, 8891 Oneida Valley Road, Canastota, property at 6976 Creech Road, $234,500. Assessment $179,000.

• Terry D. Wheeler and Sandra J. Wheeler, 1365 Lake Como Road, Moravia, to Wayne D. Wheeler, 1341 Lake Como Road, Moravia, and Tracey Hatfield, 4584 McClay Road, Cortland, property at 1365 Lake Como Road, $0. Assessment $119,700.

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 98

• Gail Burke, as trustee for the Marzella Smith Irrevocable Trust, 1986 Turnpike Road, Auburn, to Aidan J. Dougherty, 3 Beech Tree Circle, Auburn, property at 1986 Turnpike Road, $170,000. Assessment $147,700.

• Cheryl A. Wright, as trustee under the Cheryl A. Wright Living Trust, 2546 High Bridge Road, Weedsport, to Trevor J. Stanburg and Skyler M. Stanburg, as co-trustees of the Cheryl A. Wright Irrevocable Trust (same address), property at 2546 High Bridge Road, $0. Assessment $135,500.

• Tracy A. Zingaro, 7405 State St. Road, Auburn, and Lauri A. Pidgeon, Venice, FL, to Trevor J. Bianco, 4 Burt Ave., Auburn, property at 7399 State St. Road, $112,000. Assessment $87,000.

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 100

• William F. Snyder and Dorothy M. Snyder, 12053 State Route 38, Red Creek, to Cory Krul and Andrea Krul, 151 County Route 14, Fulton, property at 12053 State Route 38, $162,500. Assessment $136,800.

• Arthur J. Harmath III and Sheila Harmath, 1088 State Route 370, Red Creek, to Patrick H. Daniels, 1084 State Route 370, Red Creek, property at 1084 and 1088 State Route 370, $153,900. Assessment $153,900.


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