City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

* Lori J. Lovell, 37 Union St., Auburn, to Jeffrey J. Dec, 190 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 37 Union St., $102,000. Assessment $80,700. 

* Jacob T. Smith to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., property at 58 Burt Ave., $123,814. Assessment $76,999. 

* Jan M. Nielsen and Linda C. Nielsen, 5 Highland St., Auburn, to Hannah E. Bennett, 3 Park Ave., Auburn, property at 5 Highland St., $114,000. Assessment $113,300. 

* Kevin J. Becotte and Susan Becotte, Clearwater, Florida, to Kevin Szozda, 128 Owasco St., Auburn, property at 25 Van Duyne Ave., $98,000. Assessment $78,800. 

* Rochelle R. Hickey, 22 Scammell Ave., to J. Joseph Hickey, as trustee of the Rochelle R. Hickey Irrevocable Living Trust, Longmont, Colorado, property at 22 Scammell Ave., $0. Assessment $124,900. 

* Joseph Lentini and Clareana D. Lentini, 34 Barber St., Auburn, to Brian Liberatore, 9665 Travell Knapps Corners Rd., Clyde, property at 32-34 Barber St., $89,900. Assessment $60,800.

* Joseph E. DeVoe, 4163 Depot Rd., Auburn, to Neal Falkenstein, 30 Lincoln St., Auburn, property at 60 Osborne St., $25,000. Assessment $35,600.  

* Thomas G. Colella, 9 Delevan St., Auburn, to Jacqueline Jacobi, 5381 State Route 41, Homer, property at 9 Develan St., $44,000. Assessment $67,700. 

* Anthony J. Ragucci and Patricia M. Ragucci, 24 Steel St., Auburn, to Anthony J. Ragucci Jr., 28 Swift St., Auburn, as trustee of the Anthony J. Ragucci Sr. and Patricia M. Ragucci Irrevocable Trust, property at 24 Steel St., $0. Assessment $94,800. 

* Lynn M. Carpenter (nka Lynn M. Edwards), 17 Grant St., Auburn, to Christopher E. Young and Rebecca M. Young, 177 Standart Woods, Auburn, property at 17 Grant St., $77,250. Assessment $89,600. 

* Michael Hardesty, 76 Hillcrest Dr., Oswego, to Margalit Amkie, Beverly Hills, California, property at 2 and 4 Bostwick Ave., Auburn, $135,000. Assessment $157,500. 

* Kalba Savua LLC, 2365 Norstrand Ave., Brooklyn, to Pruzansky Auburn Trust (same address), property at 2 Schwartz Dr., $0. Assessment $8,895,100. 

* Richard J. Gillani II, Burbank, California, to 22 East Genesee St. LLC, 282 State St., Auburn, property at 22 East Genesee St., $82,500. Assessment $96,100. 

* Ronald Case, 8795 Hooper St., Weedsport, to Thomas C. Swartz and Kristin C. Swartz, 81 Hazelhurst Ave., Auburn, property at 7 Rochester St., $152,500. Assessment $119,200. 

* Barbara Myers and William Myers, 36 Lake Ave., Auburn, to Benjamin D. Funke, 8 Mary St., Auburn, property at 35 Lake Ave., $76,000. Assessment $74,400. 

* Sunday Heuser, Tyler, Texas, to Robert Aull, 80 Fitch Ave., Auburn, property at 30 Westlake Ave., $39,000. Assessment $75,800. 

* Cynthia A. Speno, Tamarac, Florida, to Raymond Bogart and Catherine Bogart, 52 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 21 Metcalf Dr., $162,500. Assessment $149,800. 

* Denise Porter, 246 Seymour St., Auburn, and Lynn Astee, 11 Palm Dr., Auburn, to Matt Ekiert and Melissa Ekiert, 6496 Cayuga Rd., Cayuga, property at 3 Hobson Ave., 13 Hobson Ave., and 15 Hobson Ave., $71,900. Assessment $76,500. 

* Donald F. Fama and Barbara J. Fama, 89 Steel St., Auburn, Christopher D. Fama, Orlando, Florida, and Jeffrey R. Fama, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Donald F. Fama and Barbara J. Fama, property at 89 Steel St., $0. Assessment $127,400. 

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

* Francis P. Yorio Jr., 9597 Oakland Rd., Weedsport, Karen C. Yost, Lancaster, South Carolina, and Christine Y. Toichak, 8792 South Seneca St., Weedsport, to Haley J. Jordan, 59 Chedell Place, Auburn, property at 2803 Sharon St., $136,500. Assessment $124,600. 

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

* Todd E. Smith, 11420 Calkins Rd., Cato, to Todd E. Smith and Ursula Smith (same address), property at 11420 Calkins Rd., $0. Assessment $148,000. 

* JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. to Lorelee A. Lardear and Louis Lardear, 11305 Slayton Rd., Cato, property at 11317 South St., $86,700. Assessment $147,000. 

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

* David Fidura, 2 Scarlet Circle, Syracuse, to Edward Primrose and Carol Primrose, 10765 Cooper St., Cato, property at 10303 Montana Rd., $148,310. Assessment $188,100. 

* Carl E. Southard and Paulette N. Southard, 10375 Route 38, Port Byron, to Paulette N. Southard (same address), property at 672 Howell Rd., $0. Assessment $30,000. 

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

* James H. Paul Jr., as executor of the last will and testament of Susan D. Dann, 5373 State Route 34, Auburn, to Kevin P. Dann (same address), property at 5373 State Route 34, $0. Assessment $222,583. 

* Donna Rae Donselaar, 3036 Pinfeather Place, Auburn, to Rhonda Carner, 8833 Weed St., Weedsport, and Ryan Donselaar, 13392 McCann Rd., Wolcott, property at 3036 Pinfeather Place, $0. Assessment $94,650. 

* C. Alan Loomis and Barbara A. Loomis, 5886 South St. Rd., Auburn, to Anne L. Dorio, as trustee of The Richard N. and Judith L. Boedicker Irrevocable Trust, 5880 South St. Rd., Auburn, property at 5886 South St. Rd., $0. Assessment $72,410. 

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

* Kathleen B. Button (fka Kathleen B. Hughes), 940 Route 34B, King Ferry, to Rickey L. Blake and Debra A. Blake, 2522 Slaterville Rd., Slaterville Springs, property at 940 State Route 34B, $220,000. Assessment $190,000. 

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 100

* Monica A. Suter, as executor of the last will and testament of Mary C. Fitzgerald, 261 Bellehurst Dr., Rochester, to Francis Xavier Suter III and Monica Anne Suter (same address), property at 12 Dublin Hill, $80,000. Assessment $132,000. 

* Joseph E. Patterson Jr., 3463 State Route 90, Aurora, to Mark A. Wilmot, 3452 State Route 90, Aurora, property at 3463 State Route 90, $50,412.50. Assessment $139,200. 

* Tracy A. Leffingwell, 4829 Springport Cove Rd., Cayuga, to The Pleasant T. Rowland LLC, Middleton, Wisconsin, property at 348 Main St., $25,000. Assessment $85,000. 

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

* Dean Donald, as executor to the estate of Levi Ellis Donald, 1604 Townline Rd., Locke, to Dean Donald, 1081 Main Rd., Locke, property at 1604 Townline Rd., $122,900. Assessment $233,736. 

* Dean Donald, as executor to the estate of Levi Ellis Donald, 1604 Townline Rd., Locke, to Cathy Donald (same address), property at 1604 Townline Rd., $332,958. Assessment $233,736. 

* Dean Donald, 1081 Main Rd., Locke, and Thomas Donald, 33 East Church St., Fairport, to Patricia Ann Foser, P.O. Box 206, Aurora, property at 276 Main St., $35,000. Assessment $139,388. 

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 87

* Cayuga County to Silver Ridge Properties LLC, 527 State Route 31, Port Byron, property at High Street, $75. Assessment $4,000. 

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 95

* Tonya Lasher (fka Tonya Wilkinson), 9 Keeler Ave., Moravia, to Daniel Denson, 11 Meadowbrook Lane, Newfield, property at 9 Keeler Ave., $106,000. Assessment $97,700. 

* Hamilton-Wilber Oil Co. Inc., 6113 Deerview Dr., Auburn, to Five Nyes LLC, 59 Aurora St., Box 1118, Moravia, property at 65 West Cayuga St., $45,000. Assessment $75,000. 

* John H. Young Jr., 6113 Deerview Dr., Auburn, to Five Nyes LLC, 59 Aurora St., Box 1118, Moravia, property off State Route 38, $5,000. Assessment $1,900. 

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 97

* Cayuga County to Laurie James, 61 Wall St., Auburn, property at 4502 State Route 38A, $3,400. Assessment $42,100. 

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 85

* Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Tara Smith, 48 Union St., Oneonta, property at 7150 Owasco Rd., $102,000. Assessment $113,000. 

* Samuel J. Vasile, individually and as trustee of The Mary Ann Pisciotti Grantor Retained Income Trust and as trustee of The Anne Marie Byrd Family Benefit Trust and as trustee of The Elaine Vasile Frost Family Benefit Trust, 6796 East Lake Rd., Auburn, and Thomas C. Vasile, individually and as trustee, 157 Burtis Point Rd., Auburn, Louis Vasile, 5890 Owasco Terrace, Auburn, Anne Marie Byrd, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Elaine Vasile Frost, 107 Steel St,. Auburn, to Old Barn Acres LLC, 5592 Buck Point Rd., Auburn, property at 7036 Owasco Rd., $130,000. Assessment $119,100. 

* Carol R. Zollweg, 4943 Rockefeller Rd., Auburn, to Wayne J. Elisens and Merrie M. Elisens, Norman, Oklahoma, property at 4943 Rockefeller Rd., $310,000. Assessment $363,735. 

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

* Glenn Botsford and Sharon Botsford, 3967 State Route 34, Scipio Center, to Jason G. Botsford, 3955 State Route 34, Scipio Center, property at 3955 State Route 34, $50,000. Assessment $119,000. 

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 100

* Stanley T. Cole, 6521 Frazier Rd., Moravia, to Michelle Cole (same address), property at 6521 Frazier Rd., $0. Assessment $134,200. 

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

* William T. Bennett and Kathleen A. Bennett, 27 Foote St., Auburn, to Kevin T. Muldoon and Jody A. Muldoon, 7786 Parcell Rd., Auburn, property at 3824 Parcell Rd., $20,000. Assessment $18,200. 

* William D. Knapp and Loretta Knapp, 8074 Grant Ave., Weedsport, to William D. Knapp and Loretta Knapp (for life use only), Echo Marie Salisbury, 320 Westholm Blvd., Syracuse, Jessica A. Knapp, 80 Pulaski St., Auburn, and Thomas Paul Salisbury, Scottsdale, Arizona, property at 8074 State Route 5, $0. Assessment $190,000. 

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

* Deborah J. Mazurek, 12121 Pope Rd., Cato, to Gerard Fortune Jr. and Michelle M. Fortune, 826 Rock City Rd., Ballston Spa, property at 16203 Ontario Shores Dr., $170,100. Assessment $175,000. 

* Cayuga County to Edward and Amylynn Dodge, 13922 Ingersoll Lane, Sterling, property at Short Cut Road, $37,600. Assessment $48,700. 

* Michael E. Steurrys and Theresa A. Steurrys, 1031 Fintches Corners Rd., Martville, to Carl J. Crawford and Katherine A. Crawford, P.O. Box 179, Sterling, property at 1031 Fintches Corners Rd., $50,000. Assessment $105,000. 

Town of Summerhill

Equalization rate 95

* Angela L. Merriman and Shannon L. Burhans, 709 Lake Como Rd., Cortland, to Angela L. Merriman (same address), property at 709 Lake Como Rd., $0. Assessment $102,900. 

* Cayuga County to Mark Minnoe, 2068 Dumplin Hill Rd., Moravia, property at 233 Hinman Rd., $4,600. Assessment $32,700. 

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

* Eric W. Burns and Timothy P. Burns, as trustees of The Patrick L. and Beverly J. Burns Irrevocable Trust, 7310 State St. Rd., Auburn, to Tammy L. Yoensky, 7298 State St. Rd., Auburn, property at 7310 State St. Rd., $100. Assessment $189,000. 

* Robert J. Fox and Linda J. Fox, 17 Ashley Dr., Ballston Lake, to William J. Moore, 61 Melrose Rd., Auburn, property at 7496 State St. Rd., $110,000. Assessment $93,000. 

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 93

* Donald A. Slobe, 1053 State Route 370, Red Creek, to Slobe Farms LLC, 1071 State Route 370, Red Creek, property at 1053 State Route 370, $5,000. Assessment $308,600. 

* Slobe Farms Real Estate LLC, 1071 State Route 370, Red Creek, to Dean D. Cummin, 3125 State Route 370, Cato, property at 12449 Coleman Rd., $30,000. Assessment $188,900.