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• Balloons Restaurant, 67 Washington St., Auburn: satisfactory. Gaskets in poor condition on sandwich cooler unit located across from main cook line in kitchen. Several missing floor tiles in kitchen, and several locations in storage rooms where linoleum missing. Ceiling tiles above double door cooler in storage area water stained and sagging. Fan shroud and filter for ice machine in kitchen had excessive dust buildup. Corrected — operator cleaned and replaced during inspection.

• Auburn Public Theater, 8 Exchange St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Teddy's Tavern, 39 Perrine St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• King Ferry Bowling Center & Pizzeria, 1007 Route 34B, King Ferry: satisfactory.

• Osteria Salina, 16-20 State St., Auburn: satisfactory. Sanitizer buckets not present in kitchen prep area at start of inspection. Corrected — operator filled several sanitizer buckets for wiping cloths during inspection. Stainless steel bottom of double door beer cooler behind bar (under the wire rack shelving that holds beer bottles) requires cleaning — spillage and condensation buildup evident.

• Spanky's, 10060 Route 90, Genoa: satisfactory.

• Goody's Lake Como Inn, 1307 E. Lake Road, Cortland: satisfactory.

• Colonial Lodge, 2630 Route 41A, Moravia: satisfactory.

• Cook's Village Diner, 8991 N. Seneca St., Weedsport: satisfactory. Ventilation grids above cook line have buildup of grease.

• C.J.'s Pub & Restaurant, 8902 S. Seneca St., Weedsport: satisfactory. Two of the vent grids overtop main cook line in kitchen have excessive grease buildup.

• Brenda's Diner, 1951 Route 31, Port Byron: satisfactory. Several inches of ice buildup around door to walk-in freezer. Hot water not working to hand sink by walk-in cooler as faucet handle in disrepair. Vent grids in (back) dining room ceiling have excessive buildup of dust.

• Arnold's Family Restaurant, 2667 Erie Drive, Weedsport: satisfactory.

• Center Ice Cafe, 150 N. Division St., Auburn: satisfactory.