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• Prison City Pub & Brewery, 28 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Holiday Inn, 75 North St., Auburn: satisfactory. Several ceiling tiles missing in kitchen. Areas of broken and missing floor tiles in kitchen and inside walk-in cooler.

• Thurston-Schramm-Reynolds VFW 8137, 513 Erie St., Montezuma: satisfactory. Three-compartment sink being used backward — indirect drain is located under left-hand sink. Must wash, rinse, sanitize right to left. Roof leak has caused damage to ceiling panel in kitchen. Hood above fryers have grease buildup.

• Mesa Grande Taqueria, 100 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1648 Clark St. Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Wild's Eats & Sweets, 100 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Auburn Elks Lodge #474, 314-16 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1975, 44 E. Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Cameron's Bakery, 169 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory. Missing the threshold to the walk-in cooler. The concrete floor under the three bay sink is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. The concrete is pitted and cracked. Missing broken and cracked floor tiles noted throughout the facility.

• The Auburn Ale House, 288 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory. Excessive ice buildup in single-door freezer in kitchen (the freezer being used for liquor storage). Coating on wire-rack shelving inside glass-front (Pepsi) cooler in kitchen is delaminating. Areas where coating has fallen off are rusty and are no longer smooth and easy to clean. Three-compartment sink being used in reverse order. Wash/rinse/sanitize being done left to right, despite indirect drain being located on left-hand compartment

• Nino's Pizzeria, 115 Main St., Port Byron: satisfactory.

• The Point at Sand Beach, 2924 Sand Beach Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Sunset Restaurant, 93 N. Division St., Auburn: unsatisfactory. Box of raw veal cutlets stored directly above box containing heads of lettuce to be used for sandwich line. (Note: no evidence of cross-contamination of lettuce: cutlets are individually vacuum sealed and inside a box, and each head of lettuce was individually wrapped in plastic and inside a box.) Operator relocated the box of cutlets to a more suitable location inside the walk-in during the inspection. Walk-in freezer door in poor condition resulting in excessive ice/frost buildup around door as well as inside the freezer. Several missing floor tiles in auto dishwasher area of kitchen. Floor/wall transition in poor condition underneath auto dishwasher area of kitchen allowing splash water to soak through floor into basement. Linoleum floor covering by main cook line has several locations where linoleum is in poor condition or is completely missing. Vent grids over main cook line have grease buildup.

• Cato Hotel, 3517 W. Main St., Cato: satisfactory.

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• Moondog's Lounge, 24 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Wet Willy's Tavern, 221 State St., Auburn: satisfactory. Missing large portions of the floor behind the bar and in the main floor.

• Belvedere Lounge, 194 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Papa Paulie's Pizza, 153 State St., Auburn: satisfactory. Lack thermometer in food prep area freezer/refrigerator. Lack thermometer in prep area sliding door refrigerator.

• Track Cinema, 1579 Clark St. Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Gaetano's Pizzeria, 250 W. Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Carolyn's Creations, 11370 South St., Cato: satisfactory.

• Cato's New York Pizzeria, 11376 South St., Cato: satisfactory.

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* I understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its user agreement and privacy policy.