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• Holy Family Church Lunches with Love, 85 North St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Colloca Estate Winery, 14678 W. Bay Road, Sterling: satisfactory.

• Dunkin Donuts, 3475 Route 370, Cato: satisfactory. Missing the face plate for the top of the ice maker, exposing the internal components. Hand cart being stored in front of the dedicated hand wash sink in the rear preparation area.

• Connie's Deli, 137 State St., Auburn: satisfactory. The laminate floor in the kitchen is peeling and cracking and in need of repair. Basement food storage contains an excessive amount of tools and construction equipment.

• Moe's Southwest Grill, 217 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory. The rinse bay of the three-bay sink is actively leaking directly to the floor in the main preparation area.

• Pizza Hut, 386 Grant Ave. Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Dunkin Donuts, 1695 Route 38, Moravia: satisfactory.

• Angelo's Pizza, 25 E. Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Piccadilly Square, 2488 W. Main St., Cato: satisfactory.

• Cook's Village Diner, 8991 N. Seneca St., Weedsport: satisfactory. The top of the chest freezer in the main kitchen is being held together with duct tape. The wall around the three-bay sink is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. The wall is deteriorating due to excessive water damage.

• Lin Bo Chinese Restaurant, 8932 N. Seneca St., Weedsport: satisfactory. Multiple bins of food products both raw and prepared being stored uncovered in the walk in cooler. Prepared foods such as fried chicken for sweet and sour chicken being stored in non-food-grade containers. The inside of the main preparation cooler is covered in a layer of food debris. Floors throughout the facility are covered in layer of grease and dirt.

• Jreck Subs, 251 W. Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory. The gasket around the chest freezer in the prep area is cracked and falling apart. The filters above the grill and fryer are covered in grease and oil. The ceiling tiles throughout the facility that are brown stained with water damage need to be replaced. The floor tiles broken throughout the facility are no longer smooth and easily cleanable.