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• Locke Auction, 4685 W. Cayuga St., Locke: satisfactory.

• Brenda's Diner, 1951 Route 31, Port Byron: satisfactory. A duct tape handle was crafted to open and close the door of the microwave in the front kitchen. The double-door cooler unit adjacent to the front counter lacks the bottom face plate to cover the compressors. The shelving in the single-door cooler unit in the front kitchen is covered in a layer of rust.

• Seafood Express, 97 Owasco St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Mario's Pizzeria, 247 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• McDonald's, 357 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory. The base of the automated french fry basket filler is covered in a layer of fryer oil and food debris. The ceiling in the dry storage has evidence of a roof leak, both the paint and sheet rock are peeling. Missing multiple floor tiles in the dry storage area. The floor under the post mix storage rack is covered in a film of syrup and food debris. A large hole is present in the baseboard located in the drive thru service area. Two active roof leaks noted inside the facility, five-gallon buckets are being used to catch roof water in front of the main service counter and in front of the restrooms.

• Balloons Restaurant, 67 Washington St., Auburn: satisfactory. Missing multiple floor tiles throughout the kitchen area.

• Nino's Pizzeria II, 173 South St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Community Soup Kitchen, 184 Van Anden St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Jason's New York Pizzeria, 177 S. Cayuga St., Union Springs: satisfactory.

• Karen's Country Confections, 157 Cayuga St., Union Springs: satisfactory.

• Happy Days Drive In, 3022 Route 370, Meridian: satisfactory.