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City of Auburn building permits: April 25, 2021

City of Auburn building permits: April 25, 2021

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The building inspector has issued the following permits from March 30-April 9:

• JD Statewide Restorations, repair/replace rear porch roof for owner Lynn V. Stillman at 104 Frances St., $1,500.

• David Vibbert, install 300 feet of chain-link fence at 195 Osborne St., $1,000.

• Renee C. Mills, commercial remodel existing space for owner Johnny A. Garcia at 211 State St., $1,000.

• Regina Mastropietro, install ramp at 35 Jefferson St., $3,400.

• Steven Stark, repair/replace roof at 5 West St., $400.

• Edward F. Onori, remodel kitchen at 6 Sumner St., $5,000.

• Chris Rogofsky, remodel bedroom at 55 Capitol St., $800.

• Ryan Coe, remodel entire house at 78 Frances St., $2,000.

• Donald Helmer, tear off and replace roof for owner Tracey L. Pickard at 88 York St., $9,000.

• Brian D. Halladay, tear off and replace roof at 159 N. Herman Ave., $6,500.

• Myron and Irene M. Szul, repair/replace rear three-season porch at 142 Garrow St. Extension, $6,750.

• Gary David Flick III, install 10-by-14-feet shed at 5 Chapman Ave., $3,500.

• Robert and Ann Sloan, remodel kitchen a 22 Densmore Ave., $20,000.

• Leslie G. Helmer, repair roof, remove chimney and install siding at 11 Myrtle Ave., $1,200.

• Eugene Peek, remodel bathroom for owner Gregory M. Sliss at 48 Walnut St., $2,000.

• Reilly Enterprises, remodel room for owner Chapel House Inc. at 36 Franklin St., $5,000.

• Christine St. Martin, install 10-by-13-feet greenhouse at 43 Lansing St., $2,000.

• Timothy R. and Dania E. Collins, install 98 feet of vinyl privacy fence at 11 Hamilton Ave., $2,900.

• Connor Fence, install 108 feet of vinyl privacy fence for owner Joseph Guerrera at 38 Hamilton Ave., $5,994.

• Connor Fence, install 155 feet of vinyl privacy fence for owner James D. O'Hora at 110 Hamilton Ave., $6,000.

• Connor Fence, install 88 feet of vinyl fence for owner Debora Pacelli at 91-93 Steel St., $4,984.

• Connor Fence, install 75 feet of chain-link fence for owner Thomas Techman at 127 Franklin St., $1,996.

• Dawn M Conway, install metal roof over existing layer at 89 Nelson St., $6,000.

• Chrisanntha Construction Corp., commercial remodel for owner Schulz Properties LLC at 99 Genesee St., $450,000.

• Celia Construction, redevelopment of nine buildings with 62 apartments for owner Auburn Housing Authority at 20 Thornton Ave., $1,723,138.

• Rich & Gardner, commercial remodel for owner Auburn Community Hospital at 77 Nelson St., $3,500.

• Susan Stark, repair side rear porch roof at 12 Pulaski St., $500.

• Richard J. Pinckney, tear off and replace carport roof for owner Francis A. Mastropietro at 312 Clark St., $1,500.

• Richard J. Pinckney, install siding for owner Travis M. Silcox at 50 Pulsifer Drive, $1,800.

• Donald Helmer, tear off and replace roof for owner Bibbens Properties LLC at 102 Washington St., $7,000

• Spicers Greenways Construction, rebuild front porch for owner Nathaniel Weatherspoon at 228 N. Seward Ave., $3,500.

• Steven A. Hunter, install siding on shed at 26-28 Underwood St., $700.

• Lakeside Roofing, tear off and replace roof for owner Jennie I. Bolha at 66 Cayuga St., $30,000.

• Donald Helmer, tear off and replace roof for owner Virginia Pelc at 94 Perrine St., $3,500.

• Christal Larrabee, install 112-square-foot shed at 10 Munro Ave., $3,200.

• Barry Leader, reshingle roof over one existing layer at 316 N. Marvine Ave., $5,000.

• Jeremie I. Leone, replace fence panels at 37 Seymour St., $1,600.

• Diamond Roofing, tear off and replace roof for owner Auburn YMCA at 25-27 William St., $60,000.

• Richard J. Pinckney, remodel entire house for owner Victoria Lynne Fitzgerald at 3-5 Chestnut Place, $1,500.

• Matthew J. Pysnack, remodel kitchen at 32 Meadowbrook Drive, $42,000.

• Elizabeth J. Deveau, demolish front porch roof at 192 Van Anden St.,

• Jennie I. Bolha, install 74 feet of chain-link fence at 66 Cayuga St., $500.

• Erran Arreguin, repair/replace front porch roof for owner 49 Capital St. LLC at 49 Capitol St., $2,500.

• Beverly Clifford, remove exsting porch, deck and pool and replace with one-story addition/deck at 64 Frances St., $19,500.

• Cayuga Centers, replace/add awning roofs over steps at 101 Hamilton Ave., $3,000.

• Cayuga Centers, repair/replace roof at 202 Franklin St., $1,000.

• Cayuga Home for Children, repair/replace roof at 210 Osborne St., $1,000.

• Kurt V. Blim, install 100-square-foot shed at 64 Elizabeth St., $1,000.

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