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The building inspector issued a permit to Blair Construction of Auburn NY Inc. to build commercial addition for owner Blair P. Long at 284 North St., $400,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Al's Home Improvement, remodel kitchen and dining room for owner Jean M. Wiseman at 71 Frances St., $20,000.

* DM Contracting, repair front porch for owner John Rossi at 33 Sheridan St., $8,000.

* Field Construction, remodel second floor men's bathroom for owner city of Auburn at 46 North St., $30,000.

* Stacey L. Coleman, siding at 12 Elm St., $2,500.

* Cayuga Centers, remodel house at 202 Franklin St., $35,000.

* Skylight Signs Inc., install one single-face, illuminated attached "Auto Wash Car Wash" sign and one single-face, illuminated freestanding "Car Wash" sign for owner Robert J. Marchenese LLC at 226 Grant Ave., $980.

* Joseph Crawford, build garage at 7 Benham Ave., $6,000.

* Empire Telecom USA LLC, commercial equipment modifications on tower for owner city of Auburn at 85 Osborne St., $25,000.

* Dan Jones, remodel house at 22 Nelson St., $10,000.

* Stacey K. Sobus, reshingle roof over existing layer at 148-150 Curtis Place, $1,000.

* Arrow Fence Co. Inc., install 80 feet of chain-link fence with mesh for owner James V. Amie at 3 Sheridan St., $2,500.

* Trademark Construction Co. of Syracuse, remodel house for owner Karen M. McGrath a 22 Mattie St., $90,000.

* David Baker, install 110 feet of privacy fence at 90 Bradford St., $0.

* Jodi Murphy, remodel downstairs bedroom at 31 Anderson Circle, $500.

* John Chick, remodel kitchen at 21 Court St. for owner Lloyd Hoskins, $1,500.

* Upstate NY Tree Serice, tear off and replace roof for owner Terry Daniels at 107 Janet St., $10,000.

* Miller Property Services, install door for owner Joseph Sliwka at 21 Florence St., $800.