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The building inspector issued a permit to Keybank to remodel entire house at 99 N. Fulton St., $40,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* MC Townsend, tear off and replace roof for owner Thomas Schilling at 157 Cottage St., $10,000.

* Howard H. Fisher, repair roof at 13 E. Genesee St., $1.

* Atlas Fence, install 96 feet of vinyl privacy fence at 91-93 Steel St., $7,000.

* Jan Schoonmaker, repair front steps at 200 N. Fulton St., $500.

* Frank T. Musso, install 14-foot round above-ground seasonal pool at 21 Havens Ave., $200.

* Christopher Mehl, remodel kitchen at 1 Morris St., $500.

* Siracuse Installation, reshingle roof over one existing layer for owner Mary L. Bishuk at 18 Arlington Ave., $42,000.

* Adam Williams, install 12-by-20-feet side deck at 214 Franklin St., $1,750.

* Mack Studios, install single-face, non-illuminated "Law Office John C. Rossi Esq." sign for owner Auburn Urban Renewal Agency, $1,500.

* A. Boim-Marinelli, remodel entire house at 50 Bradford St., $1.

* Comfort Window Co., add 16-by-14-feet sun room for owner Scollan Living Trust at 107 Lake Ave., $36,000.

* Bartolotta Finish Carpentry, replace front door for owner Joseph Wolczyk at 96 South St., $2,000.

* Jean E. Roberts, install two windows and one door at 148 Garrow St. Ext., $1,000.

* Steve Buza & Family, install 20-by-14-feet garage for owner Michael Neary at 22 Arlington Ave., $18,000.

* Helmer Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner Kim Quigley at 70-72 Orchard St., $3,000.

* AMD Management LLC, remodel entire house for owner Bank of America at 19 Arlington Ave., $2,200.

* AMD Management LLC, remodel dining room and second floor bedroom for owner Citimortgage Inc. at 23 Case Ave., $600.

* Debra Karschner, extend side porch to front at 26 Arch St., $6,000.

* Allied Sign Co., install three illuminated, single-faced, attached "KFC" signs and one single-faced, attached, non-illuminated "KFC" sign for owner James M. Donegan at 276 Grant Ave., $5,000.

* Eugene Ferguson, remodel entire house at 145 Park Place, $10,000.

* CE200-Contractor, remodel kitchen and bathroom and install 20 windows for owner Auburn Ventures LLC at 10-12 Vandenbosch Ave., $1.

* CE200-Contractor, repair side porch for owner Dean L. Aversa at 149 Woodlawn Ave., $6,000.

* Thomas Short Construction LLC, remodel kitchen for owner Eric B. Gremli at 2 Linn Ave., $10,000.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., install 67 feet of chain-link fence for owner Thomas L. Nielson at 28 Howard St., $1,300.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., install 88 feet of vinyl privacy fence for owners Vincenta and Philip Gordon at 63 Hamilton Ave., $3,825.

* D & L Truk Stop Inc., install 90 feet of wood privacy fence for owner Louis Vasile at 74 Owasco St., $500.

* CE200-Contractor, install front door for owner Cynthia Bunnell at 17 Norman Ave., $1,700.

* CE200 Contractor, install 20-by-12-feet deck for owner Melissa M. Drancsak at 3 Sumner St., $6,000.

* Beverly J. Parker, repair rear deck at 11 Evans St., $500.

* Case Environmental LLC, remodel bathroom for owner Jeffrey M. Mancini at 147 Ross St. Ext., $10,000.

* Linda Feocco, install railings at 5 Copley St., $25.

* Above All Roofing and Siding, tear off and replace roof for owner Adele L. Giacolone at 41 Hoffman St., $11,750.

* George L. Day, repair front porch at 25 Florence St., $1,700.

* John Cool, install 8-by-10-feet deck at 73 Frances St., $1,000.

* Thomas C. Carbonaro, install three windows, soffit, fascia, trim and one door at 307 McIntosh Drive, $5,000.

* Sunset Exterior, install three windows and one door for owner Gary L. Hadden at 45 Kearney Ave., $3,300.

* Kevin P. Jones, build new garage at 18-20 Lawton Ave., $1.

* Window World of Syracuse, install 35 windows for owner Jonathan Gould at 31 Grover St., $17,000.