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The building inspector issued a permit to Chrisanntha Construction Corp. for a 6,740 square foot "Car Wash" commercial remodel for owner Wallis G. Manrow at 226 Grant Ave., $850,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Auburn Siding, Window & Door, eight windows for owner Deborah A. Riester at 104 Throop Ave., $3,000

* Ronald Ballweber, metal over one layer of shingles on the roof for owner Frederick A. Moochler at 193 N. Fulton St., $7,400

* Antonino and Caterina Bartolotta, four windows at 138-140 Throop Ave., $1,600

* David Botindari, repair front steps at 58 Elizabeth St., $200

* Chrisanntha Construction Corp, commercial demolition at 226 Grant Ave., $0

* Robert Foltz, 6' x 18' wooden privacy fence at 16 Mann St., $200

* Valentine Henry, 10' x 11' addition to rear existing deck at 120 Dawson Ave., $250

* Lisa Jacobs, 26 square foot illuminated, double sided sign on a pole: "Swagler" for owner Clinton Hill Auburn at 315 Genesee St., $373

* Barry Leader, kitchen remodel (plumbing not included), remodel laundry and stairwell, windows at 22 Swift St., $7,000

* Frank Nevidomsky, one window and siding at 50 Burt Ave., $200

* North Brook Farms, Inc., 3,672 square foot "Phase 2" commercial remodel into five apartments at 201 North St., $1

* North Brook Farms, Inc., commercial remodel, tear off and replace roof at 89 York St., $5,000

* One Stop Home Improvements, kitchen and bathroom remodels (plumbing not included) for owner U.S. Bank National Association at 20 Standart Ave., $1,500

* James D. Parsons, 6' x 64' privacy fence at front of property at 5 McConnell Ave., $500

* Peachey Builders LLC, tear off and replace roof and construct a 45 square foot deck around pool for owner Christopher D. Catalfano at 117 N. Hoopes Ave., $7,000

* Scott Sweeney Contracting, tear off and replace roof for owner Laurie D. Marangola at 96 Lake Ave., $7,000

* Richard Stahl, partial roof tear off and replace, partial reshingle over one later, repair/replace existing front porch and five windows at 149 Osborne St., $4,500

* Tab Contracting, kitchen remodel (plumbing not included) for owner Stephen A. Donnelly at 34-36 Hamilton Ave., $15,000

* Timberwolf Home Improvement, repair existing front deck for owner William Brahney at 26 S. Marvine Ave., $6,000