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Tool belt with hardhat and gloves

The building inspector issued a permit to Rich & Gardner Construction Co. to tear off and replace roof and install a new front porch for owner Douglas M. Balle at 37 Wilbur Ave., $19,600. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Goodrich Company Contracting LLC, kitchen remodel without plumbing for owner Raymond Lia at 32 Chedell Place, $15,000.

* General Contracting Inc., tear off and replace roof for owner Rosemarie I. Stevens at 83 Fitch Ave., $3,500.

* D. Walawender, repair existing front deck at 11 Holley St., $700.

* Thomas Burridge, repair water-damaged siding at 123 Owasco St., $40.

* Blaze Brockway Contracting, remodel entire house for owner Randy A. Russell at 27 Holley St., $9,500.

* Jeff Blaisdell LLC, partial tear off and replace roof for owner Deborah A. Pisano at 11 Gaylord St., $2,000.

* Elbert Maeweather, kitchen remodel without plumbing at 294-296 Seymour St., $4,000.

* Richard Pinckney, install door for owner Andrew K. Cuddy at 145 E. Genesee St., $300.

* Sharon E. Rao, install 65 feet of wood fence at 12-14 Gaylord St., $500.

* Quality sheds, install 8-by-14-feet shed for owner Sharon E. Rao at 12-14 Gaylord St., $500.

* Eric Johnson, build 24-by-24-feet garage and retaining wall at 63 Fitch Ave., $7,500.

* Michael O'Hara, tear off and replace front porch roof at 54 Maple St., $500.

* Paradise Builders, build 8-by-20-feet rear deck for owner Patricia A. Heffron at 109 Throop Ave., $7,500.

* Victoria L. Babiarz, repair front stoop at 16 St. Anthony St., $600.

* Superior Quality & Design, tear off and replace garage roof for owner Jeffrey M. Wiggins at 8 Van Patten St., $1,600.

* Michael A. Miller, install 8-by-16-feet shed at 1 Norma Drive, $2,000.

* Brian Gallup, install portable 12-by-20-feet garage for owner Kelli and Marcus Worden at 115 Cottage St., $175.

* Donald T. Quinn, tear off and replace roof at 19 Augustus St., $5,000.

* Currier Construction, bathroom remodel for owner Theresa A. Zanowick at 11 Dennis St., $10,900.