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City of Auburn building permits: Sept. 26, 2021

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The Auburn building inspector has issued the following permits from Aug. 23-Sept. 12:

• Daryl Hurst, remodel one room and repair/replace soffit for owners Margalit and Yohann Bensimon at 30 Washington St., $500.

• Michael Humphrey, repair/replace porch at 86 Mary St., $800.

• James L. Desocio, install commercial cooler at 252 Grant Ave., $4,500.

• Jashawa Manford, install seven windows and siding and repair roof for owner Thomas McCormick at 54 Walnut St., $28,000.

• Ferro Property Services, install six windows for owner Christopher Stotler at 6 Jefferson St., $4,000.

• Mark Kwasnieski, repair foundation for owner Joseph Fabrize at 43 Locust St., $20,000.

• Robert A. Reidell, install shed at 40 Mattie St., $5,391.

• Stacey L. Coleman, install chain-link and wood privacy fence at 8 Briggs Drive, $5,000.

• Almir Karabegovic, reshingle roof for owner Donald R. Phelps Jr. at 99-101 Seymour St., $8,000.

• Solvay Glass, install five windows for owner John Burtless at 118 Chapman Ave., $6,500.

• C. Michael Exteriors Inc., install eight windows for owner Candace Dominick at 35 Havens Ave., $6,400.

• 343 Clark Street LLC, install attached, non-illuminated "Arts in Motion Dance Center" sign at 345 Clark St., $500.

• Daniel J. Valenti, repair/replace shingles at 125-127 Curtis Place, $700.

• Lake Side Roofing, install roof metal on garage for owner William G. Lee at 53 Bradford St., $7,200.

• Zachary Thomas, demolish shed and install wood privacy fence at 9 Beach Ave., $2,700.

• Capital Home Construction LLC, install metal roof for owners Gary R. and Lorian H. Austin at 37 Peacock St., $3,000.

• Ralph Wolsey, remodel house and build two-story addition for owner Daniel G. Porten at 52 Fleming St., $147,000.

• Michael McLaughlin, commercial remodel at 107 Osborne St., $10,000.

• Can-Am Contracting USA, build solar farm on city landfill for owner City Of Auburn, 311 N. Division St., $8,346,000.

• Kasselman Solar Inc., install solar panels for owner Thad Machia at 120 Van Anden St., $24,157.

• Patrick C. Ockenfels, replace porch, install new roof over porch and reshingle entire structure at 65 Kearney Ave., $6,000.

• Dale Baker, re-coat roof for owner EEC Developments LLC at 152 State St., $1,500.

• Dale Baker, re-coat roof for owner EEC Developments LLC at 154 State ST., $1,500.

• James N. Casbarro, repair garage foundation at 11 Vista St., $1,000.

• David Sutton, install vinyl privacy fence at 101 Norris Ave., $1,500.

• East Hill Medical Center, tear off and replace roof at 13 N. Fulton St., $77,000.

• Michael S. Wild Sr., install wood privacy fence at 11 Clymer St., $70.

• Courtney J. Baird, tear off and replace roof at 7 Maple St., $6,500.

• William Clark, install siding for owner Robert C. Schattinger at 11 Taber Drive, $8,000.

• Comfort Windows, install two windows for owner David M. Walsh at 22 Liberty St., $1,956.

• Woodford Bros. Inc., repairs to garage/carriage house for owner David W. Carr at 136 E. Genesee St., $2,200.

• Teri Lee Mitchell, install deck at 59 Park Ave.

• Craig S. Woodward, install siding, 11 windows, two doors and vinyl privacy fence for owner Allen J. Matijas at 2 Adams St., $40,000.

• Sal Bellavia, remodel kitchen and bathroom for owner Home Headquarters Inc. at 89 Walnut St., $10,000

• Louis Trama, replace fence at 131 Mary St., $1,000.

• Peter J. Besner, install deck for owner Patricia L. Festa at 213 N. Fulton St., $9,000.

• Denise D. Farrington, remodel kitchen at 129 Lake Ave., $9,000.

• Arthur Baliva, reshingle roof and replace two skylights for owners Jason and Jessie Brown at 116 Tyler Drive, $3,500.

• Lorraine M. Hadden, install deck at 100 Garrow St., $200.

• Syracuse Fence, install vinyl privacy fence for owner Graig G. Leone at 71 Swift St. $9,300.

• David C. Johnston, build addition to garage at 25 Olympia Ave., $3,000.

• Donald Helmer, tear off and replace roof and install siding for owner Patrick Cuddy at 123 Prospect St., $20,000.

• CNY Fencing, install split rail fence for owner Susan G. Wiler at 15 Holley St., $1,010.

• Scotty Ripley, repair replace roof and install siding for owner Teresa Willems at 103 Chapman Ave., $5,000.

• Above All Roofing and Siding LLC, repair/replace roof for owner M. Richard Miller at 33 Meadowbrook Drive, $5,500.

• Edward M. LaDouce, install garage at 99 Steel St., $7,000.

• Michael Russ,, remodel house for owner Mandy Bishop at 290 Seymour St., $20,000.

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