City of Auburn building permits: Sept. 8, 2019

City of Auburn building permits: Sept. 8, 2019

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The building inspector has issued the following permits:

• Josephine Franzone, tear off and replace roof at 37 Wright Ave., $2,000.

• Allied Sign Co., install attached, illuminated "O'Reilly Auto Parts" sign for owner O'Reilly Enterprises at 131 Grant Ave., $11,000.

• Roger M. Button, build 6-by-7-feet porch at 113 Throop Ave., $500.

• Jame Waby Co., tear off and replace roof with metal roof for owner Lamar Peacock at 58 Walnut St., $2,100.

• Blaze Exteriors, demolish and replace garage for owner Mark Querns at 71 N. Fulton St., $20,000.

• Douglas Mason, install 30 feet of wood privacy fence at 24 Anna St., $100.

• Abe Lincoln Services, tear off and replace roof for owner Helen Dykoschak at 10 Capitol St., $5,800.

• Abe Lincoln Services, reshingle part of roof over one existing layer and tear off and replace part of roof for owner Michael Bertonica at 181 Cottage St., $6,200.

• David Mazzeo, remodel kitchen at 114 Lake Ave., $15,000.

• MC Townsend, tear off and replace back half of roof for owner Thomas G. Gabak at 106 N. Lewis St., $4,500.

• Skylight Signs Inc., install attached, single-faced, non-illuminated "Car Wash" sign for owner Robert J. Marchenese at 226 Grant Ave., $980.

• Michael J. Hogan, install 10-by-24-feet deck at 44 Swift St., $2,000.

• Mark A. Bianco, remodel garage and install basement door at 29-31 Canoga St., $1,000.

• David M. Martin, reshingle rear lower roof over one existing layer, install five windows, install siding, replace front porch and re-point foundation at 20-22 Capitol St., $4,000.

• Jeff and Kim Dygert, remodel house at 20 Madison Ave., $15,000.

• DC Contracting, tear off and replace garage roof at 80 South St., $6,000.

• William Fedigan, remodel dining room and bedroom at 21-23 Chestnut St., $3,000.

• Michael Sheppard, remodel house at 91 Perrine St., $4,000.

• Second Baptist Church, install 10-by-14-feet shed at 183 E. Genesee St., $3,000.

• Amen Property Preservation, demolish carport for owner JPMorgan Chase at 13 Aurelius Ave., $1,000.

• Daniel Driscoll, install siding for owner Linda Lee Harig at 20 Walnut St., $11,000.

• Tilson Technology Management Inc., commercial upgrade and replace of equipment for owner city of Auburn at 85 Osborne St., $8,000.

• Above All Roofing & Siding, partially tear off and replace roof for owner William E. DiFabio at 140 Wall St., $4,000.

• Hoey Land Holdings, replace front porch at 31 Capitol St., $300.

• Joshua J. Long, remodel house at 6 Miller St., $8,500.

• Michael S. Wild Sr., install 10-by-14-feet shed at 11 Clymer St., $3,000.

• Henry Byler, reshingle roof over one existing layer for owner Coach Properties at 35 Wall St., $3,000.

• Henry Byler, tear off and replace part of roof for owner Fairchild Development at 7 Grover St., $3,000.

• CitiMortgage Inc., remodel house at 23 Case Ave., $35,000.

• Burke Contracting, commercial remodel space for owner Salt City Development at 62 Owasco St., $2,500.

• Comfort Windows, tear of and replace upper roof and front porch roof for owner Michael E. Justmann at 7 Augustus St., $9,000.

• Debra Delaney, repair front porch at 89 Seymour St., $2,500.

• Ferro Property Services, remodel kitchen for owner RE Complete LLC at 21 Sherman St., $900.

• Snyder Construction, install siding for owner Kathleen Barran at 94 N. Division St., $16,000.

• Ausger Enterprises, install ramp for owner Robert Bouck at 3 Lawton Ave., $2,500.

• Reilly Enterprises, tear off and replace roof for owner Darrell O'Keefe at 25 West St., $5,000.

• Reilly Enterprises, repair side porch for owner Stephen M. Lupo at 290 Genesee St., $1,000.

• Dean Moniz, remodel kitchen and bathroom in apartment 3 at 11 Wall St., $3,000.

• Comfort Window Co. Inc., install one window at 105 Palmer St., $773.

• Thirsty Pug, install two attached, non-illuminated "Thirsty Pug" signs, awning and window for owner John Camardo at 131 Genesee St., $350.

• Jerome Bell, repair existing front porch for owner Cynthia Jacobs at 16 Norman Ave., $3,000.

• MC Townsend, tear off and replace roof for owner Joseph Mucedola at 39 Dayton St., $5,000.

• Halco Plumbing & Heating, repair ramp for owner Catholic Charities at 134 E. Genesee St., $5,225.

• Complete Construction, repair porch for owner Dustin M. Johnson at 206-210 Seymour St., $500.

• Dana Botindari Construction, replace four rear decks for owner Walter D. Lowe at 3 Court St., $15,000.

• Kevin P. Jones, install siding on garage at 18-20 Lawton Ave., $1,000.

• Kimber L. Deal, repair front porch at 18 Perrine St., $500.

• Robert P. Dunn, install 10-by-10-feet shed at 6 Cameron St., $1,200.

• Helmer Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner Lavonne Barwindzok at 21 Teller Ave., $18,000.

• Helmer Construction, tear of and replace roof for owner Michael Bizzari at 39 Jefferson St., $9,000.

• Helmer Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner Antoinette Considine at 110 Clymer St., $11,000.


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