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The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program submits monthly inspection reports to The Citizen in an effort to provide the public with information on surveillance and violations. For additional details or information on the inspection program’s projects, inspections and the watershed’s rules and regulations, visit or call (315) 427-5188 or (315) 237-2066.

December 2017

• Inspected 14 miles of shoreline around the lake, by foot. No violations were found, however possible issues were discovered involving a seasonal dwelling, its close proximity to the lake and rubbish scattered around the property. The Cayuga County Health Department was notified and is addressing the situation.

• Inspection program is assisting the Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District with a commercial property being impacted by erosion along the Owasco Inlet in Groton.

• Visually inspected streams in southern portion of the watershed, including Locke, Moravia, Sempronius, Niles, Owasco and Groton, for water quality concerns. Streams flows were clear during December.

• Staff attended local and regional meetings for information on harmful algal blooms and future lake protection in Syracuse and Auburn.

• The inspection program and the Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District were notified of grants awarded for water quality improvement projects throughout the watershed. These proposals were developed and submitted in 2017. These awards will result in nearly $1 million to be invested throughout the watershed to protect the lake.

• Staff participated in a special watershed education day with the middle school science classes at Moravia Central School District. The science classes at Moravia are learning about algal blooms and solutions for reducing nutrient levels in Owasco Lake.