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    The hearings on July 21 were impressive and showed the disregard and the blatant "dereliction of duty" displayed by Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, and his failure to contact the local authorities, FBI and National Guard to quell the rioters.

      I recently read in the paper about the abortion rally that took place last month. One of them said that abortion is health care. What hogwash and lies. May I tell you, Ms. Webber-McLeod, that science and technology have determined that a developing embryo is a live human being formed by the …

      Each August, the Health Center Advocacy Network and the National Association of Community Health Centers promote a celebration of this country’s 1,400 community health centers. Auburn’s own East Hill Medical Center and its practices are proud to be counted among them. This year the celebrati…


      It’s me again, the Psychiatric NP, and Army Brat, I must add, and I can’t be quiet any longer! I, like millions of others, have been watching the January 6th committee hearing. With every revelation, I firmly believe the Republican Party needs a serious, Time Out! The candidates that ran and…

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