If you picked up Wednesday's print edition of The Citizen or looked inside your home delivery or e-edition copy, you hopefully saw a special section devoted to comic strips that was called "Bubbles," a play on the dialogue and thought clouds so commonly associated with newspaper strips.

This was the second time we've published this special section, and this version's content evolved from the feedback that our parent company, Lee Enterprises, gathered from readers here in the Cayuga County area and throughout the United States.

These sections have a few purposes. First and foremost, Lee supports all of its newspaper markets with this type of premium special section content as a way of adding value to the products we can provide. 

Another important purpose for this particular section is to use the feedback gathered to inform our decisions about which comic strips we should be publishing in our regular daily and Sunday editions. I urge our readers to enjoy this new edition of "Bubbles" and be on the lookout for an emailed survey about what you liked and didn't like.

One strip that has emerged as being especially popular with readers in today's hectic and often turbulent times is called Macanudo. Check out page 23 of this week's "Bubbles" section for a sample. Readers of The Citizen will begin to see Macanudo appear in the Dec. 23 edition. It will be replacing Intelligent Life, which is switching to digital-only publication at the end of the year.

Macanudo is the creation of an international artist named Liniers, who hails from Argentina and has generated a massive following in South America. Earlier this year, he signed with American syndicator King Features to bring his work to the United States. 

Liniers' work has appeared in The New Yorker magazine, and numerous award-winning comic collections and picture books. He was honored for his career achievement with the Inkpot Award at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

“Liniers brings such a fresh voice and vision and we are absolutely thrilled to welcome him to the King Features family,” said King Features President C.J. Kettler when the company launched Macanudo in early September. “His unique work has made him a household name in Latin America and captivated people around the world, and we feel there is amazing potential in the U.S. and other countries to put Macanudo in front of more audiences and into other mediums.”

Here's a synopsis of Macanudo that King provided: 

Macanudo is a strip that speaks to both adults and children alike, showing us a world of imagination, wonder and unfailing optimism. There is no ongoing storyline to keep track of since each comic represents a different corner of Liniers’ fantastical mind. 

You’ll meet all kinds of weird and wonderful characters, like Henrietta, a little girl with big ideas, and her teddy bear, Mandelbaum. You’ll also meet Martin and his best pal, a blue monster named Olga who resides in his imagination. You’ll meet whimsical gnomes and penguins, businessmen, furry creatures, artists and dreamers, and we know you’ll be very happy to make their acquaintances!

Liniers is now living in Vermont and completing a fellowship with the Center for Cartoon Studies and teaching at Dartmouth College.

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