HIT: To all of the people who stepped up to run for elected office this year.

Holding elected office in most towns, cities and counties — which is where the bulk of this year's elections are taking place — is a big time commitment that doesn't offer much pay or even much thanks. But for community governments to operate effectively, we need people willing to give of themselves in this way.


Holding the job is tough enough, but it's also a major endeavor for most candidates to run for office. Long hours campaigning come at the expense of time with family and friends. It's also never easy to put yourself in front of the public to be evaluated.

So to all of the people on this year's ballots and their families, we say thanks and good luck.

MISS: To people who will fail to exercise their right to vote today.

Historical trends show that voter turnout will be low, especially during a non-presidential election year. That's disappointing and, ultimately, illogical. Voting is important every election, but in these local races, we've seen that one or two votes can make a difference in the outcome.

We urge everyone to get to the polls, and encourage and remind others to do the same.

HIT: To the launch of what's become a wonderful annual display at an Owasco museum.

The Ward W. O'Hara Agricultural & Country Living Museum and Dr. Joseph F. Karpinski Sr. Educational Center has kicked off its Festival of Trees, a display of decorated trees from around the area. As of last week, 90 themed trees were featured, and officials said more will likely be added.


The festival is open daily at the museum across from the main entrance to Emerson Park.