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Residents and their pets were stranded on their porches during flooding along Central Street in Moravia after a powerful storm swept through Cayuga County July 1, 2017.

MISS: To the Federal Emergency Management Agency, for failing to step in to help southern Cayuga County residents affected by a major flood event last summer.

FEMA recently rejected the state's appeal of the agency's earlier decision to bypass a major disaster declaration in connection with the July storm that brought historic rainfall to parts of the state. Especially hard hit was the Moravia area, where roads were washed out and entire neighborhoods were under water. Local officials estimated that nearly $4 million in damages resulted in Cayuga County alone.

A small consolation prize is that the U.S. Small Business Administration decided that businesses affected by the storm could be eligible for assistance under its program, but the damage went far beyond what that program will be able to cover.

HIT: To the start of the annual Lenten dinner and talk series put on by the congregations that make up the Southern Cayuga Wider Parish.

This yearly series provides thought-provoking presentations and an opportunity for area residents to share some homemade food and conversation.

This year's overall them is “Awakening Our Spirituality: Using the Multiplicity of Resources Available.”

HIT: To the Black History Month assembly put together by students and staff at Auburn Junior High School last week.

In a new event for the school, students used music, speeches and dance to tell so many important stories in American history. English teachers Amy Doyle and Kelly Sue Haines organized the program, and a small group of talented, passionate and courageous students stepped up to make it a memorable and educational day.

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