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Union Springs Academy

Union Springs Academy has been renovated after a fire in December.

HIT: To bouncing back from adversity.

When Union Springs Academy was damaged by fire last year, a lot of work was going to be needed to get it ready for students again. And while some work remains to be done, the students are back for fall classes.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church boarding school had fire, smoke and water damage in a building the houses its classrooms, gymnasium and offices.

As renovations were underway, classes were held in the church basement next door. Now, carpeting has been replaced, walls have been painted, and students and staff are happy to be back in their school.

MISS: To an untrustworthy employee.

A man hired last year to be the groundskeeper for a service agency property in Auburn began stealing from his employer within a month, sneaking back in the dark of night and stealing two snowblowers, which he sold to a Syracuse pawn shop.

The crimes were committed to support as drug habit, and the court is giving the man a chance to change his ways, sentencing him to 30 days in jail and five years probation, but allowing him to avoid state prison if he successfully makes restitution and completes drug treatment court.

HIT: To some good news for Owasco Lake.

Experts have been keeping track of Asian clams since the invasive species was discovered in the lake in 2010. The clams can clog water intake pipes, and they compete for resources with native species.

And while there are still clams in the lake, there are many fewer now than a year ago. There are various theories as to the reason for the decline, but the adult clams don't seem to be surviving for more than a year. The Asian clam population will continue to be surveyed, but its decline is a good sign.

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