Letter: A tribute to our COVID-19 heroes

Letter: A tribute to our COVID-19 heroes


This poem is dedicated to all doctors, nurses, first responders, all in the health care field, public safety field, and the many volunteers fighting the war on COVID-19. I honor you.

In the Time of Corona

The death toll rises

in this war without bombs

this world-wide battle

ravaging nations

the enemy unseen

but clearly there

no bullets or artillery

can vanquish

the insidious foe

thousands upon thousands

struggle to breathe

COVID-19 attacking their lungs

slowly drowning them

mostly older generations succumb

to this grim reaper of 2020

doctors, nurses, first responders

all in the healthcare

and public safety fields

volunteers of all kinds

put their lives on the line

for those sick and dying

they are the soldiers doing battle

in this war to save lives

How do I repay them?

words, money, gifts

seem not enough

inconsequential compared

to their selfless sacrifice

I give them this poem

with my heartfelt respect

admiration and

incalculable gratitude

it’s all I can give

though not nearly enough

Jan Graham



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